As it has done every season, 9-1-1 escalates the stakes by having the city hit with a major cyberattack and the man who attacked Athena on the loose.

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As it has done every season, 9-1-1 escalates the stakes by having the city hit with a major cyberattack and the man who attacked Athena on the loose.

Aired 9/20/2021
Network FOX
Directed By Bradley Buecker
Written By Tim Minear, Juan Carlos Coto
Newly Noted Characters
Lila Carly Nykanen


Anxiety and Depression – Maddie, Chim, Eddie, Anna, Christopher

Maddie is still dealing with some form of post-partum depression, and while she can get out of bed and is functioning, Chim does note she has been sleeping more and is still adjusting to her meds. But, Maddie isn’t alone with going through changes. It seems with Eddie and Anna getting close enough for him to be invited to family events and her growing close enough to Christopher for some to think she is his mom, he has a panic attack.

Yes, the man who is a veteran and often gives Buck a run for his money has a panic attack potentially over his relationship getting serious. But, considering how much he has pushed down to press on for the sake of his psyche and son, it seems he has reached capacity.

Apocalypse… Now! – Athena, Jeffrey, Lila

Remember Jeffrey? He was the rapist who got into an all-out fight with Athena and left her beat up and a little shook. Well, his trial finally comes, and it happens to be the same time a ransomware attack hits Los Angeles that allows him to escape.

Lila (Carly Nykanen) and Jeffrey in court
Lila (Carly Nykanen) and Jeffrey

Luckily, he is caught, but just as the detective plans to return him to custody, the woman who was his lawyer, that he fired, but seemingly has a thing for him, kills the detective. Mind you, this happens after Athena tells the rape victims they got Jeffrey, so this is only going to terrify them more. For now, on top of knowing he is out there and knowing their addresses, they will also become aware he is capable of murder, with multiple women willing to assist.

Meanwhile, At The Hospital – Buck, Eddie

With most electronics going haywire, and even the airport having issues, the 118 has had a hectic day, and to ease the stress on a hospital they deliver patients to, they pitch in. While that happens, Buck catches wind of Eddie’s panic attack and starts poking and prodding – which you know he doesn’t appreciate.

But, luckily for Eddie, with a helicopter crash landing on the roof, no one may think about what they overheard or Eddie being a little shaky.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

What Could Happen Next

  1. Knowing 911, someone’s life we know will be threatened but they will miraculously recover like nothing happened.



They Still Know How To Up The Ante

Athena noting how insane the day is

Five seasons in and 9-1-1 still got it! Though, as long said, the greater the high, the further the lows, and while 9-1-1 may know how to keep the action top-notch, I can’t say the same for the personal issues of its cast. For while Eddie is no longer a new character thrust upon us and quickly developed, his anxiety development isn’t necessarily clicking.

Granted, we always support showing people going through stuff which could help people identify what they are going through. However, it isn’t enough just to show it but pair it with a performance that gives it nuance. Otherwise, it’s less about adding layers to a character and more so a new coat of paint.

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