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As Zach and Rachel reach a new floor, they begin to bond and we get to learn about Zach (aka Isaac). Network Crunchyroll Director(s) Kentarou Suzuki Writer(s) Yoshinobu Fujioka Air Date 7/13/2018 Actors Introduced Zach (Isaac) Okamoto Nobuhiko Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You: Zach, Rachel Who is Zach? We know…

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As Zach and Rachel reach a new floor, they begin to bond and we get to learn about Zach (aka Isaac).

Director(s) Kentarou Suzuki
Writer(s) Yoshinobu Fujioka
Air Date 7/13/2018
Actors Introduced
Zach (Isaac) Okamoto Nobuhiko

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You: Zach, Rachel

Who is Zach? We know he likes to kill people, but what about outside of that? Well, first off, his name is actually Isaac Foster. He is an orphan, also a runaway, and legit had no face. Also, he used to be a serial killer in the outside world but then someone offered him the opportunity to kill people and thus he ended up trapped in a building.

As for Rachel? Well, she remains mostly a mystery. So while she, thanks to a dossier left out, gets to know Zach well, she is a weird chick to him. One who is dead in the eyes, wants to be murdered, for suicide goes against her faith, and is just plain weird.


Rachel holding up a paper talking about Zach.
Rachel: Is this you?

Let’s begin with Zach – how in the world did he get a gig where he can kill people? Also, taking note that dossier had some thickness to it, how many have they killed and how do people get around him to take pictures of the body, and likely dispose of them? For it seems while Zach is into killing people, I can’t see him dragging them to a dumpster and all that. Yet, I’m also sure he doesn’t like seeing dead bodies around.

Which also pushes the need to question, before the murders, who was Zach, or rather Isaac? We know he was an orphan at a place where it seems the adults had no business minding children. Was he mistreated, maybe murderer someone to get free? Heck, did he kill his parents? There are so many things to ask.

Same goes for Rachel. Zach asks if she is dead and considering how there are levels to this place which looks like some kind of hell, it makes you wonder if that was foreshadowing a big reveal? For while the show does have levels, rather floors, it doesn’t tip a hat to Dante’s Infernoir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=bebdc360f905517c1901dd1413f63bfe& cb=1531521678655 or anything like that. Yet, it draws quick comparisons. Though, who knows, maybe this is all representative of Rachel’s subconscious? Assuming this show is even that deep and I’m not turning a kiddie pool into an Olympic sized one.

Getting In Was Easy, Getting Out Is Hard: Rachel, Zach

Rachel originally went into this hospital or building, to seek counseling. Zach went in because he was offered the opportunity to kill people. Now Zach wants out. Seemingly because he feels trapped. But, here is the weird thing about this episode, the voice who spoke to Rachel before, we don’t hear them this episode. In fact, unlike episode 1, there isn’t any real guiding force really. Well, outside of this new floor’s psycho. One who seems to quite enjoy digging graves and has already begun a fascination with Rachel.

As for Zach, when it comes to his and Rachel’s relationship, it’s in a weird place. Mostly because he seemingly doesn’t spend this much time around someone who isn’t screaming or running. Never mind engaging him in conversation. So while he has social skills it remains awkward. Especially since he has promised to kill her for his freedom yet you can see him slowly growing attached to her.

Which could very well mean, depending if this floor’s psycho is as violent as Zach and the doctor are, well were in the doctor’s case, we may see a battle!


What is honestly being done here? Why are both of them semi-trapped and how come the doctor had a button on him to let Rachel to the next floor? Is that so they can kind of work the levels? Based off the previous episode in which Zach was reprimanded for leaving his, even got a kill order, it seems weird the doctor had the ability to open a door and possibly escape. Yet, considering Zach had one too in order to leave, it makes you wonder what is their actual purpose? They might have been hired or recruited to kill, but they also seem to be prisoners as well.

One of the psychos noting they want to meet Rachel but Zach is in the way.
Unknown: I want to meet you, but that guy is in the way.

Switching focus to this new level, why is there no camera or speaker system? Does that mean the psycho on this floor was the one watching and talking in previous ones? Also, should we just assume all those graves were for people who came before Rachel? Heck, how many people at any given time are doing these trials?

I could go on and one with questions but I must admit, I fear getting my answer would ruin this show. Just because there is something about Angels of Death which feels like a disappointment waiting to happen. That if we really go past the dead-eyed girl, this orphan who turned into a psychopath, and really learn what is going on and their story, there won’t be a serious shock and awe. You’ll just get this vibe of, “Okay.” Not any real shock or thinking this show took things to the next level but, like many violent shows, that it is greatly compensation for weak characters and plot.

Though maybe I’m being pessimistic.


  1. We got to learn a bit more about Zach.

On The Fence

  1. Between the doctor having a button to open a door, Zach having no issue going to another floor, and the voice and psycho not pushing hints to help Rachel escape, or us learn more about her, this episode was kind of meh.

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  1. You and I know from other hyped series, like Juni Taisen, that anything which is really violent in the first episode may get good initial hype but that can easily be a bait and switch.

  2. I’m about to watch this episode though this kind of worries me. The first episode had some good atmosphere but I was already a little on the fence about the plot and characters. If this episode isn’t doing much to strengthen either of those elements it seems like this one is not going to be a must watch for me. I’ll still watch it, given I did just sit through an entire season of Devils’ Line and I doubt this could possibly be worse than that, but it is a little disappointing given some of the hype around this title.

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