9-1-1: Season 3, Episode 4 “Triggers” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Buck shocked by what he just heard.

From Maddie triggered by a domestic call to Chim and Hen taking note of kids they save, and Buck hearing the worst thing imaginable, this episode isn’t called “Triggers” for nothing.

From Maddie triggered by a domestic call to Chim and Hen taking note of kids they save, and Buck hearing the worst thing imaginable, this episode isn’t called “Triggers” for nothing.

Director(s) Joaquin Sedillo
Writer(s) David Fury, Christopher Monfette, Tonya Kong
Air Date 10/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Jesse Jonny Berryman
Camden Aiden Berryman
Judith Paula Jai Parker
Chase Mackey Jordan Belfi
Vincent Scott Speiser
Terra Ellen Hollman

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Childhood Trauma: Eddie, Lena, Christopher, Hen, Karen, Jesse, Camden, Judith, Danny, Athena

Hen and Karen know they want more kids, but with watching their son and Athena’s argue and fight over a Nintendo Switch, Hen questions the idea a little bit. Mostly due to her being an only child and worrying how Danny may react. Leading to her seeing having a mixed reaction.

On the one hand, she sees these two sisters who, at 40+ years of age, are as petty and ignorant as children. Yet, on the other, she has these two brothers, Jesse, and Camden who, when their mom is knocked out, and their SUV hanging off a cliff, come together and give Hen hope. Thus solidifying her position and pushing away her fears.

But it isn’t just Hen dealing with fears. Christopher is still trying to deal with being part of that tsunami and even his mother’s death. And it seems, despite Buck’s efforts, he saw something, and with all the dead bodies he saw, it has triggered memories of his mother and being that he didn’t want to make his dad sad, he kept things to himself.

However, with some advice from Lena, who lost her dad, Eddie finds a way to break through and help Christopher handle his emotions.

You Move Forward But Never Fully Move On: Maddie, Chim, Vincent, Terra

Another person triggered during the Camden, Judith, and Jesse rescue is Chim. It reminds him of when his mother was dying of cancer and how he has long pushed down those feelings. This relates to Maddie since, with being a 911 operator, she gets some disturbing calls. However, Terra’s is probably the most disturbing, for it reminds her of when she was in an abusive relationship.

Thus leading to Maddie, since she doesn’t want to call the cops and make things worse, stalk Terra and her husband Vincent, and seemingly she is going to integrate herself into Terra’s life. Likely to help her get the courage to leave. Which, one day, she might tell Chim, who wants them to be more open, but it won’t be any time soon.

Bite The Hand That Fed You: Buck, Bobby, Chase, Lena

Light duty for Buck means becoming a fire marshall. A job which is okay, for now, but when Bobby makes it clear he is the one who put him on light duty, he is hurt. Especially since Buck feels like he might be getting replaced by Lena.

So, after being called in to talk to a lawyer, Chase Mackey, after a fire drill Bobby and his crew participated in, he doesn’t decide to testify against them but instead sue them. All in an effort to get his job back and possibly risk being blackballed and all the ill will which will come if he wins.



Buck’s Lawsuit Makes Things Interesting

At this point, we know nothing bad is physically going to happen to anyone. However, this lawsuit does lead you to question who would win between Buck and Bobby? Much less, with Hen talking about how Buck didn’t have much when he lost his job, imagine how his life will be when he lost his team and only has sister, who is dating one of his former teammates.

I don’t know about you, but this is the most interesting kind of drama we’ve seen on this show since Athena was dealing with her husband being gay, dating, and she was handcuffed to a bed looking like a fool.

Chase Mackey (Jordan Belfi) counseling Buck.
Chase Mackey (Jordan Belfi)

Refocusing On The Personal Lives

Shows that are procedural like this, The Good Doctor, and so many more, are at its best when patients trigger something. For whether they are one and done like Jesse, Camden, and Judith, or will stick around for a while, like Vincent and Terra (per Hollman’s Instagram), it adds value to them. It makes you think they could come back and mean something, rather than being time fillers. Especially since it isn’t like most are given that shining moment where you feel the need to know their name since their performances were just out of this world.

So here is hoping we get more triggers, or people they relate to, if not, at the very least, guest stars who bring out something from our lead actors.

Talking About The Process For Karen To Get Pregnant

With that said, I’m very interested in this Karen getting pregnant storyline. Mostly just the process and the representation of two women, Black women at that, going through trying to get pregnant. Also, throw in Karen isn’t a spring chicken, and it should be quite the display of what women go through to have a child.


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