It’s Halloween on 9-1-1, and you know that means something freaky going down. Though, unlike past seasons, there are less shocks this time around.

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It’s Halloween on 9-1-1, and you know that means something freaky going down. Though, unlike past seasons, there are less shocks this time around.

Director(s) Tina Mabry
Writer(s) Christopher Monfette
Air Date 10/28/2019

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Not All Kids Deserve To Be Punished: Chim, Athena

During the day, Chim and the team come across some kids who were attacked by crows for pestering them. One even got picked at so much that they were bleeding in a notable way. Thus pushing the idea, for Chim specifically, that crows are scary.

But, while we get a dose of bad kids this Halloween, we also get some put in a rather unfortunate predicament. How? Well, their parents, two people who had nearly half a dozen kids, keep them in the basement, chained up, seemingly for religious reasons. Athena discovers them and, for reasons unknown to us, didn’t take any of the signs most would have to have called it in until she got to the basement and saw the kids.

You Can’t Help Them All: Tara, Maddie, Sue

Tara eventually catches onto Maddie stalking her, and as much as she did it for a good reason, Tara doesn’t appreciate being stalked, and the situation forces Sue’s hand. Thus, Maddie gets suspended, and on top of having to take an early psychological assessment, she is ordered into counseling. Which, despite some push back, she realizes it isn’t the worst idea.

Tara rejecting Maddie's help.

We Gotta Talk To Buck: Hen, Chim, Eddie, Bobby, Buck

Buck’s return doesn’t lead to as much contention as you may expect. Hen decides to welcome Buck in her own way with a piece of cake and a pat on the back. Chim? Well, being that he still remembers his early days, he doesn’t give Buck a hard time either. In fact, he provides encouragement as Bobby punishes him a bit.

Though, when it comes to the cold shoulder, it doesn’t last long. Despite how upset Eddie was about his business being put out there, and how team focused he is, he gives Buck a second chance within days of him returning. As for Bobby? Same goes for him.

At first, he isn’t fond of Buck coming back and is a bit callous towards him and punishes him in the realm of what he can do without getting in trouble. However, after one night, and Buck rescuing someone when off duty, all is forgiven.



The Desire For Follow Up On Those Kids

Mind you, I’m not talking about the kids attacked by the crows, they deserve to be stalked for months. I’m talking about the kids who were locked up in the basement. That is the kind of story you wish the show would follow a bit. Even if, like with Hen watching television and hearing about what happened, just something like that to tip a hat that things are better.

On The Fence

As Usual, The Recovery Is Quick And Swift

Buck and Bobby making amends.

When it comes to conflict or medical issues, it has been well established that 9-1-1 does not believe in dragging things out. Things are no different when it comes to Buck. Despite him suing the city, alongside Bobby, and dragging in everyone’s dirt, and making their business known amongst the city and force, all is forgiven. Seemingly within a few days.

Though, let’s be real, while Buck signed a million and one waivers, we do live in a day and age where if he made a stink about not getting to work, he could make Bobby’s life hell. Lest we forget, while it isn’t played up much, Buck has been on camera, multiple times, and shown as a hero. So considering how this all blew over, Bobby might want to consider himself lucky things didn’t get worse.

Tara’s Storyline

Here is the thing, we just got through Maddie’s storyline, which left Chim injured, for the second time, and included a giant chase through the woods with guns involved. Now, is there value in showing something a bit more lowkey? Yes. However, there is the need to ask, considering Maddie’s suspension, was this storyline just to set up her dealing with her issues, and now Tara is going to be tossed aside?

Also, considering all that other characters have been through, what made Maddie’s story so special? Or is it just, considering how they want to take things slow between her and Chim, and still not really give him a storyline, that had to come up with something to beef her up a bit? Especially since she replaced Abby in giving us a look at the role 911 operators play?


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