In one of the most intense episodes of 9-1-1not involving a natural disaster, a prison break happens.

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In one of the most intense episodes of 9-1-1not involving a natural disaster, a prison break happens.

Aired 11/1/2021
Network FOX
Directed By Paula Hunziker
Written By Andrew Meyers


A Prison Riot – Hen, Ravi, Buck, Bobby, Eddie

With a prison riot causing a fire, the 118 are called in and originally escorted to where the fire is. However, as the riot gets worse, their escort boils down to one and the danger heightens. This eventually leads to Buck and Eddie getting out with the escort while taking a guard into the ambulance with his injuries. But Hen, Ravi, and Bobby? Unfortunately, they get trapped inside as their person begins to have a seizure and needs surgery.

Luckily they make it into the infirmary, but with the prison doctor getting injured trying to close the door, it forces Hen to show she doesn’t just understand the theory but the actual practice of medicine. But, while that handles extending the life of the person who needed surgery, it doesn’t mean getting out of the prison is any easier.

Ravi offering to go turn the HVAC system on

That calls for Ravi to turn the HVAC system on, while dressed as a prisoner, and Bobby to find the laughing gas in the dentistry office, and have it go into the vents. Both accomplish their task but it seems clear Ravi is a bit shaken up, so after all is said and done, Bobby hangs out with him.

A Kidnapping – Buck, Eddie

Buck and Eddie get kidnapped by a man, and his associate, who is trying to get the mastermind behind all this to his son so that he can give him his heart.

A Life For A Life – Athena, Buck, Eddie, Captain Maynard

The problem is, despite the man being on death row, he can’t just give up his heart. Due to the laws of California, it is not an option, and despite Athena and Eddie wanting to advocate for this, Captain Maynard makes it seem like it is impossible. However, with a few calls, and the man killing himself, his son ends up getting his heart and Buck gets to go home to Taylor and Eddie to Christopher.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who watches Christopher when Eddie is working, again?

What Could Happen Next

  1. I feel that Buck’s relationship with Taylor could get an increase in focus considering we’re down a couple with Maddie and Chim out.



Knowing No One Was Going To Get Hurt, Yet Still Feeling Tension

You and I both know nothing was going to happen to anyone. However, there was a need to question what could happen to the guest stars? They were convicts and while Athena and the rest haven’t killed someone in a long time, it happens and they could have, like Eddie feared, gotten some collateral damage in there.

Again, not lethal kills of a main character, but enough of a knick to make a running gag of it. But, even with knowing nothing will happen to anyone, from Hen doing surgery to Ravi getting yelled at by a prisoner, you could suspend disbelief a little bit and feel the fear radiating through the kid. Then with Hen, while her doctor story has tapered off a bit, her doing a real surgery was exciting and her landing on her choice to be a surgeon was an unexpected step forward.

Now, does it make you wonder if she may get written off? Yes. But for now, she seems to be a valued member of the show and part of what makes it great. So here is hoping, even if we lose Maddie and Chim, OG Hen stays on board for a season or two longer.

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Hen realizing what's about to go down
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Trajectory: Plateau
Without a natural disaster or any notable sign a member of the 118 could get hurt, this episode surprisingly kept me on edge and glued to the monitor.
Knowing No One Was Going To Get Hurt, Yet Still Feeling Tension

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