In “Cursed,” again, “9-1-1” circumvents its usual formula by focusing on just one victim, with the worst bad luck.

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In “Cursed,” again, “9-1-1” circumvents its usual formula by focusing on just one victim, with the worst bad luck.

Aired (FOX) 11/7/2022
Episode Title Cursed
Director(s) James Wong
Writer(s) Taylor Wong
Introduced This Episode
Felisa Natalee Linez
Alexis Cherami Leigh

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Felisa Valdez, at one time, was a notable actress. However, after blowing up her career a bit with DUIs, among other things, all she has now is her assistant, Alexis. Someone who found a way to extract thousands of dollars from Felisa by conning her. Yet, because Alexis has been through it all with Felisa, she forgives her. This is despite her con, buying a bracelet from an imitation jewelry site, costing her thousands of dollars and leading to multiple near-death experiences.

Alexis (Cherami Leigh) holding the bracelet she used to scam Felisa
“Alexis (Cherami Leigh) holding the bracelet she used to scam Felisa,” 9-1-1, “Cursed,” directed by James Wong, 2022, (FOX)

All of which Eddie, Chim, and Hen, who has newly returned, find themselves a part of, and with questioning if Felisa is cursed, as she thinks she is, it leads to various discussions on the possibility of curses existing. Due to his grandmother being conned by a grifter, Eddie doesn’t believe in curses, but everyone else is a bit superstitious. But in the end, he turns out right.

And as Felisa is dealing with having the worst luck, Buck is too. He has been waiting weeks to donate his sperm, and it’s starting to get rough with him trying to do everything right, including eating healthy and not ejaculating. In fact, because of all the issues with his appointments getting cancelled, Connor and Kameron fear he may back out. However, by the end of the episode, he is finally able to donate his sperm and get some much-needed relief.

Things To Note

  1. It has been three years since Eddie’s wife died and 2 and a half years since the tsunami, according to Eddie.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who was Christopher playing with at the beach?
  2. How did Eddie get Felisa’s contact information for them to meet up at the beach and is that considered proper?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Isn’t Lucy overdue to comeback? Shouldn’t she and Buck have started something by now?



Keep Switching Things Up

Focusing on one victim or guest character throughout an entire episode isn’t unheard of on “9-1-1” but is very rare. It’s done maybe once or twice a season, and considering each season is usually 18+ episodes, that isn’t too often. But, it shakes things up nicely as we get to actually know someone, like Felisa, to the point you are pushed to wonder if they might become a consistent figure.

Felisa Valdez (Natalee Linez) noting Alexis is all she has
“Felisa Valdez (Natalee Linez) noting Alexis is all she has,” 9-1-1, “Cursed,” directed by James Wong, 2022, (FOX)

After all, Eddie seemed invested enough to talk to her privately at the beach, try to give her advice, and relate to her, so who knows what could happen? He and Buck are overdue to find someone again, and while there weren’t necessarily sparks flying, outside of when Felisa had to be freed from a chandelier that fell on her, Natalee Linez could bring something interesting to “9-1-1.” Especially if they dive into Felisa’s downfall and becoming distant from everyone in her life but Alexis.

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Felisa (Natalee Linez) holding what is originally thought to be a cursed bracelet
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Keep Switching Things Up

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