Alice to Zouroku: Season 1/ Episode 5 “A Home To Return To” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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If you didn’t know better, you would surely think this episode was the season finale.

Showdown: Minnie C, Ichijo

This episode begins where the last left off and Minnie C and Icihjo are in combat. It’s a fierce battle but with Ichijo having Yamada assisting her, and her being able to conjure more “cards” than Minnie C can conjure arms to attack, she defeats Minnie C.


That battle was epic! However, I do find the explanations given in terms of how people, especially those Minnie C and Ichijo’s age, end up with the Dreams of Alice not as thoroughly explained as I would like. For, with Ichijo, there was no lab or government facility. She went to sleep on some magical girl show and woke up with her powers. It makes not one lick of sense.

Then again, neither does the fact Ichijo’s side of the Dreams of Alice debate crush the other side, facility and all, and we end the episode making it seem that is the end.

All The Things In The World I Have To Show You: Sana, Sanae, Zoroku

With Zoroku and Sana rescued, so begins the new normal. Sana handles watering flowers and now that Sanae has a little cousin, who hasn’t experience so much, she is flushed with things to expose her to. For whether it is the zoo or an amusement park, the excitement is giving her wicked thoughts. If only because she can imagine the strange reaction Sana will have.

Which, because Dreams of Alice users have to remain under wrap, Naito and Icihijo are still watching over Sana.


So, what happened to the rest of the kids? All of the members of the facility seemed to have gotten arrested, and Icihjo’s people did find the gentleman who had the other 3 kids we were introduced to. So, rather than present a slice of life episode featuring a day out with Sanae, may the next adventure be about finding out what happened to Sana’s friends? Much less getting their reaction to her turning their world’s upside down?

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