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Big Mouth: Season 2/ Episode 5 “The Planned Parenthood Show” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

It’s a sex ed episode, which also features all the things Planned Parenthood can do for you – beyond abortions. Since that is but a fraction of what they do.

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Director(s)Bryan Francis
Writer(s)Emily Altman
Air Date10/5/2018

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Let’s Talk about Women’s Health: Missy, Leah, Steve, Jay

It’s time for sex ed and with Coach Steve barely knowing anything, it is up to the kids to provide all the details. Most of which deal with the things Planned Parenthood can provide you. Which, of course, Jay thinks is just abortion due to his father taking his receptionist there – a lot.

However, thanks to skits featuring Missy and Leah, we learn they give pap smears and help you find the perfect contraception.

Let’s Talk About Vasectomies and Abortions: Nick, Andrew, Barbara, Marty, Elliot

Elliot, Nick’s dad, picks things up and helps push the idea Planned Parenthood might not just be for women. For while it isn’t explicitly stated they do vasectomies (they do), considering nearly everything about this episode deals with Planned Parenthood, and abortions seem more expensive, let’s just assume.

Speaking of abortions, we learn Barbara, Andrew’s mom, had one. Also, the day she had her abortion she met Marty. Thus explaining so much about why she is with him. After one of the most traumatic moments of her life, she was vulnerable and made a bad decision.

Let’s Wrap Things Up With STDs: Lola, Andrew

Everyone remembers when Blue Waffles were discovered in middle school or high school and everyone vomited right? Well, maybe we didn’t vomit but did question whether that person hated us or not. Well, to perhaps show how infections STDs are, and the stigma that goes with them, Lola says she has gotten Blue Waffle from Andrew and he ends up spreading it around. Leading to people trying to kill him to destroy the spreading of the disease.

Luckily, Planned Parenthood is there to inform Andrew Blue Waffle doesn’t exist and it would be better to come into a center rather than Googling. Perhaps acting as a callback to Nick speaking with his doctor and his doctor flipping out.


Blue Waffle title card.

Excuse being very to the point but there wasn’t really any story here. It was more so a quick rundown of what it took most people’s health class weeks to cover in almost a half hour. We learned about what Planned Parenthood does, beyond abortions, different kinds of contraception for women, and got a few laughs. Unfortunately, though, they didn’t go into how abortions and vasectomies are done. Despite that seeming right up this show’s alley.

Though, I must admit, the STD one kind of threw me off a little bit. I get part of the idea was about not relying on the internet and seeing a live, medical professional. However, the whole spread of Blue Waffle thing I didn’t fully get. It didn’t really push the idea it was about how infectious diseases spread nor about the stigma which comes with having a disease. At best, it just made it seem how misinformation causes hysteria and that’s about it. Which could very well have been the point.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How long has Andrew’s mustache been back?
  2. So, are you telling me Barbara fell for Marty because he was nice to her on the day of her abortion and that kindness carried her through all these years? You gotta be kidding me.


  1. The contraception segment honestly needs to be shown in real life sex ed classes.

Low Points

  1. Considering this show has children walking around naked, and the pap smear segment had Missy and crew go into a vagina, is it wrong to think we should have seen a vasectomy? Much less, see what happens during an abortion? This is Netflix, I’m pretty sure the most they would interfere is by, like with 13 Reasons Why, forcing a disclaimer and directing people to a website. Maybe have an after show featuring a Planned Parenthood representative.

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