From seeing the world where the Hormone Monsters and Shame Wizard comes from, to meeting Nick’s new hormone monster, the finale packs a punch. Network Netflix Director(s) Bob Suarez Writer(s) Gil Ozeri Air Date 10/5/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those sites, I…

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From seeing the world where the Hormone Monsters and Shame Wizard comes from, to meeting Nick’s new hormone monster, the finale packs a punch.

Director(s) Bob Suarez
Writer(s) Gil Ozeri
Air Date 10/5/2018

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To Sir With Love: Steve, Jay

With the debauchery which happened when the Shame Wizard was dispelled causing a fire, naturally, someone has to be blamed. It can’t be Ms. B for she was knocked out. So, since the principal is retiring soon, and doesn’t want anything threatening her benefits, Steve takes the fall and is fired. Leaving him to say goodbye to… well, Jay. No one else gets the opportunity to say goodbye to perhaps the friendliest guy they know.


Steve getting fired.
Principal Baron: Steve! You are fired.

Gym teachers are still part of teachers’ unions, right? Much less, with Ms. B likely having Steve tested, I’m sure she could fight for him to get his job back. On top of that, with what we see between Andrew and the Shame Wizard, alongside Nick being forced to appreciate the people in his life, Steve is overdue for that moment. One in which people recognize how kind he was to them when no one else was. Be it him being there for Jessie after her first period, helping Nick and Andrew when they got lost in the city, and there is probably a Matthew moment too. Likely him treating Matthew like any other kid.

I can see it now! Based off what Matthew said about his upbringing, he was bullied to the point his family had to move him or risk Matthew dying – either by suicide or being murdered. So he came to this new school, scared, frightened, feeling like he needs to be closeted to protect himself. However, Steve, being who he is, accepts Matthew and with that, he comes out slowly but surely. Enjoys Steve even. However, that is until Devin catches on there is a gay kid and decides to befriend Matthew. Forcing Matthew to decide between being stuck with Steve, and bullied again, or harnessing the power of being a bully to survive.

… At this point, I think we can all agree that Matthew is probably one of my favorite characters. If just because of potential.

Bi-Sexuality: Jay, Brad, Suzette, Matthew

With the Shame Wizard gone, Jay is more so insecure, perhaps anxious, to talk to Matthew about what happened than anything. Leading to, with Matthew giving a dismissive statement, Jay kind of walking away relieved and frustrated. But, with him meeting a couch cushion name Brad, who he lets suck him off in the closet, yet enjoy Suzette in his bed, he realizes he is bi.


Bard helping Jay to handle his bi-sexuality.
Brad: See? I told you I could do things Suzette couldn’t.

While Maury said Jay seems to be his own hormone monster, is it wrong to wish, of the dozens of hormone monsters we see, one would take Jay under his wing. Not Gavin, or someone like Tyler, definitely not a Rick, but someone who could guide him on this path. For with Matthew also not getting a hormone monster, it almost makes you wonder if season 3 might be the queer season considering everything got set up for it. Jay is bi, Matthew is definitely gay, and all that is left is a trans person coming onto the show.

Which I’m not saying they should do for the sake of tokenism, but because they go through puberty too. Also, again, there aren’t a huge amount of queer coming out stories not littered with some kind of trauma. Much less, with the way Big Mouth handles things, it could find a whole lot of humor in talking about sex, it could lead to a jumping point of talking about gender roles, and so much more. Something that the “Guy Town” episode opened the doors for with us seeing Elliot meow and get called a p**** by Nick.

A Whole New World: Kitty, Maury, Connie, Jessie, Andrew, Nick, Tyler, Gavin, Shame Wizard

Tyler leaves the portal to the HR world of monsters, wizard, and otherworldly beings open. Originally, Nick only invited Andrew to join but to get away from her mother, and going to therapy, Jessie joins them. Leading to them discovering Maury, Connie, even the Shame Wizard, have their own lives and relationships with one another. For example, as flirty and weird things may get between Maury and Connie, it seems they don’t interact a whole lot in their own world.

What isn’t noted though is if that is because she handles girls and he boys, or just a lack of desire to do so. Either way, while we get to see a lot things are handled like a normal day. So nothing gets broken down. Well, outside of the fact that decisions about how a child should be raised does cause conference meetings. Such is the case when Jessie comes up during Connie’s review and it seems the depression Kitty, who is called a consultant despite having a whole floor dedicated to her team, talks about trying to divert Jessie’s current trajectory. Something which she is down with, at first, because anything seems to be better than Connie. Problem is, depression is no joke and Kitty is suffocating.

Kitty keeping Jessie from escaping the room she put her in.
Kitty: You belong in here, with me.

However, the journey to save Jessie is difficult since Nick gets sidetracked with finding a new hormone monster after Tyler got fired. Leading him to Gavin. To put it simply, Gavin seems like he was Guy’s hormone monster. Making him a bit too intense for Nick and him hoping he doesn’t truly have the power to assign himself to Nick.

As for Andrew? Well, he wanders about after seeing the end of the Shame Wizard’s cloak and finds himself in the basement. There he sees how terrible the Shame Wizard is treated and learns to appreciate the man… being… wizard. For, in the long run, shame isn’t a terrible thing. It’s quite necessary actually. Take that night when Andrew gets urges. His shame makes him wait until later, to masturbate in the bathroom, rather than right next to his best friend.

Leading to the moment Nick was waiting for: Him getting his official hormone monster — who happens to be Connie. Which is confusing for Nick, at first, but with her being able to get him off, he doesn’t care. Oh, and as for Jessie? She gets rescued and decides she definitely needs therapy.


Connie revealing herself to be Nick's new hormone monster.
Connie: I’m your new Hormone Monster.

So, does this confirm the Shame Wizard is really the only one of his kind? How that happen? Is that just a position you inherit generation to generation? One that makes you hated no matter what world you are in? That must suck. Which is what made Andrew hugging and thanking him sweet in a way. Though the Shame Wizard can go off the rails, shame doesn’t always have to be a horrible thing. It’s basically part of your conscious in a way. Which, for Andrew, is already a bit twisted so of course the Shame Wizard would say the kind of stuff he did. As seen by Connie, Maury, and the rest, they let the kid take lead and just amplify their feelings.

Speaking of Connie, how will her being the hormone monsters to the girls and Nick work? With Gina, she has already proven herself disloyal and the kind to play favorites, so how will Nick be treated. Will Connie give him the inside scoop? Perhaps lead to Nick understanding his dad more and being in touch with his feminine side? Does Connie being a monstress even matter in the long run?

Also, considering how many beings saw Jessie, Nick, and Andrew, will anything come from them knowing what it looks like on the other side of the portal? Heck, how does that portal work exactly? I’m just left with so many questions.


  1. We got to see the world of the monsters, wizards, and so much more.
  2. Jay accepts his bi-sexuality.
  3. Jessie is heading to therapy!
  4. All the can come of Connie being Nick’s hormone monster, as long as she is more attentive to him than she is to Missy and Gina.
  5. Andrew hugging the Shame Wizard and acknowledging he does play a healthy part in his life – when he wants to.
  6. Pitbull Featuring Ludacris making an appearance.

Low Points

  1. So Nick can go through 3 hormone monsters but Matthew can’t get 1?

On The Fence

  1. While it was cool to see the world of the monsters, it leaves you with so many questions about how things work over there. Also with questions of, with the introduction of the depression Kitty, among others, will we see them play a role in season 3?

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