Marty trying to reassure Buffy that their relationship wouldn't be like Andi and Jonah's.

Buffy and Andi are going through it when it comes to their “relationships” as Cyrus is just struggling with figuring out by what means can he impress a college recruiter – in 4 to 5 years. Network Disney Channel Director(s) Joe Menedez Writer(s) Erin Dunlap Air Date 1/15/2018 Catch Up or Follow Along [External] I…

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Marty asking Andi if Jonah and her are a couple - because he didn't know.

Buffy and Andi are going through it when it comes to their “relationships” as Cyrus is just struggling with figuring out by what means can he impress a college recruiter – in 4 to 5 years.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Joe Menedez
Writer(s) Erin Dunlap
Air Date 1/15/2018
Catch Up or Follow Along [External]

I Just Need Some Clarity, Purpose, Direction: Bex, Cyrus, Brittany

Being that Cyrus is high strong as he is, even at 13 and with 5 years till college, he is trying to figure out a way to boost his chances. Which is why he comes to everyone’s favorite mom Bex. She’s the cool mom so when he finishes this very strange space adventure script, he goes to her for praise and/or criticism. The problem is, Bex doesn’t have it in her to break this poor child’s heart. However, Brittany does because she originally was excited by Cyrus’ ambitions to not just write but make a movie – till she read the script.

So, to protect her adopted child, Bex tells Cyrus the truth after hyping him up just so Brittany doesn’t really mess him up.


Bex reassuring Cyrus after telling him his script was, lackluster.

As usual, there is a bit of a connection to Cyrus and Buffy’s storyline. But, rather than it being because of them being paired together, more so it comes in the assumption of their parents’ influence. For Cyrus, it is very clear that, in his world, his parents seem to know themselves well and while worry worts when it comes to him, perhaps seem to have it all together. Yet, then there is him. At 13, because of these examples, he sort of has a Denise Huxtable, from The Cosby Show, kind of issue.

That is, all these examples of people who got it together and yet he doesn’t really have any serious direction. Which could be why Cyrus ultimately went to Bex. Not just because her makeup talents could be of use in the long run, but also because she was rather aimless for some time, at least by Cyrus’ standards, so they are kindred spirits in a way. And with her just in her, what, late 20s, early 30s, getting stability in her life, who better to go to than someone imperfect and relatable?

Are You Mad?: Jonah, Andi, Buffy

We have seen happy Jonah, sad Jonah, and heartbroken Jonah, but never mad Jonah. Well, at least mad at Andi anyway – and she doesn’t know how to handle it. You see, all that happened is Jonah fell and scrapped his chin, and she laughed at first. This, despite no one else really seeing what happened, embarrassed the hell out of Jonah and led him to kind of distance himself from Andi.

Which, of course, drives her nuts because, as Buffy said, she probably isn’t truly ready to date yet. Though, that’s another problem within itself. Andi, basing what she sees as a relationship through, I assume her grandparents, wonders why doesn’t she and Jonah spend more alone time together or use labels for what they are to one another. But, as of now, she is just satisfied with, after a few days, Jonah getting over himself. Especially after she slips and slides in front of him – at school, which is much worse than falling around strangers at a virtual arcade which was basically empty.


Andi freaking out over Jonah icing her out.

Totally will admit I’m going too deep here but, I kind of love how the show is really using Andi and Jonah, even in season two, to show unhealthy relationships. Especially in comparison to Buffy and Marty. A couple, well not couple, which I know is a bit ideal vs. what many may get, but also shows a lot of things that we don’t see in Jonah and Andi’s relationship.

One of the primary things being communication. The whole, “Ask him three times” nonsense, shows there is clearly issues within their relationship in regards to ego, trust, or what have you. And it is on both sides. For with Andi venting to Buffy and Cyrus about Jonah and her not having alone time and not really defining their relationship, that is a serious problem for her.

Which, low key, is sort of cute in a way. If only because it shows CeCe’s influence since Andi is clearly traditional and Jonah is going with the flow.

I Don’t Want To Ruin This: Buffy, Marty

I’m not even going to butcher a couple names for these two, but considering Buffy’s fear of being somebody’s anything, besides a friend, it may very well be the end of these two as anything. You see, while Buffy and Marty are more mature than their friends, in many ways, they still have insecurities and issues they got to work out.

Especially Buffy since, while clearly she likes Marty, there is a fear of what would happen if they became a couple. Something Marty straight up says he wants to be because, recognizing how they get along in so many ways, it just seems logical to him. Yet, for reasons unknown as of now, Buffy pushes the idea of just being friends.


Marty trying to reassure Buffy that their relationship wouldn't be like Andi and Jonah's.

See, not getting to meet Buffy’s parents, like not meeting Cyrus, leaves a huge hole in understanding these characters. Yet, bringing Bex back into the mix, taking into consideration that when Buffy had hair issues she went to Bex, I can already foresee Buffy going to Bex over this Marty situation. After all, from what we’ve been told, Buffy doesn’t seem to have any real examples when it comes to relationships – outside of the Mack household.

I mean, we know her father is at home, and maybe his people, and her mom’s, help out, but with her mom seemingly away for lengthy amounts of time, she never got that example of how relationships can be lovey-dovey and work. If anything, and this is assuming her parents are even together, all she knows is her parents just working on maintaining their relationship as a long distance couple or co-parents.

Heck, who knows, Buffy is about 13+ so she probably asked family members about how her parents were when they were dating, if not her parents directly. So, perhaps hearing about the honeymoon stage, when her mom and dad were just courting each other, sounded a whole lot better than the fights she might have overheard. Add in Andi’s drama with Jonah, and of course what Andi probably tells her about Bowie and Bex’s relationship, and you can kind of get Buffy’s hesitation.

After all, she hasn’t experienced a whole lot of failure when it comes to something she put her time, energy, and heart into. So failing at a relationship, especially one which she was acing in the beginning, is probably scary as all hell for her. Probably pushing the idea she has been conveying to Andi and applying it to herself: You are not ready for a relationship yet.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will we ever meet Buffy or Cyrus’ parents?


The Complications of Young Relationships

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