Andi keeps pushing to find out who her dad is but Bex remains cagey. Meanwhile, both Buffy and Cyrus may have a date in their future.

Everybody Knows, But Who Is The Father (Bex, Andi, Jonah, Amber, Ham [Stoney Westmoreland] and Cyrus)

Thanks to Cyrus telling his mom, who apparently is a huge gossip, the whole town knows Bex is Andi’s mom and, outside of Amber, no one seems to take it in a negative way. In fact, Jonah thinks it is cool. Granted, it is because he feels his life is boring in comparison, but being cool in his eyes is a big thing for Andi. However, while everyone knows who her mom is, it seems only Bex, Celia, and Bex’s dad Ham know who the father is.

Though, to make things more interesting, Andi’s dad knows she exists! However, it isn’t because Bex told him but because Ham did. Adding a whole new layer to this mystery.


I really hope with how they are building up this whole, “Who is Andi’s dad?” thing, it pays off in the end. For never mind the fact Bex being so secretive about it has raised an eyebrow, but now learning she didn’t tell him she was pregnant? Plus, to add onto the drama, Ham making sure the dude knew he had a kid out there! I mean, it leads you to question if we may have already met Andi’s dad. If not Andi’s dad maybe being one of her friend’s parents. Though, I think I’m getting ahead of myself. For while Disney may be willing to admit people have sex before marriage, much less kids without there being a ring on it, I doubt they are going to full on go into soap opera territory.

But still, I’m hoping whoever is her dad is as interesting as Bex is and they don’t drag out this mystery until the last episode of the season.

Subplot 1: Meet Your Love Interest! (Buffy and Cyrus)

During Andi’s party, which is partly born from Bex trying to avoid the “Who is my father?” question, both Buffy and Cyrus find someone who may like them. For Cyrus, it is a girl named Iris, who apparently we’ll meet in the next episode, and for Buffy, it is this guy named Marty (Garren Stitt). Someone who matches sarcasm with sarcasm and tickles Buffy. No signs if he’ll be in the next episode though.


We sort of remain in limbo with Buffy as it still isn’t clear what her storyline is going to be. The preview for next week’s episode makes it seem her sister, cousin, rival, or what have you, is coming to their school, but as of this episode she remains the token black friend. Yet, for Cyrus, it seems that whole “Kid coming to terms with his sexuality” thing is coming up sooner than expected. For with the way he acts about it when Jonah notes him, Cyrus and the girls double dating, he doesn’t seem excited. Nor does he like the idea of it being called a date.  So, it should be interesting to see how far Disney is really willing to go when it comes to having a LGBT character who is part of the main cast and not just guest starring.

Notes Section

(Episode Title: Dancing in the Dark| #4)

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