TV Series 9-1-1: Season 3, Episode 2 “Sink or Swim” – Recap, Review (with...

9-1-1: Season 3, Episode 2 “Sink or Swim” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

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A tidal wave hits and between the initial wave and the surges which come after, we see more people die this episode than the entire series.

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Director(s)Bradley Buecker
Writer(s)Juan Carlos Coto
Air Date9/30/2019
Introduced This Episode
JasonConor Romero
AdeleDeborah Strang
ChuckWilliam Russ
VickyAlla Korot
LenaRonda Rousey

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A Wedding Day Ruined: Jason, Adele, Chuck, Hen, Eddie

Adele and Chuck were getting married before the wave hit, and then soon after, it seemed Adele was going to be a widow and lose her son. Luckily, Jason was saved in no time and though Chuck looked like his body was going to give out, thanks to Hen and Eddie tag-teaming, they keep him alive.

Something For Your College Essay: May, Athena, Vicky

With May freaking out about her ACT and college applications, Athena takes her to a spa to calm her down. However, what ends up happening is a calm day becomes one of May’s most traumatic when a woman, Vicky, almost dies in her arms. But, thanks to May, the woman actually lives and with May not saying what she wants to major in, either she now has a slew of things she doesn’t want to be or has narrowed it down to a few.

Heroes Never Die: Christopher, Buck, Lena, Maddie, Chim

Lena (Ronda Rousey) responding to a call.
Lena (Ronda Rousey)

Thanks to surfing lessons, Christopher somehow finds a pole to hang onto until Buck saves him. However, as surge after surge hits, Christopher is lost to the water.

As for Maddie? Well, she too is drowning in a way. 5,000 people died, and she takes on the weight of trying to keep there from being more, but with hospitals swamped, she is unsure what to do. At least until talking to Chim and realizing there is a decommissioned VA hospital nearby. Thus giving her a place to get bodies out the water – living or dead.

Question(s) Left Unanswered
  1. How did Lena and her team, the 136, survive that wave?



The Most Devastating Episode In A Long Time

It has been a long time since we’ve seen this many people die while the lead characters were within eyeshot. In fact, this has probably been the most who died who could actually have an impact on you, even if you felt you’ve built up a tolerance. For whether it was Vicky dying in May’s arms, Chuck just wanting his wife and stepson saved, or worrying about Christopher, this episode stirs up emotions 9-1-1 hasn’t touched in a while.

Low Point

How Will The Show Try To Top Itself?

Vicky (Alla Korot) as she tries to stay conscious.
Vicky (Alla Korot)

Yet, with the show doing so, there comes the need to ask how it will try to top itself? The consistent issue of 9-1-1 is that it needs escalation or else the calls become same old, same old. Plus, with rebars going through people’s heads, crushed legs, and Bobby doing a 180 after being on the path to suicide, and Maddie dealing with her ex, there is only but so much drama the show can throw at us which isn’t a 9-1-1 call.

Leaving you to wonder, can this show maintain this momentum? At least without cheapening the dangers and heartache?

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The Most Devastating Episode In A Long Time
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