Andi Mack: Season 1/ Episode 6 “She Said, She Said” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

After perhaps one of the most devastating moments of Andi’s life, fate decides to give Andi a break and grant one of her dearest wishes. You Believe Her Over Me?: Andi, Jonah After being pushed by Buffy, Andi reveals to Jonah what she saw and he doesn’t know how to handle it. However, after he…

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After perhaps one of the most devastating moments of Andi’s life, fate decides to give Andi a break and grant one of her dearest wishes.

You Believe Her Over Me?: Andi, Jonah

After being pushed by Buffy, Andi reveals to Jonah what she saw and he doesn’t know how to handle it. However, after he tells Amber, she certainly does. She calls out Andi and straight up asks if she has a crush on Jonah and implies that is why she said it. Jonah tries to calm her down to no avail and Andi just denies it and storms away.

Jonah later tries to make excuses for Amber, as usual, but Andi seems done. He makes excuses for her, takes her side on whether she is lying, and it seems with knowing being friends with Jonah means dealing with Amber, she just doesn’t know if she can do it anymore.


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This Amber cheating situation brings up so many questions. One being, when did Amber start dating Jonah and why? Was it because the high school guys didn’t like her? Could it be she figured a middle school guy would be easier to handle and control? Did they meet while she was in 8th grade and, if they did, has Jonah always been the submissive one who just went along with what she wanted? For, while Jonah comes off as a good boyfriend, I wouldn’t say he seems that active in the relationship. What I mean by this is, Amber is always showing up to his stuff. We don’t see him going to her school, her extracurricular activities, and things of that nature. Pretty much, Amber is still in that state where it is like she is trying to get him to like her and take note of her. At least, that is how I see it.

Which, all things considered, helps you understand why she is so insecure. Jonah may claim her and defend her, but he doesn’t pursue her relationship like he pursues talking to, and spending time with, Andi[note]I’d even argue her Amber alert thing is a cry for attention. Like, look for me, find me, cherish the time you have with me.[/note]. Plus, no matter what age you are, whether teen or adult, there is that question if someone can be friends with someone of the opposite sex [note]assuming all parties are hetero[/note]. So while Amber may have this status of being older, in high school, and all that, it means nothing. If only because, so it seems, Jonah couldn’t give a damn about that or her. He is just too nice to break up with her like he was probably too nice to say no when she, in my mind, asked him out.

Leading to the thought that maybe Amber isn’t a player or cheating because she feels she got it like that. Maybe it could just be this new guy actually pursues her and gives her time and attention? Something that Jonah doesn’t, for maybe he wasn’t ready for a full blown relationship? I mean, it doesn’t excuse this Disney styled cheating, but it does make it a bit more understandable. To me anyway.

The Need For Approval: Bex, Cece, Buffy

Just starting with Buffy, I think it was made clear in the last episode that her need for competition probably stems from the need of wanting her parents to notice what she does. For with them, or the parent, traveling often, what else could she do to get their attention but win? Making it so she isn’t really competing with Marty, or whoever she is against, but more so for their parents time?

Buffy aside, Bex seems to still be trying to win CeCe’s approval and sort of failing. She buys groceries, but she messed up on one thing. Bad Bex. She has a job, but it isn’t a real one. However, there is some reprieve for Bex since her mom comes to her shop and when she gives her a makeover, for date night, she likes it. Still gives a criticism about something else but it is the little victories that count, right?

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Expanding on the Buffy thing, with her mom gone, is it safe to assume her dad is taking care of her? Maybe an aunt, uncle, or grandparent? I feel the need to ask because that whole hair situation I’m still not over and even if Buffy is bi-racial, surely she would have access to her mom’s family right? Because you can tell, more and more, Bex and Buffy’s storylines are similar, though not the same.

For Buffy, she wants her mom’s attention and yet seemingly can’t be made a priority. For Bex, she wants her mom’s validation and seemingly can’t do anything right. Perhaps explaining why Buffy likes Bex. Not just because she is there, and she can live through Andi about having a mom, but Bex can understand what she is going through in a way. A mother who doesn’t see you.

Switching to Bex, solely, I want to question what has she been doing all these years? Was she on the road as a makeup artist? Like with the start of Amber and Jonah’s relationship, it feels like something I possibly forgot that helps you understand all that has come about till now. For with all those bandanas Andi has and the stories Bex has told, you know she has gone perhaps farther than Ham could afford, so for her to end up in the Hot Topic rip off that is Brittany’s store seems odd to me. Granted, that town isn’t made to seem like a place where jobs are plentiful, but considering her assumed experience, it all seems weird.

Bowie: Andi, Cece, Bex, Bowie [Trent Garrett]

To put it simply, Bowie shows up and Bex just rips the band-aid off. She reveals to Andi and Bowie that they are father and daughter. Meanwhile, CeCe freaks out and calls for Ham.


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Is it wrong to say I was hoping Andi’s dad was Asian rather than white? If only because, culturally wise, I wanted the show to explore that more. For while CeCe presents a nod to Asian culture, and perhaps some stereotypes, it would have been interesting to have Andi immersed in that from a younger point of view. Heck, maybe even him being part of a nationality that CeCe’s nationality have a bad history with and the show getting into the context of all that.

That aside, it is sort of nice that they didn’t drag this out until the end, the whole “Who is Bowie?” thing. I just hope he is more interesting than he looks. For while he looks right up Bex’s alley, we already have a Bex. We don’t need a male version of her. Well, unless he is the male version of her if she had a more stable life.

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