As Buck develops a new relationship, filing taxes might push Maddie and Chim to reach their relationship’s next stage.

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As Buck develops a new relationship, filing taxes might push Maddie and Chim to reach their relationship’s next stage.

Aired (FOX) April 24, 2023
Director(s) Greg Sirota
Writer(s) Taylor Wong
Newly Noted Characters
Dominic Dawson Walter Belenky
Natalia Annelise Cepero
Previously Noted Characters
Athena Angela Bassett
Buck Oliver Stark
Eddie Ryan Guzman
Christopher Gavin McHugh
Maddie Jennifer Love Hewitt
Chim Kenneth Choi

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Part of the reason behind the episode’s title, “Death and Taxes,” stems from Athena arresting a man named Dominic Dawson. He fakes his death to get away with embezzling from a non-profit, only to actually die when he is finally caught and barely finished being arrested. Also, Buck meetings a young woman, Natalia, during a rescue who is a death doula that seems rather interested in him. Eddie warns him about dating someone they’ve rescued, but Buck thinks this is something different and appears willing to pursue her.

Now, as for Eddie and his dating life? There are no signs his tia has set him up with someone new, never mind Vanessa. But, with Christopher reeling because of the loss of his mom, he has more than enough to distract him.

Switching to the tax end, Maddie and Chim get audited! Why? Because both claimed head of household and also their daughter. There seems to be a few other things but by the end of the episode, they relent and pay a professional. Someone who advises Chim and Maddie to get married, for that would save them not only a lot of hassle but also thousands of dollars.

The thing is, though, getting married because of money isn’t romantic, and Maddie is a bit hesitant about the idea. But, while she is questioning how to approach the subject, Chim is ring shopping online.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. All this time together, and Maddie and Chim never had conversations about doing their taxes? Especially for people who did their own?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I expect a lowkey wedding between Chim and Maddie with only Buck and Hen attending, but the reception to be notable.
  2. A chance of Natalia sticking around and Buck trying to give Eddie sage advice just because he is in a relationship



Buck May Have A Girlfriend

While “9-1-1” has rarely made anyone dating, or their marriage, a hook for the show, considering Buck’s arc from a womanizer to someone who is just bad at being in relationships? Him finding someone he is comfortable with seems like a win. Granted, like Taylor, there is the possibility that this relationship can become exploitative, as Natalia sees or uses Buck to understand death and what the other side is like more.

However, there is hope that “9-1-1” won’t repeat itself and allow this relationship to progress.

Athena Was Given A Interesting Case

Dominic faking his death and going missing made it seem like Athena was going to get an extended story, as she has gotten at least once in the past. Now, unfortunately, that didn’t happen, as they rushed through the case, but just them teasing the possibility of her getting yet another multi-episode criminal, who could test her skills, maybe even get her in trouble, reminded us how underutilized Angela Bassett is. Especially since, a lot of the time, it feels like she has been demoted to Bobby’s wife.

On The Fence

The Chim x Maddie, When Will It Happen Plot

Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Chim (Kenneth Choi)
“Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Chim (Kenneth Choi),” 9-1-1, “Death and Taxes,” directed by Greg Sirota, 2023, (FOX)

There are 18 episodes in this season, and no one else is really building up to anything, so Chim and Maddie getting married in the finale makes sense. However, like Athena and Bobby’s relationship, I wouldn’t say them getting married or being a married couple is exciting. Yes, Maddie and Chim have been through a lot. But I have a hard time feeling like this is anything special. Like saving money on their taxes by getting married, these two staying together and settling down is more about convenience and avoiding difficult conversations and storylines more than anything.

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Athena (Angela Bassett)
9-1-1: Season 6/ Episode 15 “Death and Taxes” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
With a tease of what Athena once was, Buck potentially finding love, and a reminder of how love on this show is a mixed bag, “9-1-1” may not enter the final episodes of season 6 on a strong note, but it can be considered doing better than other long-running shows.
Buck May Have A Girlfriend
Athena Was Given A Interesting Case
The Chim x Maddie, When Will It Happen Plot

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