In an episode that leaves us on an unexpected cliffhanger, a wife finds herself dealing with a future ex-husband who throws the weight of his money and connections to ruin her.

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In an episode that leaves us on an unexpected cliffhanger, a wife finds herself dealing with a future ex-husband who throws the weight of his money and connections to ruin her.

Aired (FOX) April 12, 2023
Director(s) Milan Cheylov
Writer(s) Zakiyyah Alexander
Newly Noted Characters
Kashir James Udom
Jason Christopher Gorham
Morgan Meaghan Rath
Ari Asher Waxman
Eric Kyle Mac
Regina Hanneke Talbot


This content contains pertinent spoilers.

My Marriage Was Dying Anyway – Kashir, Jason, Morgan, Ari

While there was a time when Morgan and Jason were happy, it seems that was when he had all the power, was the sole breadwinner, and maybe before they had their son, Ari. Now, with her back-to-work teaching, Ari at least in middle school, and Jason focused more on being a provider than a present figure, Morgan is unhappy.

Enter a substitute teacher named Kashir, who says the right things, is liked by Ari, and seduces Morgan, and it leads to Morgan pulling the trigger on her marriage to Jason’s shock and ire.

I Always Get What I Want – Kashir, Jason, Morgan, Ari, Eric

Eric (Kyle Mac)
“Eric (Kyle Mac),” Accused, “Morgan’s Story,” directed by Milan Cheylov, 2023, (FOX)

Jason doesn’t take the divorce well, but there was a time he was going to let things end amicably, especially since he just wanted to be a better father than he grew up with. However, once he learns of Kashir, that becomes an afterthought, and he wants war. Mind you, one that can’t even be pyrrhic because Jason is such an absent figure in Ari’s life, all he has is his money to prop his desire for full custody.

Enter Eric, Jason’s brother, who is a cop, who he plans to use to tarnish Morgan’s name and get him the upper hand.

The Stupid Things Men Do For Love – Kashir, Jason, Morgan, Ari, Eric, Regina

Regina (Hanneke Talbot)
“Regina (Hanneke Talbot),” Accused, “Morgan’s Story,” directed by Milan Cheylov, 2023, (FOX)

So the plan was to use Eric’s informant to plant drugs on Morgan, paint the picture she has been doing that since Jason stopped supporting her, and with that, not only does Jason get custody, but Morgan could go to jail and lose her ability to teach. This KO punch could also lead to Kashir leaving her and maybe Morgan crawling back to Jason, thus allowing him to regain some sense of power.

However, it all blows up in Jason’s face, but only with Eric, and his wife Regina, as collateral damage. As it becomes clear that the witness doesn’t know what he is talking about and something fishy is going on, the judge dismisses the case, and Eric’s career goes into the toilet. Which for Regina means one less income in her household and less resources for her shared child with Eric.

But things don’t end there. The episode concludes with Eric still at it and now damn near appearing like if he can’t get his son legally, he may kidnap him.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will Regina snitch on Jason so that, if her husband goes down, he goes down with him?
  2. What was Regina and Morgan’s relationship like?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I could fully imagine either Jason kidnapping Ari or trying to compete through his money and, when Ari is older, trying to have him choose him because of all the experiences he can afford him


Notable Performances or Moments

There Wasn’t A Real Resolution

Jason (Christopher Gorham) at this desk
“Jason (Christopher Gorham),” Accused, “Morgan’s Story,” directed by Milan Cheylov, 2023, (FOX)

When this episode ended, Jason was not in jail or the least bit of trouble. He was still a millionaire, stalking and potentially harassing Morgan, just moving a bit more carefully due to suffering a notable loss. This leaves you to wonder if they may pick up on this story in season 2 or if this will be like Whitney Cummings’ episode where there is no resolution or justice. You’ll just have to accept everyone doesn’t get their comeuppance.

On The Fence

It All Goes By In A Flash

No one wants an episode that goes at a snail’s pace, but I gotta say, the way this episode sped through the divorce proceedings, Morgan and Kashir getting together, and the court case, it felt off. Mind you, each episode crams a lot of story into 40-some-odd minutes, but this one seemed to especially want to just fill an episode order.

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Jason (Christopher Gorham)
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There Wasn’t A Real Resolution
It All Goes By In A Flash

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