Aoharu x Kikanjuu: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Let’s Start This Deathless Death Match” [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting out of Aoharu x Kikanjuu, but what ultimately was delivered was something less than what I desired. Which isn’t to say the show is bad at all, for this wouldn’t be the truth. However, between Tachibana falling for Masamune, slowly but surely; the mock gunfights; and overall the pilot lacking an introduction to an interesting story, characters, or even action, I don’t know about watching another episode of this.

Main Plot Analysis & Spoilers

Topic 1: The Wrath of the Student Council President – Hotaru Tachibana

When we are introduced to Tachibana, you are led to believe this is a boy who stands for justice, is crazy athletic, and perhaps is beloved within the school. However, then Tachibana’s friend Kanae shows up and begins talking about Tachibana’s breast and you realize what you thought may have been a boy is actually a girl. Leading you to wonder if the western world’s fascination with trans and gender fluid people has hit the east. Which, unfortunately, it seemingly hasn’t, at least when it comes to this anime. For while Tachibana regularly dresses as a boy, she is offended when called such and identifies as a girl, quickly smacking away my initial interest in the show.

Topic 2: The Dreamboat Next Door – Tachibana and Masamune

In the pilot, we learn Tachibana, like many anime teens, is living alone despite being a high school student, much less one who seemingly has no source of income outside of said parents. But the main thing worth noting is Tachibana is neighbors with Masamune. This blonde playboy, who loves “tits” and the type of guy it seems Tachibana has crushes on. However, his vulgar mouth, and him being seen with a gun, seems to prompt her not liking him very much. Though with him flirting with her, and her feelings seemingly not dead, I think it is safe to assume Masamune is going to push Tachibana to perhaps consider her feelings for him. Leading me to wonder, will her feelings become so great that she may even one day act, or look, girly to perhaps compete with the other women who fawn over Masamune, or would Masamune dare ask her to be this way?

Topic 3: Like a Bull In A China Shop – Tachibana and Masamune

Being that the aforementioned Kanae is Tachibana’s only friend, naturally, when she speaks in such a way which alludes to her being taken advantage of, Tachibana’s hero complex kicks into gear and leads her to avenge her friend’s honor. Thus leading her to Club Orion, where Masamune works, and the two of them facing off. The stakes? Well, if Masamune wins, then Tachibana is hers. As for if Tachibana wins, well then Masamune will apologize. However, there will be no physical altercation but a bb gun, gun fight. Of which Tachibana will have a full clip and Masamune just one single pellet. Leading to Masamune dodging every shot and just when it seems Tachibana may have worked a strategy to defeat Masamune, she learns she has no bullets.

Leading you to believe the almost perverted playboy may now have Tachibana become another facet of the club he runs. Incorrect. For with the way Tachibana moves, of which said talent is called “Kinetic Vision” it seems he wants her to help him within his deathless death match group. All the while referring to Tachibana with masculine pronouns, which seemingly will be a running gag/ issue, and being that Tachibana destroyed quite a bit of the club, and gave her word, she is forced to play along. Thus setting up a show in which we will likely see Tachibana and Masamune, as well as the rest of the Toy Gun group, go against multiple opponents like this odd guy who looks and sounds like the type of otaku who might be a rapist.

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