Andi Mack: Season 2/ Episode 19 “Andi’s Choice” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Andi makes her decision when it comes to Jonah and Walker, as Celia takes the initiative for the sake of Bex’s career. Network Disney Channel Director(s) Paul Hoen Writer(s) Sam Wolfson Air Date 7/9/2018 Love Triangle: Jonah, Walker, Bowie, Andi, Cyrus, Buffy Being that Bex and Bowie heavily favor Jonah, naturally, both have tried different…

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A charcoal painting by Walker of Buddy, Andi, and Cyrus.

Andi makes her decision when it comes to Jonah and Walker, as Celia takes the initiative for the sake of Bex’s career.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Writer(s) Sam Wolfson
Air Date 7/9/2018

Love Triangle: Jonah, Walker, Bowie, Andi, Cyrus, Buffy

Being that Bex and Bowie heavily favor Jonah, naturally, both have tried different ways to push Andi his way. The latest plan? Well, Bowie decides to help Jonah write a song. One which, for the usually not that expressive Jonah, is to be emotional.

As this happens, Walker meets Buffy and Cyrus and with them learning about Andi’s date, they are too thrilled and tickled by her having two boys interested in her. For Andi though, it just brings her a headache. Even if Walker has a clean slate.


All I’m saying is, if Buffy wasn’t leaving, and Marty was officially done-zo, I would have been for Walker and her dating. Heck, even Walker and Cyrus because you have to enjoy this kid’s charisma. He makes for the perfect love interest on a show like this and him just being a minor bump in the road towards Andi and Jonah getting back together seems like such a waste doesn’t it? But we all know there is a slim to none chance that he’ll stick around if he learns he isn’t picked. Love interest, especially those who weren’t around since the beginning, rarely stick around.

School’s Out, What’s Next?: Celia, Bex

Bex smiling, or trying to, while speaking to Celia.

Remember Bex getting her cosmetology license? Well, we quickly get reminded of that and also learn Celia has been bombarding her Welp, a play on Yelp, with positive reviews – and leaving negative reviews elsewhere. Which has gone from a nice gesture to something which is a bit dangerous since, somehow, it is assumed Bex is writing both the positive reviews for herself and negatives for others.

Leading to her confronting Celia who hunches it off. For one, Bex getting sued means that person gets what exactly? And two, she just wants to help and Bex doesn’t make that easy. She won’t let her buy her business cards, make a website, so she has to do something. Celia isn’t the type to sit by and just let things happen. She needs to hear and see plans and then some action.

Hence why she buys a shop called “The Fringe.”


Is it just me or has Bex’s father been MIA for a while now? That thought aside, it’s nice that they reminded us that Bex has her own aspirations. It makes me wish though those reviews were legit from all the freebies she did. Especially after that Amber one which likely made people quite hesitant. But you can’t focus too much on the should have done and disregard what happened.

So there is a need to question, with this idea of selling the house and moving, why did Celia buy a business? Especially a business in which, from what it seems, she has no experience in running and just the only justification is a daughter with a license? As noted, Celia isn’t that much for being impetuous so this move makes very little sense.

Decision-Making Time: Andi, Jonah

It isn’t necessarily clear what the name of Jonah’s song is, but even considering how terrible of a boyfriend he was in the past, his song will make you think he changed. Heck, you may get a little teary-eyed as well. As for Andi? Well, her heart gets won and it goes beyond the mindset of “Walker who?” She kisses him, on the lips, and without care that her parents and two best friends are watching.


Jonah and Andi kissing on the lips.

Before we talk about the kiss, can we just question why Jonah’s parents weren’t there for his first open mic? I would also ask where Amber and the girl Andi got jealous of were but why bring an actor to set for two scenes to witness the guy they may have feelings for sing to another girl? Even if this is the type of thing Jonah could have used all the support for in the world.

With that said, I gotta admit, in the absence of Jonah’s father, I find it cute how Bowie is stepping into that role. Really making me wonder if it is just because he is a good guy or maybe still dealing with the guilt of not being there for Andi the first 13 years of her life? So, between helping Jonah and playing daddy to Morgan, is this his means to pursue redemption?

Those thoughts aside, after the high of the song and kiss calm down, I feel reminded of how terrible Jonah was as a love interest and wonder how this time will be different. Granted, Buffy won’t be as active in side-eyeing and pointing things out, but Walker is still in the shadows. Providing proof it isn’t just Jonah who likes her and she is quite the catch. So hopefully that’ll mean between learning from his mistakes and coming to Bowie, Jonah has seriously grown as a young man and isn’t just, once again, doing what it takes to win Andi back then whatever it takes to push her away.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will we ever meet Jonah’s parents?


  1. Jonah’s song being something you know you want to find on YouTube, Spotify, wherever, because it is worth repeated listening. Also, Andi’s reaction to it, before the kiss and the kiss itself.

Low Points

  1. The whole Morgan and Miranda thing got effectively put on the back burner.

On The Fence

  1. What may happen to Walker now that Andi made her Will she even tell him that she has a boyfriend or be unwilling to break his heart? Then, will he stick around or nah?
  2. Granted, I’m no TV writer, but I do wish rather than Celia fake all those reviews they were some Bex really did get from free makeovers. Especially since her boss thought she could monetize Bex’s skills. For then, Celia talking about business cards, a website, and all that would be more about wanting to see Bex catch up and really do something rather than buy a shop. Which seems so out of character considering the type of person Celia has been portrayed as.

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