With heads freshly shaven, the girls need some wigs and with that comes a bit of insecurity.

Director(s) Andy Cadiff
Writer(s) Heather Wordham
Air Date 3/23/2018
Actors Introduced
Hannah Merit Leighton

Someone Broke The Blender: Katie, Alexa

As made clear, Alexa is the bold one and Katie is usually the one trying to hold her back. Yet, with Alexa losing her hair, things flipped and call Alexa impressed. But more so she is thankful for the one time Alexa faltered in being the brave one, Katie stepped up.


Alexa taking note how weird it is to see her and Katie bald.

It isn’t made clear when Alexa got Leukemia, be it the beginning of the summer or earlier, but you really do have to take note how down for it all Katie has been. She showed up to chemo, shaved her head, while the rest of Alexa’s family rather do a 10k run, and is truly best friend goals. And mind you, she is freaking out all the time because now she has this bright wig that doesn’t allow her to blend in the background. Making you wonder, with school officially beginning for the girls this episode, does that mean a serious change?

Physical Insecurity: Alexa, Dave

While everyone is either cool or not freaking out about Alexa being bald, Dave utterly avoids the topic, as he seemingly does talking about Alexa’s cancer. But her being bald especially causes issues because he gets weirder than normal, thus hurting Alexa’s feelings. Something he apologizes for, but surely his actions still sting.


Dave talking with Alexa and apologizing for his behavior.

Dave being a sort of absentee father formerly was explained by him being a pilot. So, whether for an airline or military, it would make sense him not being around much. However, with the way he reacted to Alexa, I’m beginning to think he didn’t want to be around for her being sick as well. Especially since, the way it seems, conflict and hard times, those aren’t Dave’s things. He wants to be liked and for things to be easy so being presented with the idea your daughter’s life is threatened probably bothered the hell out of him.

I mean, why else would he, someone who we heard has a job but doesn’t seem like he has an assignment, didn’t show up for his daughter’s chemo appointment? Much less freaked out so bad about her hair. It seems he thought he dodged the major stuff but then got reminded it is still ongoing and maybe getting a little bit worse.

Financial Insecurity: Alexa, Katie, Jennifer

With Jennifer being a single mother, for reasons not yet revealed, it seems the only help she sometimes gets is from her kids’ grandpa. Outside of that, it is all on her. Which becomes glaringly obvious when a $300 wig becomes a big issue for Katie to purchase while Alexa sort of hunches it off. Pushing the idea that money isn’t just raining from the clouds in Jennifer’s household. However, with two parents, who seemingly both have good jobs, things are fine and dandy in Alexa’s.


Alexa noting she didn't realize the costs of the wigs.

There are so many questions to be asked about Jennifer’s finances. She lives in the same kind of house as Lori’s family but has one less income. How in the world is she affording that? Is she affording it? For while I won’t pretend $300 isn’t a lot of money, there is the question of why wasn’t grandpa, who can pay for a game for Jack, involved? Much less other members of Jennifer’s family? Is she the type too proud to ask or has already asked enough and doesn’t wish to ask for more?

Considering the way Alexa is similar to her parents, well mom, and Lori is like her mom, it makes you wonder if that patterns exists also on Katie’s side. Thus revealing more about the character than is verbalized.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Jennifer is going to night school.
  • The girls go to Kennedy High School.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was up with Lori and Jennifer being rude to the pizza guy and the woman from the credit card company? I get they were embarrassed by why pull a full white woman upset about store policy moment?

Miscellaneous Commentary

Dave and Lori’s Relationship

Honestly, with the way Lori talks about Dave, while a part of me wants to say she is probably joking as she makes snide comments about him, what if she isn’t? What is she is with Dave because they have kids and seeing how Jennifer struggles, she doesn’t want that? Maybe even because Alexa needs both of them making it so why she stays. For while she doesn’t seem to hate Dave, there is this certain vibe of them being on auto-pilot that raises an eyebrow.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs


  1. Katie’s family not having globs of money showing some sense of normalcy. As well as Jennifer’s single mom life being
  2. It felt a bit more clear why the dad is so absent-minded and unaware what is going on with his kids – he doesn’t want to hear or deal with anything negative.

Low Points

  1. Hannah being so dumb.

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