Alexa & Katie: Season 1/ Episode 11 “Secret Sleepover” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

It’s decision-making time! Three major decisions – well one real major and two major for the moment, are made.

Director(s) Katy Garretson
Writer(s) Nancy Cohen
Air Date 3/23/2018
Actors Introduced
Cyndi Mimi Cozzens

Lucas Makes His Decision: Lucas, Lori, Alexa, Dave

With Lucas being a junior, it is the perfect time to do a college tour. Which also means leaving Alexa alone but, alone at Jennifer’s house. Somewhere that, naturally, Alexa isn’t going to stay at. But, focusing on Lucas, with him, as a kid, saying he was going to go to the air force academy, that is where Dave and Lori are taking him. However, they end up learning he’d rather become an oncologist than an airline pilot. Especially after seeing what happened with Alexa.

Making it so, if he gets his grades up, there might just be a doctor in the family.


Lucas telling Dave he wants to be an oncologist.

Few things, how far is this academy if they could leave one day by plane and be back the next? Also, does it bother anyone else how money seriously isn’t a thing for this family? All things considered, did Lori really need to come to this? Wouldn’t this be more so a daddy and me kind of thing? Especially considering this is something Dave was invested in? But I guess when you got disposable income like that, a vacation is a vacation. Even if it is barely for a full day.

Katie Makes Her Decision: Katie, Ryan, Alexa, Jack, Jennifer

Well, with the parents and Lucas away, and Alexa not necessarily being a big people person, rather than have a party she just plans a sleepover. One which gets interrupted by Jack warning Jennifer is coming, Lucas popping up, and also Ryan. Someone who, with a full marching band, blowing Katie and Alexa’s cover, asks Katie to the winter formal and gets a no. Seemingly because she just sees him as a friend plus, while sweet, he was holding a drum.


Ryan asking Katie to the winter formal.

I don’t believe she said no. A part of me wants to appreciate she didn’t do the predictable choice, but Ryan is such a sweetheart. Yet, having the basics down shouldn’t be enough… Needless to say I’m torn. But I guess that kiss wasn’t as good as it seemed or maybe Katie’s fantasy of being with Lucas is too strong to consider other guys. Though with Alexa showing she can change her mind, and Katie the type to follow Alexa’s lead, maybe Ryan may get another chance?

Alexa Makes Her Decision: Alexa, Dylan, Jack

Despite Alexa trying to outright avoid Dylan, there is this desire to know why she said no directly. Also, despite her trying to cancel their tutoring session, Lori outright said she didn’t cancel it so it is on – no excuses. So, he shows up and things are awkward. Especially when Jack discovers Dylan’s cell phone and discovers Cyndi.

Someone who Alexa low-key freaks about only to find out she isn’t another girl. She is a woman, a woman old enough to be Dylan’s grandma. But, with her stalking him a bit, and really thinking about it, she decides to change her mind and see if Dylan still wants to go to the formal together.


Alexa admitting to herself that she liked Dylan.

It seemed odd she didn’t confront the main thing keeping her from saying yes: Whether or not she was asked out due to pity. An idea which isn’t necessarily terrible because Dylan is her brother’s best friend and maybe this is his gift to her. After all, he didn’t shave his head, didn’t spend time with her in chemo, and made visiting her seem like a chore. So a nice guy asking her to her first dance, it isn’t a terrible thing to ask. Plus, depending on whether Lucas is the protective type, he knows Dylan isn’t going to do anything.

But, that idea aside, with the way this show works, I fully expect Dylan to say something stupid and ruin, or nearly ruin the dance possibility.


  1. Lucas showing he has some kind of aspirations for his life.
  2. Alexa asking Dylan to the winter formal and maybe Katie following suit and asking Ryan later.

On The Fence

  1. The amount of privilege Alexa’s family has.

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