9-1-1: Season 5/ Episode 13 “Fear-o-Phobia” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Buck and Maddie make it back to Los Angeles, and alongside all the surprises of what happened in their absence, they have a surprise for everyone as well.

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Chim noting everyone fell apart without him

Buck and Maddie make it back to Los Angeles, and alongside all the surprises of what happened in their absence, they have a surprise for everyone as well.

Aired 4/11/2022
Network FOX
Directed By Marcus Stokes
Written By Andrew Meyers, Juan Carlos Coto


You Trapped Me – Taylor, Lucy, Buck

Taylor confronting Buck about trapping her

Buck reveals to Taylor what happened with Lucy, and with her already moving in and giving up her place, she says that Buck trapped her. Now, does this cause animosity or break them up? Not necessarily. Taylor does get mad and stays away for a night, but afterwards, she and Buck talk it out, and it seems, with it just being a kiss and her knowing he has serious abandonment issues, they can move forward.

As for Buck and Lucy? Like a child who stole something from someone, Buck avoids locking eyes with Lucy and avoids any sort of conversation that could be had. He even gets very formal when talking to her.

Ending On Good Terms – Maddie, Chim, Buck, Hen, Albert

Maddie and Chim broke up. The way it is explained, between growing apart over those 6 months and growing into new people, they changed to the point that finding each other didn’t lead to a reconciliation.

This devastates Buck a bit, adding this to his grievances against Chim, but for Hen? Because she is married and has gone through things with her partner, she gets it. As for Albert? With him living with Chim, he witnesses all the awkward co-parenting going on and hasn’t really let go of the idea of Maddie being kin to him. Hence, he confides in Maddie about the challenges of being a firefighter that he didn’t expect.

Too Much Too Soon, Too Fast, Too Traumatic – Eddie, Buck, Christopher

Eddie is going through it. Without the distraction that comes from his adrenaline pumping, he is forced to really take account of everything he has been running from. This includes the recent reveal that of all the people who survived thanks to Eddie, when he was in the military, they died in ways that range from overdosing to suicide.

This is too much for Eddie to bear, and as his counselor warned him about, he snaps. Of course, this scares Christopher, who goes unharmed, but the same cannot be said for Eddie’s room. Which, upon Buck seeing it, has holes everywhere and Eddie on the floor sobbing, seemingly questioning his next move considering what the rest of his team has done.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So if Chim is living with Albert, where is Maddie? With Taylor moving in, she isn’t with Buck, so is she spending her last bit of money living in a hotel or motel?
  2. Was Pauline where Bobby was when he was going to end his life earlier in the series?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Chim and Maddie getting back together
  2. Eddie’s ex getting back in the picture

Collected Quote(s)

We grew apart, or we grew while we were apart.
— Maddie


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Taylor Calling Out Buck

While Taylor being forgiving does lighten the impact of what Buck did, there is no denying that Buck did trap Taylor and made it inconvenient for her to leave. Especially since, unlike Maddie, it doesn’t appear Taylor has a saving account to just up and leave. Never mind, with her being a local journalist, to just abandon her post suddenly would be potential career suicide. So here is hoping that, beyond understanding Buck’s abandonment issues, Taylor doesn’t just let this go easily.

Eddie’s Fears

Eddie having a breakdown

Most people run from things or find distractions. You could submit drinking is a common way since it is an activity that is “meant to take the edge off” and help you decompress. Traveling too. By getting away from everything, running off to a foreign country, and experiencing bits and pieces of a life unlike you’re on, you can find an overwhelming amount of distractions to avoid whatever in your life is unpleasant, unfulfilling, or you just want to avoid as long as possible.

However, being able to run or distract yourself can be a privilege. Some, like Eddie, who is dealing with a bit of PTSD, and survivor’s guilt, can’t run. I mean, could he drown himself in a bottle? Yeah, but with a son who needs him, that would just make him feel worse – becoming a drunk. So what escape is there beyond the thrills of rescue missions? It’s a lucrative crutch and gives Eddie the money he needs to raise his son and the distraction so he isn’t forced to deal with all those he hasn’t saved but rather prolonged the life of.

On The Fence

The Dissolution of Chim and Maddie’s Relationship

Conflict with 9-1-1 is an iffy thing. As shown, career-ending injuries are just dramatic moments, and when it comes to relationships? Outside of Buck going through a few girlfriends on his way to Taylor and Athena through a man or two, mostly everyone is in a stable relationship, despite any cheating that may have been done (remember Hen?).

So when it comes to Chim and Maddie, their ending on good terms is a change of pace for the show and makes you wonder what is next? Is this more so a break than a full-on break-up, as they learn to trust and love these people they have now become? Will they put Chim and Maddie’s love life on ice and just have them focus on co-parenting?

To be honest, with Chim and Maddie unemployed and them being in a state where the show could write them off and it mainly affecting how loyalists feel, they remain in this expendable state. One that doesn’t really push the idea of them getting back together being a high priority since neither has felt like a priority on this show in a long time.

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Chim noting everyone fell apart without him
9-1-1: Season 5/ Episode 13 “Fear-o-Phobia” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Mental health and the side effects of trauma on decision-making are explored, and while you have to applaud how Buck is called out and Eddie handled, for others? It leaves them just waiting for the writers to get invested, or reinvested, in their character.
Taylor Calling Out Buck
Eddie's Fears
The Dissolution of Chim and Maddie's Relationship

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