Adachi and Shimamura: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Adachi Question” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The first move is made! Can you guess between Adachi and Shimamura who made it?

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Adachi and Shimamura looking at one another as Adachi is between Shimamura's legs.

The first move is made! Can you guess between Adachi and Shimamura who made it?

Director(s) Kuwabara Satoshi
Writer(s) Oochi Keiichirou
Aired (Funimation) 10/16/2020
Introduced This Episode
Yashiro Chikama Saeki Iori[1]

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


The Little Weirdo In The Suit – Yashiro, Hino, Shimamura

So, Hino introduces Shimamura to Yashiro, and to say this self-proclaimed alien is strange would be an understatement. Be it them looking for a compatriot, how they randomly switch sides with Shimamura, or their utter refusal to take off their helmet since “their face isn’t ready.” But, while Yashiro is strange, they aren’t threatening, so Shimamura humors them.

Yashiro Chikama introducing herself
Yashiro Chikama (Saeki Iori)

It’s Kinda Funny, These Feelings Inside – Shimamura, Adachi

Friendship is a strange thing. For Adachi, who doesn’t have friends beyond Shimamura, it makes having this sole connection sometimes feel intense, intimate, and when others force her to share the connection, it perturbs her. Especially as things develop, and Adachi wants a sense of being closer, if not the first thing Shimamura thinks about when she thinks about friendship.

But there lies a problem. With this sole connection and a certain level of intimacy between them, feelings begin to develop. The kind that led Adachi to dream of kissing Shimamura and wanting to hold hands. Also, it leads to desires to sit in between Shimamura’s legs, and like with the hand holding, Shimamura is not just up for it, but tries to make Adachi comfortable.

However, when it comes to the kiss, we’re a little too early in the story for that dream to come true. So you’ll have to stick around.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where is Shimamura’s dad?


Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)


It May Live Up To Its Potential

Often after the first episode, you get this lull and hope that the optimism you had in the first episode will soon go from potential to actual product. With “Adachi and Shimamura,” that may actually happen. For with seeing Adachi be this lonely girl who is struggling with her developing crush, it brings out all the feels.

One example is, how universal it is to fall for a friend and struggle with that. Especially the desire to be the one they are closest to and sometimes having a hard time sharing them for you don’t know how to fit in a group, just when alone with them. Then when you add the yuri (lesbian) element, you go from the universal to the specific. Add in not seeing Hino grabbing Nagafuji’s breast, and bringing a certain ecchi element, you get an almost pure, butterflies in your stomach, kind of romance.

Adachi laying on Shimamura's lap

[1] Per aniDB –

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