While Buffy’s storyline sticks with what we’re used to, Andi and Bex’s maintains the show’s more mature direction. I’m Not Being Flirty: Buffy, Marty, Cyrus As has been seen, Marty has a crush on Buffy. Something which she may be warming up to the idea of, but she doesn’t want everyone to know. She doesn’t…

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Andi asking Bex why did she leave her while she was a baby.

While Buffy’s storyline sticks with what we’re used to, Andi and Bex’s maintains the show’s more mature direction.

I’m Not Being Flirty: Buffy, Marty, Cyrus

Marty flirting with Buffy.

As has been seen, Marty has a crush on Buffy. Something which she may be warming up to the idea of, but she doesn’t want everyone to know. She doesn’t want to seem like she is going soft on her rival. So, naturally, she decides to up that competitive spirit and challenges Marty to a race.

Problems arise, however, when Buffy can’t find her shoe. She is under the impress Marty stole it so she steals his shoes. Then, to take it a step further, she dumps them into a toilet. Making for when Cyrus reveals she left her lost shoe in his mom’s car, Buffy is put in an awkward position. One which Marty tries to understand, but with Buffy more about replacing the shoes than saying sorry, he seems hurt.


Cyrus asking Buddy not to do anything stupid.

Cyrus and Buffy are what maintains the Disney Channel spirit on this shoe. Buffy especially for she is the one getting into all this hijinks and is doing ridiculous things. Like, holding his shoes hostage, that would have been acceptable. Well, at least to me. However, dunking them in the toilet? All because you think he was trying to sabotage you before a race? That’s just a bit extra.

I mean, never mind Marty doesn’t seem like a shoe thief, but to ruin a pair of sneakers? What in the world influenced Buffy to think that could be a good idea? Seriously? Who is the person that has influence over this child for, increasingly, there is a need to address the elephant in the room: Who is raising Buffy right now?

He Called Me Pretty, But He Is Dating Amber: Bex, Andi, Jonah

Jonah noting how pretty Andi is.

Andi is doing her best to be a good friend, but Jonah makes it hard. Mostly because, despite knowing Andi doesn’t like Amber, he asks her to help with something. Said thing being, helping him choose a birthday gift. For, according to him, not only is he bad at it, but Amber lets him know. But, thankfully, in his mind, Amber is gracious when giving second chances [note]Insert eye roll here[/note].

Though with, Andi believing Jonah may have been mad at her, because of how she acted when he was in her house, she goes along with this. Leading to Bex’s part in this. Andi takes Jonah to Bex’s shop and it is pushed that makeup would be the perfect gift. Now, being that Bex knows Andi likes Jonah, and she figures he likes her too, she plants some seeds. She noted how pretty Andi is, and how she doesn’t need makeup. Bex starts planting the type of seeds that hopefully will bloom and lead Jonah to, eventually, be with Andi.

Which, sort of work. He notes, in an awe-struck way, how pretty Andi is. Thus giving Bex major mommy points. Though it doesn’t distract from the problem at home.


An animation featuring Jonah saying Amber is insecure and Jonah seeming insecure.


You know, like Buffy, I feel like we need to know Jonah’s folks. For there just seems to be something wrong here. Like, how is this boy, who is clearly attractive, acting like he is so lucky to be with Amber? How is it, after all that Amber has said and done, he is grateful for second chances? To me, I can’t imagine being this kid’s dad and not side-eyeing Amber and doing back flips after the first break up. I can’t imagine his parents really supporting what clearly isn’t a healthy relationship. Yet, here we are.

But let’s not throw Amber under the bus. As noted previously, Amber likely has her own issues too. We aren’t given the full scope of them but I feel convinced they exist. For, once again, she is a high school girl dating a middle school kid. She is clearly insecure, for reasons not known, and that’s the thing. What is the source of her insecurity?

Now, I know I romanticize things and perhaps presents borderline ridiculous theories. I’ll own that. But I keep wondering who hurt or neglected Amber? For while my degree isn’t in psychology, you can tell Amber’s venom was learned. I say that because the way she treats Jonah, it reminds me of Ava, from Girl Meets World. To me, if Ava met Auggie later in life, and didn’t have the Matthews family influencing her, she’d turn out like Amber.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

As for the Andi and Jonah potentially dating thing, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. In fact, I bet another boy may ask out Andi before Jonah musters up the courage. For that’s another thing, as outgoing as Jonah is, he seems shy. So I can’t imagine him following gender roles and just plainly asking Andi out. If anything, they’ll hang out a lot to the point where Andi may need them to DTR [note]Define the relationship for those who didn’t watch Awkward back in the day.[/note]

You Sent Her Away?: CeCe, Bex, Andi

Bex talking to CeCe about an argument they have been having for 13 years. One still unresolved.
Excuse my screenshot happy self not waiting until the notification disappeared.

With Bowie gone and not having replied to Andi’s text, in over a week, all she has is Bex. Yet, as Andi comes under Bex’s influence more, CeCe feels pushed out. To the point that her issues with Bex flare into arguments. One of which is the one that never died. The one which led to Bex leaving Andi as a baby.

Now, Bex feels forced out and CeCe implies she did what was right. It is all very murky at this point. However, upon Andi discovering CeCe is the reason she missed out on her mom, she is upset. Especially after the Jonah thing because that bonding she didn’t get with CeCe. For while CeCe knows how to be a mom she doesn’t seem to know how to be maternal. Better yet, approachable.


Bex and CeCe arguing over whether Bex was thrown out of the house or not.
Bex and CeCe arguing over whether Bex was thrown out of the house or not (Sorry about the subtitles being cut out, and the screenshot notification).

I can fully imagine Andi hating CeCe and having that resentment for the rest of the show. Something she will eventually forgive, but not forget. After all, it seems CeCe has pushed everyone away but Ham. But considering how Ham doesn’t challenge her and goes along with everything, that’s why he stayed. Unlike Bex, he doesn’t push back and neither did Andi at one time. Yet when it comes to Bex, when it came to Bowie, people who didn’t fit her expectations, she was antagonistic.

But, lest we forget, CeCe traditional. So when her child getting pregnant, out of wedlock that was likely devastating. Add on she was a teenager, or barely out of her teens, and you’d have to imagine that was a lot to deal with. Not to mention, CeCe may not have grown up around girls like Rebecca. She had no point of reference on how to deal and communicate with her. Plus, while CeCe may love her mom, she might have been to CeCe like CeCe was to Andi. She was present, kept a clean house and cooked, but wasn’t someone you gossip to. CeCe’s mom may not have been the type of mom that wanted or allowed, CeCe to explore what it means to be CeCe. So with what tools did this woman have to raise an American child?

Plus, once again, Ham is her husband. A man whose culture probably clashed with CeCe’s. Yet, because he is the man of the house, she backed down. For that was how she was raised. Not to make it sound like she is the helpless housewife but, I think, she picks and chooses her battles. Of which, if Ham was involved, she would state her case but not push it to get what she wanted. At least, not all the time.

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