B – The Beginning: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Killer B's marking on the wall.

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As Minatsuki’s group is given a name, we also witness what the criminals of the kingdom are willing to do to its leaders.

Director(s) Kazuto Nakazawa

Yoshiki Yamakawa

Writer(s) Katsuya Ishida
Air Date 3/2/18
Characters Introduced
Yukio Tomomichi Nishimura
Kai Takahiro Mizushima
Eric Hiroki Touchi
Bran Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Mario Shinataro Tanaka

Just Your Regular Violin Maker: Koku, Yukio, Kai

So with 90% certainty, I’m pretty sure Koku is Killer B by night and just Koku by day. A boy who, with Lily’s brother and father, makes violins, and perhaps other instruments made out of wood. It is a boring and average life, but Koku seems to know his way around a blade so he’s quite good at it.

A New Threat On The Horizon: Lily, Bran, Kaela, Eric, Keith

With Assemblyman Ed Kyle dead, and B’s signature left behind, alongside beheaded bodies, it makes it clear that the team cannot be passive. Yet, when Bran discovers a page for the Market Makers group, Minatsuki’s, Kaela take no note of it. However, with a threat left behind after the death of Ed Kyle hinting to a gas attack, which could kill those throughout the city, and the body of Ian Reyes left as an example, now things have to get shifted into the next gear. Leading to Eric, who seemingly is the team leader, pushing things into overdrive and making sure to get all the people he can to assist at the charity ball – the location of the next attack.

Meanwhile, Keith once again visits his doctor friend who skates around Keith’s disappearance but rather than use the 10 years noted in the first episode, the doctor references 7. As in 7 years since Keith was looking for something vs. 10 when he was last with his current team – before going to archives. So maybe Keith is far more aware of Koku and the Market Makers than he has let on.


Eric and Keith discussing a case.Am I the only one who is getting Terror in Resonance (Zankyou no Terror) vibes from Keith’s story? Something about him reminds me of Shibazaki in a way I just can’t put my finger on. But, outside of that, I’m kind of wondering what happened in that three-year gap between Keith leaving the department and the time period the doctor notes he was looking for something. Much less, how and why Keith was transferred to archives? Was it a punishment or a request?

On top of that, I’m finding myself wondering Koku’s MO and, based on the way Keith was looking at the markings at the crime scene, was that even him that did that? For, at this point, it seems Koku is very precise and doesn’t seem like the type to leave a scene a bloody mess. Plus there was Ian upstairs but who is to say Koku didn’t do his thing, hastily leave his mark as he heard people coming, and left?

But, let’s play with the idea he didn’t have anything to do with this, which I lean toward. This leads to the need to question how cohesive a unit are the Market Makers? Is Minatsuki an absolute leader or do they all have their own agendas which aim towards a common goal? He appears in the episode watching the currently unidentified woman, who is clearly part of his group but doesn’t say or do anything.

Kill The Mayor: Lily, Kaela, Koku, Mario

The charity ball isn’t shut down but simply given a massive amount of security, well, massive if you consider maybe 20 or so teams, which don’t look all that huge, checking a building that looks to be more than 20 stories. But, hey, just because this all takes place in a kingdom doesn’t mean the location is rich. Plus, considering how much corruption is talked about, does this place even have money?

Well, the answer is yes and no. In terms of the hotel where the attack happens, after the mayor doesn’t get killed, considering how it looks locked down, this country has money. Also, Kaela, who is trying to hack into the hotel to undo the lockdown, seemingly has the kind of tech many can only dream of. But, as noted, while the terrorist aren’t dumb, they’re not smart either. For with announcing when the gas would get out and that it is in that building, they have giving a location and timeframe for everything. Of which leads everyone to panic and Mario to be lost between keeping the terrorist in his custody and maybe staying closer to the mayor.

For while the people seem more about escaping now, eventually they may give in and rather kill the mayor than have what happened to Ian, which gets broadcasted to them, happen to them. But, while the hysteria and panic is happening inside, Koku is facing off with Minatsuku’s associate on the roof outside. Leading to her revealing that there is something about him they need, but they don’t necessarily need him alive to have it. A strange thing to say but considering she is a strange woman, the river meets the ocean.


The unknown member of the Market Makers before she fights Koku.

So, is the whole country corrupt and the goal of Koku and the Market Makers is simply to, by extreme means, rid the country of corruption? It is just, the Market Makers have a more, one size fits all, type of method in mind while Koku is doing it one by one? Also, what did the mayor specifically do? Oh, and come to think of it, what did Ed Kyle’s family do to deserve to be beheaded?

The more we see and learn, it raises more and more flags. Not the kind which are too ridiculous to be explained or comprehend, but we’re definitely given some pertinent questions to ask and hope will be answered soon. Especially in terms of why Koku is so important to the Market Makers and why they can basically take him dead or alive. Are they some sort of imperfections and he is the perfect one? Be it the last or original of the experiments?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“They’re not so dumb after all […] but that doesn’t mean they’re smart.”


  1. The Mystery of the Market Makers and Koku
  2. It remains a gruesome show, but doesn’t overly rely on the violence and instead pushes the animation to make the characters more interesting than no-named characters’ deaths.

On The Fence

  1. Did they really hire such a small group to cover that entire building and all those people?

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