TV Series 9-1-1: Season 3, Episode 3 “Searchers” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

9-1-1: Season 3, Episode 3 “Searchers” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

The tsunami arc comes to an end, with an explosion, someone losing an arm, and the fate of Christopher.

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Director(s)Chad Lowe
Writer(s)David Fury
Air Date10/7/2019
Introduced This Episode
Captain CooperLeonard Roberts

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Too Stubborn To Die: Captain Cooper, Lena, Athena, Eddie

After helping people survive the Ferris wheel, Lena is coerced to seek medical attention for a broken rib with Eddie as her escort. However, she doesn’t want to get medical treatment, for she is worried about her captain, Captain Ronnie Cooper. Someone who she paints the picture of being the Bobby to her Buck.

Making her very lucky her captain is alive. Mind you, pinned under a car and had his arm amputated by Athena, who we don’t know to have any medical training, but he is alive.

Captain Ronnie Cooper (Leonard Roberts) identifying himself.
Captain Ronnie Cooper (Leonard Roberts)

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. Is it wrong to wonder how Lena and Eddie’s relationship may evolve?

Not All Victims Were Physically Touched By Water: Bobby, Maddie, Hen

Thanks to Maddie, over 17 people didn’t die from carbon monoxide poisoning in a building not too far from the show. However, it is thanks to a combination of Bobby and Hen for noticing a downed tanker and an electrical source which could cause a fire that kept more than 2 people from dying.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. I don’t know much about explosions but, taking note shrapnel and heat, anyone else felt a bit underwhelmed when it did explode?

It’s Not A Fail If You Still Try: Christopher, Eddie, Buck

Despite losing Christopher, with him being found, at the end of the episode, Eddie isn’t even mad at Buck. In fact, he is happy that Buck never gave up on looking for Christopher. So with that in mind, and also Buck not asking for money to watch Christopher, or presenting him any sort of headache, Buck gets to remain on Eddie’s babysitting list.



Has Eddie Made A New Friend?

Let’s assume Ronda Rousey is sticking around for a while, it makes you wonder what her and Eddie’s relationship will be? Not to paint the picture that anytime a woman is introduced, they have to be paired up but, would that be so bad? Eddie is a widow, could use someone rough and tumble, or at the very least a friend who gets what he goes through on a regular basis. Which isn’t to put down Buck or Eddie’s co-workers, but things just feel slightly hands-off with them. Like he wants to keep things professional so if something goes down, he’ll think with his head and not his heart, you know?

Though maybe, after the writers rushing in a back story, and then suddenly backing off, that’s just the vibe I get?

Eddie Still Trusting Buck With His Son

Eddie thanking Buck for never stopping his search for Christopher.
Eddie: Thank you for not giving up.

Between Christopher having cerebral palsy, and recently losing his mother, you can imagine Eddie being fiercely protective over his son. So for him to bring him back to Buck, after all that happened, and joke about what went down previously, that says something. For as much as I may see Eddie as reserved, Christopher is what keeps him going through all he has been through. So for him to recognize Buck as someone who will as fiercely protect his son as he would, how can you not get teary-eyed?

On The Fence

The Question Of How Can This Show Keep Up The Ante Remains

This will probably be a consistent topic/ issue as the show goes on for while its good for the numbers to start off with something so big and showy, there comes to problem of how can a show follow that? Much less, considering how Buck didn’t lose a limb when a fire truck landed on his leg, Chimney survived the rebar and the other things I’ve mentioned many times before, how are we supposed to believe any threat to the cast is real?

Anyone Else Want More Character Development/ Stories Than Disasters & 911 Calls?

Taking note of what is said above, I feel so densitized to the emergency calls that it really makes me hope this show shifts back to focusing on the personal lives of everyone. Be it Chim and Maddie dating, Buck figuring out his next move, Hen about to be a mother, all over again, and the many other storylines the show can focus on.


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  1. Did anyone else notice the captain whose arm was amputated had a green sleeve on in the hospital? Somebody was slipping on their job with that editing lol

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