Alice to Zouroku: Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Kashimura Family” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Alice to Zorouku returns to being a very slice of life type of show as Sana learns what it means to be a family, gets a haircut, and gets lost. You Have To Get Stronger: Sana, Zoroku Being that Sana has been heavily reliant on her powers to do most things, even move around, Zoroku…

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Alice to Zorouku returns to being a very slice of life type of show as Sana learns what it means to be a family, gets a haircut, and gets lost.

You Have To Get Stronger: Sana, Zoroku

Being that Sana has been heavily reliant on her powers to do most things, even move around, Zoroku wants her to try using her body to build up strength. Of course, this isn’t consistently done, but Sana puts in some effort.


I usually try to get to the point and skip over nonsense for topics, but I think the idea of Sana getting her physical strength up is important. If only because, considering how Minnie C manhandled her, perhaps there is the thought that if she was physically stronger, she could have done more? Plus, in the long run, being that no one fully understands how these powers work, maybe Zoroku isn’t just prepping her to not be so reliant on her powers, but also for a time if her powers stop existing.

But, at the same time, since it isn’t necessarily clear if Sana can grow, it could also be just for the sake of exercise. After all, she is a skinny and frail thing.

Family: Sana, Sanae, Zoroku

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With all Zoroku has gone through with Sana, and the fact Sanae loves Sana to bits, he decides to get adoption papers for her. Unfortunately though, on the day of him getting these papers, Sana gets lost. Mostly because she was being impatient.

Let me explain, being that Sana’s hair is so long, she steps on it often and while Sanae styles it daily, she isn’t a beautician. So, while Zoroku gets a break from Sana, and works out getting adoption papers, Sana gets a hair cut then waits for Zoroku – who ends up late. Which leads her to wander around to find him and eventually get lost.

Which she could have easily fixed the problem of by using her powers but Zoroku kind of has her confused on when she should and shouldn’t use them. After all, he doesn’t want her using them for everything and she knows that she can’t be too overzealous because it makes her tired and draws attention. Luckily, thanks to Zoroku’s reputation, eventually Sana is reunited with him and, that evening, she learns of the adoption papers. Thus making Sana an official member of the Kashimura family.


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I won’t pretend I wasn’t a bit bored by this episode, since the slice of life genre isn’t really my thing, but it is hard to deny how cute everything was. On top of that, the way this show is built, it makes me feel that it does slice of life episodes to create authentic connections. Thus making it where when Minnie C types kidnap or do something to Sana, it means something. Especially since it gets handled in such a way to allow you into the mindset of Sanae or Zoroku. You thought it was just going to be a normal and routine day and then something completely unexpected and unprepared for happens.

Also, I feel the slice of life style is honestly the best way to bring balance to the show. For perhaps one of the main issues with most shows, whether they are 10-12 episodes or have multiple seasons, is that they have to always up the ante and we rarely get a rest episode. There aren’t episodes where normalcy is the focus and you are reminded that, despite all the things these people go through, they are still human or have responsibilities outside of facing some great evil. So these little break episodes are good for, after the whole research facility and Minnie C saga, it gives us a sense of closure with that chapter before the next one begins. Thus allowing you to become sensitive, once more, rather than callous because there was never a chance given to just breathe.

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