Alice to Zouroku: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Friends” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As Sana experiences emotions, we get some background on the twins’ past and their present conditions.

This Frazzled Feeling: Sana, Sanae, Ichijo

Between math and now having reasons to have feelings, Sana is feeling frazzled. Mostly because, while Ichijo is using her education [note]She is trained to be an elementary school teacher[/note] to sort of homeschool Sana, she isn’t teaching her what it means to be human really. Her main focus has been reading, math and arithmetic.

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But that is where Sanae comes in. For while Ichijo sticks to academics, and Zoroku focuses on being respectful, Sanae is the one teaching her the real things she needs to understand what it means to be human. In the last episode, she helped craft what it means to be family and this one the focus is on friends and feelings. Which may seem a bit strange for someone Sanae’s age to do, but someone has to do it right?


With the next episode being titled “The Evil Witch,” it isn’t necessarily clear whether we should expect an end to this slice of life vibe or not. However, I must admit I’m enjoying what the show is selling. For, again, like noted in the last episode, there aren’t enough shows which depict normalcy. They may show their stars fighting for it, but actually depicting it is within moments. Usually the quiet before the storm.

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With Alice to Zouroku, however, we have 3 episodes which were just about normalcy. Two of them which were back to back! And I really do believe we mostly have Sanae to thank for them really meaning something. For while Sana’s time with Zoroku is precious, it is with Sanae that it seems she really learns something. If not, while Zoroku provides the experience, Sanae crafts the lesson and what to take, going forward, from the experience.

Old Friends: Yonaga, Asashi, Sana

By chance, Sana bumps into Yonaga and Asashi and the twins immediately run from her. Naturally, Sana questions this because they were friends, they gave her a name. Yet, there is some guilt with the twins that makes the reconnection odd for them. Well, that and Sana changing their lives of course.

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You see, as Ichijo explains, partly, before the research facility, the girls lived with their father. An abusive man that one of them killed. Thus leading to them being in the possession of the police and then the research facility. A place where they found peace, some form of happiness, and of course safety. All of which they loved and being that they knew what the outside world was like, based on their dad, they tried to keep Sana in. After all, they didn’t want her hurt like them.

Yet, they realize she needed real world experience. Especially with the twins now living in a dorm and going to an Americanized school. They want Sana to spread her wings, learn, make friends, and not be sheltered like they tried to keep her. Leading to a reconciliation between the three and their friendship stronger than before.


The woman in episode 4 who seems like Sana’s would be mom.

With what happened with the twins established, all we need now is to figure out what happened to the boy [note]whose name I know I have written in a review but can’t quickly find[/note] and who was that woman in episode 4? You know, the one who seemed like Sana’s mother? Because, while we have handled the research facility issue, there remains the question of what the hell is Sana? Much less, trying to figure out more about her powers. Especially with them glitching, as of late since that could lead to quite a bit of destruction.

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