As Buffy deals with some hair policing, Cyrus goes on a double date and Andi continues to wait for her dad to be revealed. Curly Hair, Don’t Care (Andi, Buffy, Bex) After a student complains they didn’t do well on a test because of Buffy’s hair was blocking the board, she is asked to do…

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As Buffy deals with some hair policing, Cyrus goes on a double date and Andi continues to wait for her dad to be revealed.

Curly Hair, Don’t Care (Andi, Buffy, Bex)

After a student complains they didn’t do well on a test because of Buffy’s hair was blocking the board, she is asked to do something about it. This leads her to straighten it. For with her mom overseas for 6 months, and it not being clear who is taking care of her, it seems no one is there to fight for her. Thus leaving no other options than straightening her hair. A look she likes, but it seems she doesn’t know how to use that flat iron well.

Hence Bex’s involvement for, with Andi still upset over Bex not revealing who her dad is, she isn’t much for hanging out with her. So, because of that, Buffy takes advantage of having access to a mom who can answer her questions. Something which makes Andi jealous until Buffy reveals she needed someone’s advice because she burnt her hair and gave herself a bald spot.

Though, in the end, it all ends well for we learn Buffy was lied on by some kid whose mom is on the school board. Said kid, is a pathological liar and because of that Buffy gets an apology from the principal.


Can I just say, I love that Disney, even if it is only dipping its toe in the water, addressed Black girl hair policing? Now, granted, I’m a bit unsure how Buffy’s hair could be considered big, because it isn’t like she has a fro, but the point was clearly made that this was supposed to be a nod Black girls go through. From people telling them how to style their hair to the dangers of doing so when you aren’t sure how to do it. Much less, Buffy loving her curls was so important. For even though she joins the modern tradition of light skinned, mostly bi-racial, Black women that represent the movement, with their baby doll acceptable curls, it is the thought that counts.

That thought aside, however, I do wonder what is going on with Buffy’s parents/ guardians? Granted, we haven’t met Cyrus’ either but I can’t imagine any Black parent hearing their child has to do something with their hair and not being all up in the face of a school administrator. Even if Buffy wasn’t taking it too seriously.

Bowie Quinn (Bex, Ham)

The name of Andi’s dad is revealed, but we don’t get to hear him or see him. All we learn is that he knows she exists, but doesn’t know that she is his child. Yet, with Ham pushing for Bex to tell the man he has a child, she does so very cautiously. She just sends a “Hey” e-mail and is really trying to contemplate how to completely change this man’s world.


There is a serious need to know what went on between Bex and Bowie. She got pregnant sometime before she was 21, that seems pretty clear. However, what isn’t is why did Bowie not know and how could he not? Now, we know Bex liked to travel extensively so could it just be they had an argument while off to someplace and then she went home and left his life behind? Could it be that he wanted to go to college, she wanted to take a gap year, and him not budging was the issue? I mean, excuse me if I seem to mostly be pointing fingers at Bex but it isn’t like she is giving us any hints as to what kind of person Bowie is. Besides someone she likely cared deeply for and didn’t break up with on the best of terms.

The Double Date (Jonah, Cyrus, Amber, Iris)

Jonah lets Cyrus know that Iris, and Amber, want to do a double date. Something Cyrus is kind of excited about, but not really. For not only has he forgotten who Iris was overnight, but he is just not that into her. He is more so happy that Jonah is talking to him more than some girl liking him. Plus, with 4 mental health professionals as parents, due to divorce and remarrying, his anxiety is off the charts as for what to do, how to dress, and etc. But, outside of when he gets motion sickness and vomits, the date goes well.


Let me walk on egg shells as I say this, I honestly hope that Jonah is the possible gay character and not Cyrus. If only because I’d love for the writers to pull a switch and not rely on stereotypes. For there is just something about Cyrus coming out with him being so worried about his clothes, trying to dub him and his friends the good hair club, and all that which makes him come off like a caricature more than anything. And, I don’t know, maybe it is just me, but I feel that for guys who aren’t necessarily into fashion and stuff like that, and who don’t have a sort of theatrical way about them, there isn’t a huge amount of representation.

There is what is provided on The Fosters, with Jude and the various guys he has been friends with, but when it comes to teen and tween representation, there aren’t a lot who can perhaps be identified with. Which, in a world which is so much about diversity, you kind of want to say is a problem. Yet there comes the fear that with noting the lack of questioning boys who aren’t into usually girl associated things, you are being problematic.

But, again, I really do hope that Cyrus’ eccentricities aren’t supposed to be playing up on gay stereotypes but rather are just his quirks. For, on the other end of things, it would be cool to see a hetero, or even bi, guy like Cyrus. For guys who are weird like him, but like girls, mostly like girls, or do enough to be with one, needs representation too.

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