As Christopher preps for his first dance and May’s boyfriend is put in a dangerous position, Maddie and Chim are just hoping to find a place big enough and affordable.

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As Christopher preps for his first dance and May’s boyfriend is put in a dangerous position, Maddie and Chim are just hoping to find a place big enough and affordable.

Aired (FOX) 11/14/2022
Episode Title What’s Your Fantasy
Director(s) Marita Grabiak
Writer(s) Andrew Meyers

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Two-Year-Olds Need Space – Chim, Maddie

With Jee-Yun now two, there is a desire for her to have her own room and space. The problem is Los Angeles, and its surrounding areas are expensive. Chim is a firefighter, Maddie a 9-1-1 operator, and that makes it so a house is either the size of their apartment or completely inappropriate to live in with a two-year-old. So, it seems that the two will bide their time and try to figure out how to make their living space better for their daughter.

Christopher’s First Dance – Eddie, Christopher, Carla

As Christopher makes an upcoming school dance seem notable, Eddie and Carla question if it is because of a girl. Note, neither see one waiting for Christopher or him waiting for one, as they drop him off and make sure he gets inside, but they are willing to wait till the dance is over to see if anything happens.

Are There Any Incels In The House? – May, Darius

Darius returns, and with him having issues with his parents, he finds himself in the same house as an incel. One who May rubs the wrong way, and despite her trying to be nice, he’s an ass. So when she picks up his notebook and finds that he is planning an attack, she tries to warn Darius, but the incel grabs him first. This leads to May having to use her 9-1-1 operator skills to delay the incel long enough for her mom to rescue Darius.

Ultimately leading to May and Darius growing closer and him, maybe, staying either with May or her parents.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. You think Darius may move in with May?
  2. How are we at the fall finale already?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Buck, Maddie, and Chim move in together, with Buck saying he wants to move since he has made enough memories in his apartment, and all those memories deal with exes



Still Following Up With Cases

While we don’t mention any of the rescues, that doesn’t mean we weren’t happy to see the sisters after the bee sting attack or the freaky couple who wanted to have sex on a fire truck. It’s just, as cute as they are, or spicy, it isn’t worth recapping. It’s worth noting, in terms of this following-up seemingly becoming part of the show’s formula, but the individual cases don’t need to be noted since they still fit into the ho-hum way things are done.

Personal Check-Ins and Development

From Maddie and Chim looking to buy a home to Eddie seeing Chris grow up and maybe have his first dance with a girl, we got some nice little check-ins and reminders that these are normal people. They can’t afford a home in California, like so many, and Eddie, like many parents with a kid who has a different life ahead of them, is both happy to see them do something the average kid does, while wondering how they will handle a world, and the people in it, who may not be accommodating.

Understanding How Incels Are Made

Let me be clear, this episode doesn’t explain how incels are made, but I do wonder if when people are afraid of their children learning the truth about American history and racism, is the incel we meet who they believe their kids will become? Someone who thinks the world is so unfair to them that they’d rather harm many people than deal with their own stuff and try to make the world a better place?

Just a thought.

Athena with her gun drawn
9-1-1: Season 6/ Episode 8 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
From personal development to characters looking to close chapters of their lives, “What’s Your Fantasy” is all about trying to imagine a better reality, and many seem to be on their way.
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Still Following Up With Cases
Personal Check-Ins and Development
Understanding How Incels Are Made

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