Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 3 “It’s a Dilemna” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

As Celia oversteps and gets on Bex’s nerves, Andi and Buffy are having an issue over Walker being in their lives. Network Disney Channel Director(s) Paul Hoen Writer(s) Erin Dunlap Air Date 10.22.2018 Characters Introduced Shaun Nick Yiakoumatos Victor Tyler Poelle Mr. Bag Jack Diamond Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links…

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As Celia oversteps and gets on Bex’s nerves, Andi and Buffy are having an issue over Walker being in their lives.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Writer(s) Erin Dunlap
Air Date 10.22.2018
Characters Introduced
Shaun Nick Yiakoumatos
Victor Tyler Poelle
Mr. Bag Jack Diamond

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It’s The Little Annoyances: Jonah, Shaun, Victor, Mr. Bag, Bowie, Cyrus

For some characters, there are little things which are bugging them that they find themselves coerced to deal with. For Cyrus, it is the fact he has to take PE but because he isn’t that good at sports, he is failing. So, as an alternative, he tries to take dance but that’s even worse.

As for Bowie? Thanks to Jonah’s praise, a man named Victor signs his 9-year-old son up Shaun for guitar lessons. Problem is, despite Victor thinking his kid is an ace, he isn’t. Yet, he thinks he’ll zoom through things like Jonah did and will be writing a song in no time.


Cyrus owning the fact he is failing a class.
Cyrus: I’m just gonna own my truth and sit in it for a second.

Who gets an F in PE even if you participate? Also, what is the socioeconomic status of this town if Dr. Metcalf, who seems like the type who’d cut the arts in a heartbeat, could afford dance as part of the school’s curriculum? Not some after-school activity, but an alternative to PE? On top of that question, you have to wonder, and I know this is stereotypical, will Cyrus maybe find a boyfriend in dance? Because, and I’ll say this until I get carpal tunnel syndrome, Cyrus is overdue for a real crush. Not something like he had with Jonah, where we know it exists but he keeps his mouth shut. I’m talking him getting anxious, asking Buffy and Andi a million questions, and questioning what it is he should do?

In terms of Bowie’s issue? Honestly, I’d prefer us getting to see where Bowie lives, meeting what remains of his family, and him being developed over him taking on this 9-year old whose dad seems like he just wants him off his hands. But something is better than nothing.

Save The Date: Cece, Bex, Bowie

Celia wasn’t joking about taking over Bex’s wedding her Bex pretending to agree with all she wants to do. Now, whether this is all about competing and showing off to Mei or maybe making up for her and Ham having a quaint wedding? Who knows? The only thing that is absolutely clear is that Bex doesn’t want some big to do and Bowie, he figures Bex should just pick her battles. She and Celia are in a decent place and this isn’t worth ruining all that.


Celia feeling frustrated by Bex's lack of enthusiasm for her wedding.
Celia: Why do I even try?

More and more I want Bowie’s family to get involved for this is his wedding too. Surely, at least his mom, wants some say in this. I know his dad is dead so you’d think his mom would want to meet the bride, likely again, meet her in-laws, as well as spend time with Andi. Heck, considering how Bowie is, maybe combat with Celia and come to a nice middle. One which will make Bex not feel like this is her mother’s wedding, she just so happens to be in it.

The Walker Situation: Andi, Buffy, Walker

Walker has become a real issue for Andi. While the two of them were never an item, they did technically go on dates. However, she broke it off with him because she wanted to be with Jonah. Making the fact she is now not with Jonah, he is around, yet with Buffy, kind of weird. Add on her and Jonah not being together but in this weird grey area and it makes the idea of them all hanging out a bit much for Andi.

Something she expects Buffy to just get but she doesn’t. Buffy enjoys being around Walker and seemingly is having, in Andi’s mind, a hard time maintaining her loyalty. So, when it becomes an issue that Walker wants to go with Buffy to this Color Factory pop up, Andi makes it clear she isn’t comfortable. Problem is, Buffy relays that to Walker who confronts Andi.

Thus, ultimately leading to her giving Walker the go-ahead since she decides to just not go. Leading to what surely will be more issues down the line.


Walker confronting Andi for making hanging out with Buffy difficult.
Walker: We need to talk.

I wasn’t expecting boys to tear this friend group apart until high school but I keep forgetting this next generation is growing up quicker than mine. With that in mind, I wonder if the awkwardness is purely just because Andi sort of went out with Walker for a while or because Walker doesn’t integrate as well as Marty did? For with Marty, taking note he was just cordial towards Andi, he and Buffy had their own thing in sports so Andi didn’t have to think or worry about feeling excluded. After all, in a similar fashion to Cyrus, Andi isn’t a sporty gal.

However, with Walker being an artist, who shares a lot of interests with Andi, maybe it might be pushing her to question if she made the right choice? That maybe she should have chosen Walker over Jonah? Though, this could just be a follow up to Buffy noting that Andi just isn’t mature enough for a relationship. Which wasn’t made into a big issue, but with Andi seeing Buffy do well with her sort of, not really, ex, it pushes the idea maybe it wasn’t them but her?

I mean, lest we forget, Andi was raised by Celia so taking the blame for stuff doesn’t come easily. So her seeing Buffy and Walker happy, her feeling miserable over not choosing him or feeling like she is losing her friend to some guy, it has to be hard. Not to say Andi isn’t being a bit selfish, may be ready to pull up girl code, but you have to keep in mind this is all new to Andi and navigating it isn’t easy. Even if her mom is sort of in touch with how her daughter feels.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs


  1. Walker and Buffy clearly being a thing, and Andi figuring out a way to deal with that.
  2. Bowie and Bex dealing with Celia trying to coerce them to get married, and how that may effect Bex’s relationship with her mom and Bowie. Especially in terms of him not dealing with Celia in a way which makes Bex feel supported.

On The Fence

  1. Cyrus and Bowie’s storylines involving Shaun and Victor, as well as Cyrus’ PE problem.

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