Alexa and Katie in therapy together.
Alexa: We were young and naive back then.

As junior year begins, Alexa & Katie find college casting a dark cloud over their lives and friendship.

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As junior year begins, Alexa & Katie find college casting a dark cloud over their lives and friendship.

Directed By Trevor Kirschner
Written By Heather Wordham
Aired (Netflix) 12/30/2019
Introduced This Episode
Dr. Corts Constance Marie

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

One Down, One To Go, And More Reasons To Celebrate: Lori, Dave, Jennifer, Lucas

Lori and Dave have their 20th anniversary the same day Lucas was supposed to move out. However, thanks to him destroying his dorm room with multiple fires and releasing the water from a water bed, that doesn’t happen. Then to make matters worse, Jennifer drinks the wine Dave planned for his anniversary dinner and Lucas comes home just in time to eat the meal.

Too Much Too Soon: Dr. Corts, Alexa, Katie

Dr. Corts (Constance Marie) providing therapy to Alexa and Katie.
Dr. Corts (Constance Marie)

You and I both know Katie is easily wound up. However, when she has some form of control and assurance, she can breathe easy. College is not something that allows her to breathe easy due to the cost, getting in, and a litany of other things. Thus this has an adverse effect on Alexa since she too is dealing with some college anxiety, but mostly in the form of trying to avoid her college essay, as everyone says it should be, being about having cancer.

So they bring in Dr. Corts to help them deal with their individual issues, and how that has spawned a fight between them. Leading to a simple set of answers that help set them on the path to being a team against the world. One in which Alexa looks for scholarships for Katie and Katie comes up with essay ideas for Alexa.

Plot Synopsis (The Too Long, Didn’t Read Recap)

  1. Katie finds herself freaking out about college coming up due to the costs involved and the possibility of being separated from Alexa. Someone who wants to avoid cancer defining her.
  2. It’s Dave and Lori’s 20th anniversary.
  3. Lucas gets kicked out of his dorm so we won’t be missing him from the house.
  4. The episode acknowledges the time jump and that Alexa has more good check-ups, Lucas and Gwenny broke up, Ryan and Katie stayed together, and that Alexa and Dylan are friends.

Review/ Commentary


Talking About Junior Year Anxiety

Katie taking note the things she could've done if she didn't go out for lunch.
Katie: I could’ve met my guidance counselor.

While “Alexa & Katie” doesn’t necessarily dive deep into any of its various subject matters, it does make clear that while this is a comedy, that doesn’t make it can’t convey its topic as serious. We saw that with how it handled cancer, and it has dabbled when it comes to Katie and Jake’s relationship with their father. The way it handles the anxiety which comes from college anticipation is no different.

Plus, it builds off the long-held issues that Katie’s family has had with money. Making it so, assuming this show ends in its third season like most Netflix programs, what we’ll see is a culmination of established storylines.

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