Alias Grace: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Part 3” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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We finally get a proper introduction, when it comes to meeting Nancy, and while peculiar, it is hard to not question why she died.

Keep Your Mouth Shut: Grace

With Mary’s death, and Ms. Parkinson knowing her son contributed to it, she wants to make sure Grace keeps her mouth shut. The last thing she needs is rumors swirling around about how her son impregnates the help and leaves them on their own. So, to keep Grace quiet, a raise and a promise of a letter of recommendation are given. But, while Ms. Parkinson is able to put the past behind her, the same can’t be said for George.

Be it guilt or just looking for something new to put himself in, he pesters Grace about talking. Including within the night. Which is what ultimately pushes Grace to leave.

The Kinnear Household: Nancy (Anna Paquin), McDermott (Kerr Logan), Mr. Kinnear (Paul Gross), Grace

It is by chance Grace comes upon Nancy. She was just walking into the dining area and that is when she is accosted. Nancy speaks of a life without a mistress but merely a master. Also, she speaks about a dollar raise. Add on Grace doesn’t desire the fate of Mary with George and she finds herself quickly accepting. Though with some warning from Nancy’s friend since she knows something but dares not speak ill of Nancy.

It becomes clear soon enough, however. Even if Mr. Kinnear and Nancy do not flaunt about, it is clear they are more than friendly. What isn’t clear though is whether McDermott, at one time or another, may have been friendly with Nancy as well? But now with Nancy having a rich man at her hem, McDermott has been set aside.

Either way, it seems McDermott now has his sights set on Grace and Nancy watches the girl carefully. In a friendly manner, yes, but also with caution. Mr. Kinnear seems taken with her, as do all the men who come about to the house, and this is worrisome.


A Proper Introduction

Nancy has haunted the first two episodes and we have been left to wonder what would lead to her death? Something not necessarily answered in this episode, but at least now the groundwork for proper theories can be made. For one, McDermott clearly has some relationship with Nancy that went awry for one reason or another. Alongside that, Nancy seemingly, while vocally missing the company of another woman, seemingly didn’t think about said woman usurping her. Be it taking compliments from her or the local male gaze.

Yet, there aren’t any signs of her being petty or cruel. To McDermott, yes, but even in that situation, it isn’t clear if he doesn’t deserve it. Considering his past is filled with debauchery and violence, who knows if she may have any former relationship with the man. It could just be in this picturesque life she’d prefer someone like the farm hand, Jamie (Stephen Joffe), than someone like McDermott. A person who is vulgar, for the times, and definitely a bit uncouth.

Together making the kind of pair you can see get into a tussle, but there remains the question of what was the final straw for either of them?

On The Fence

What Is Your Purpose Again Dr. Jordan?

While Grace may narrate, there was a time when Dr. Jordan was our medium. The person who we saw Grace through. However, with most of the story set in the past, arguably Dr. Jordan hasn’t been of much help deciphering a thing anymore. In this episode, in particular, he isn’t good for much besides providing us a quick recap before his session with Grace. Leading me to wonder, as Grace speaks as if her conversations with Dr. Jordan have long happened, will his prominence return at the end of the season?

What's Your Take?

Negative Mixed Positive

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