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American Horror Story: Freak Show/ Episode 5 “Pink Cupcakes” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As Dandy takes over as town serial killer, Stanley and Dr. Bonham get people’s hopes up.

Trigger Warning(s): Dismemberment

Review (with Spoilers)

After the death of Twisty, unfortunately it seems “Pink Cupcakes” neither has American Horror Story: Freak Show plateau or continue to rise. For with the compelling villain gone, and a weak replacement in Dandy and Dell, so flies out quite a bit of intrigue. However, with Desiree becoming more vocal, Gabourey Sidibe making an appearance, and Elsa making a move against Dot and Bette, perhaps we shouldn’t give up on the season just yet.

Topic 1: The Possessive Boyfriend/ Husband – Dell & Desiree

As established when we met him, Dell doesn’t like sharing those he cares about. However, as was hinted at before, but now confirmed, not only is he possessive but he is also gay. For with the introduction of Andy, Dell’s mistress, we learn that whenever he is away from the big top he is off in the seediest of bars. All the while, Desiree drinks and when Jimmy approaches her to come to get ready for the show, she learns that despite thinking she is a hermaphrodite, in truth she is a woman with a large clitoris. Something Dr. Bonham can surgically change to the point of making it a less noticeable size. An idea Dell doesn’t seem to want for, as shown with Ethel, he likes his significant other with low self-esteem so he can maintain control.


Alongside Duke in Faking It, there seems to be an interesting look at homosexual closeted men who have jobs, or aspire to have careers, in something very hyper masculine. Though with Dell, I feel there isn’t as much depth given to the character to make the storyline interesting. For, while he is an undercover homosexual, he doesn’t really present any interesting angle to it. If anything, all we learn is that he is highly possessive in relationships and seems to like turning sex workers into his significant other.

Though, with Desiree leaving him, and knowing his past, you have to wonder what Dell’s next move is? I mean, he has broken Dr. Bonham’s hands to impede Desiree from getting cosmetic surgery, but will Dr. Bonham snitch? Much less, if he does, how will he? Will he call the cops and tarnish the freak show reputation, or will he just say Ethel and Desiree can’t see him anymore? Either way I think consequences should be expected for, if my memory serves me right, villains on this series rarely have happy endings.

Topic 2: Bloodstained Underwear – Dandy

After Dora’s death, and getting his mom to help bury her and cover up her murder [1], Dandy is ready to dedicate himself to murder once more. Though, unlike Twisty, it seems Dandy doesn’t necessarily have a type. He just wants to kill people who don’t have connections and can go missing. Someone like Andy.


As of now, I see Dandy being the underwear killer as just fan service. If just because, to me, there is nothing frightening or appealing about Dandy. He is spoiled little rich kid who, as his mother notes, is probably the product of what inbreeding does to the rich. Though, in my dreams, I envision Regina (Gabourey Sidibe) coming to Florida and perhaps shutting down the Mort madness.

Topic 3: I’m Going To Make You A Star – Stanley, Elsa, Bette and Dot

As Stanley makes his rounds, seeing who could fetch the highest price, he approaches Elsa, as well as Dot & Bette, about having their own TV shows. Something Elsa is against, at first, because she detest television, but with that same boring song from episode 1 leading to her being booed in front of a packed audience, she gives in. As for Bette & Dot, while it seemed they were going to join Stanley in his fake Hollywood world, what ends up happening is Elsa sells them to Mrs. Mort to likely keep all the attention to herself [2].


With this being Jessica Lange’s last season, I am both glad and sad. Happy because it seems her role on this show may have peaked with Fiona last season, but sad because her last season is going to be with Elsa. A character which, no matter how you cut it, is probably the worse one she played on the show. Almost to the point you have to wonder if her lack of panache is because not only is she tired of being on the show, but because she knew this is the character she would have to be.

As for the Stanley, Bette, and Dot situation, to be quite honest I find it hard to take interest. Stanley isn’t a compelling villain, no matter how much of an opportunist and con artist he is, and with Bette & Dot, the novelty has long ran out.

Leaving this show without any real interesting storyline to follow at all. An issue I think even Asylum didn’t succumb to.

Things to Note

  1. With Dora not calling her daughter Regina, she calls Mrs. Mort to see what is happening with her mother and, rather than tell the truth, Mrs. Mort lies about Dora’s mortality. In fact, she says that Dora is shopping and prepping for the holidays and maybe too busy for their weekly phone calls.
  2. Though, when Dot & Better first meet Stanley, it seems that he almost didn’t have to sell them the dream. For, in Dot’s foresight, she saw Stanley taking advantage of Bette’s naivety with poison. Thus leading to him not having to do a long con. However, with Dot stopping Bette from eating the Pink cupcake, she saves her sister and herself.

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