Buck looking towards someone in trouble
Buck looking towards someone in trouble

As to be expected from 9-1-1, no matter how dangerous things seem, everyone ends up okay. Well, all but one.

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As to be expected from 9-1-1, no matter how dangerous things seem, everyone ends up okay. Well, all but one.

Episode Name Survivors
Aired 5/24/2021
Network FOX
Directed By Robert M. Williams Jr.
Written By Kristen Reidel

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I Quit – Maddie, Sue, Chim

Maddie laying down at home after quitting her job.
Maddie laying down at home after quitting her job.

With post-partum depression in full swing, Maddie makes the drastic decision of quitting her job. Which Sue doesn’t seem to accept, for she’d rather Maddie talk to Chim first, but with her just telling Chim she quit, it seems this decision is final. But, the conversation surrounding the decision is only beginning.

Dangerous Situations Bring People Together – Bobby, Athena, Christopher, Buck, Taylor, Eddie

Despite how the last episode ended, Eddie ends up being okay without any major injury noted. However, taking note of how many times he has died thus far, he decides to change his will so that, if he does end up actually dying, Buck will be Christopher’s father. Which, yes, Buck thinks is strange, but Eddie’s argument is, he didn’t want his family raising Christopher before and surely wouldn’t in death, and Buck would guide his son as he would, so that’s that.

Though Buck may not raise him alone. For it seems the sniper situation brings a lot of people together. Taylor, as an example, finds herself admitting her feelings for Buck, and they become an official couple. Also, even though things seemed a bit on edge in the last episode, the sniper pushes Bobby and Athena to deal with their issues, and him getting caught up and nearly killed by the gunman helps heal old wounds.

Now, as for why this guy was killing firefighters? Well, because they saved an addict that ruined the sniper’s life and career. So the former cop now has a vendetta against the LAFD. But with Athena shooting him down, his reign of terror is over.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Albert has become a firefighter, and Nia makes an appearance
  2. With Maddie quitting the call center, does this mean an even bigger boost for May in the next season?

Commentary/ Review

All This Teasing For Nothing To Happen

I fully recognize that I need to stop expecting, sometimes hoping, for something bad to happen. Yet, you got to admit teasing main characters dying or getting irrevocably injured on such a consistent basis feels cheap when there are no long-term consequences. It makes all these grand feats that are done seem nonconsequential and makes it so you never truly have to worry about anything that happens. Someone gets shot, into a car accident, crushed by a fire truck, have something go through their skull? After a couple of months of physical therapy, it’ll be like it never happened – because physical therapy truly does wonders.

And mind you, you won’t hear anything about pain, mobility issues, or even people having an addiction to pain pills because these individuals are superhuman! Which, in the beginning, while annoying, you could suspend disbelief and just enjoy what was going on.

However, as you add in the marriage drama that is suddenly dropped, and this feel-good ending? It’s like the show wants to utterly ignore the realness of what it means to be a first responder in terms of the danger you put yourself in and the stress on their families to give a borderline recruitment series. One which always makes it a point to show you the job is worth it.

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Buck looking towards someone in trouble
9-1-1: Season 4/ Episode 14 [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
Trajectory: Decline
After season 2 or 3, what made 9-1-1 a quality show was its storylines and the relationships between characters. However, as much as you have to respect what Maddie is going through, it does seem 9-1-1 is starting to run out of steam and no natural disaster, terrorist, or momentous life event may keep it from the decline it is slowly on, but picking up speed.
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On The Fence
All This Teasing For Nothing To Happen

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