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Perhaps one of the most hyped and internationally known animes have returned and it just picks up from the last episode as if there wasn’t a multi-year gap in between.

The Introduction

For those who don’t remember, the would-be villains of Attack on Titan are zombie like giants who only think of feeding. Hell, it is one of the few things they seem to be capable of doing. No one knows where they came from, how they are born, or why humans are the only thing they seem to want to eat. What is known though is that, in order to kill them, you have to slice open the back of their necks. There you’ll find some sort of crystal which is the key to their life force.

Now, as for this episode, with it not being clear why there was a titan in the wall, and Pastor Nick refusing to reveal what he may know, for the Section Commander that is immensely frustrating. However, while they worry about that Titan, there are many more who have breached Wall Rose. One in particular, who looks like a guerrilla, is especially worrisome. Though, when Miche faces it, he learns something truly shocking – It can talk.

Actually, not only can it talk, but it has some realm of command over other titans. It can order them to stop and they abide. But, with being struck with fear, Miche can’t say a word. However, once it takes a piece of his equipment and leaves, he then thinks to act. However, with the Guerrilla Titan allowing its subordinates to move, and with Miche on the ground, it gets ripped limb from limb.


There is a titan in a wall and there is a titan which can speak, have a conversation, and command other titans. Mind officially blown. However, with all this comes questions. The most important one being, is the talking Titan as abnormal as Miche makes it out to be? Also, it took an interest in Miche’s tech as if it wanted to study and maybe reproduce it. Could it be that guerrilla was a human turned Titan from another area? Perhaps one protected by them and using the Titans to protect themselves?

For maybe The Walking Dead is making me think too deep into this but, do you ever wonder if maybe some soldiers are tasked with seeking other settlements and stealing supplies from them? We are led to believe the human race is not of billions or even high millions, but a dwindling number. So who is to say, somewhere in their world, there aren’t villages and countries which don’t have these mutant humans who defend and attack for them as Titans?

Either way, with there only being 12 episodes for this season, and the first one acting as if nothing has changed, with very little in the way of recapping and reminding you who is who, you better be ready for this show is going full steam ahead. As for me? Well, I don’t think I’m going to watch this.

Let me explain: I’m just not into this show. I watched it because of the hype and while it was bloody and entertaining, it has been so long that I feel like I’d need to watch the first season over again. Which, with the first season having a 20+ episode count, I don’t have time for that. On top of that, the only thing I remember being remarkable about this show is watching people getting eaten and ripped apart like a drumstick.

Story wise, I remember very little. Character wise, again the same issue. So while I’m not knocking the show for not spending an episode recapping everything, for there are a ton of YouTubers and writers who could do it for them, I gotta admit that this episode, similar to Chaos;Child‘s premiere episode, only reminded me of why most people are familiar with the property vs. why many have been fiending like an addict for a new season. And, overall, I feel Attack on Titan is more so popular vs. being a classic.

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  1. I kinda hate it because its not the complete story from manga, but still I watch it because I’m fan of Mikasa. She’s too good for Eren, anyway I’m still confused why that beast type titan is curious of the maneuver, I thought that Titan is a Leader of some group of enemies and very knowledgeable, it seems he is not familiar to the latest military gears. ^_^

  2. They are definitely just pretending it has only been a few months instead of years since season 1. The recap that we got didn’t really prepare anyone for this so I’m guessing most of us are glad we’ve rewatched season 1 in anticipation because otherwise I’d have been confused as a lot of very minor characters got some significant screen time this episode.
    Still, entertaining and as always, quite a bit of spectacle to this show so I’ll be sticking with it even as I try to mute all the shouting characters inside my head.

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