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As with the finale of nearly every season of 9-1-1, the ending is a bit shocking – but this time in a good way.

Directed By Jennifer Lynch
Written By Juan Carlos Coto, Kristen Reidel
Aired (Fox) 5/11/2020
Introduced This Episode
Dr. Sanford Brooke Shields
Sam Travis Schuldt

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

You Suffered Trauma Too – Dr. Sanford, Athena

Dr. Sanford (Brooke Shields) giving Athena room to admit she experienced trauma.
Dr. Sanford (Brooke Shields)

With Athena out of the hospital, she starts ramping up to make sure Jeffrey is put away for a long time and works with Dr. Sanford on the perceived notion she came to Athena’s house to talk about the case. However, the truth is, Dr. Sanford came over to speak with Athena, who is a little uneasy about the idea of playing a victim or even dealing with the fight.

Why? Well, she is a cop, and admitting he got the best of her is hard to deal with. Especially since her being caught off guard means her gut was wrong, off, or simply not working. Which, after 30 some odd years, leads her to wonder if she may ever find herself capable of trusting her gut again.

A Collision Course – Buck, Abby, Sam

It has been months, maybe years since Buck has seen or head from Abby, and her return is by accident, thanks to an accident. But what makes things worse is said accident leads Buck to meeting Sam, Abby’s fiancée. Then, on top of that, while Buck is trying to deal with seeing the last woman he loved, maybe the first as well, he is faced with trying to save the life of the man she chose over him.

Sam (Travis Schuldt) and Abby in a picture on Abby's phone.
Sam (Travis Schuldt) and Abby

Oh, and to really hit Buck where it hurts, days after she saves Abby’s fiancée, they talk, and she reveals she didn’t return to him out of fear she would move backwards. Abby felt like she re-found herself and rather than believing she could bring this new person to Buck, it seems she thought his presence, and Los Angeles, would stifle that person. Which, of course, Buck doesn’t fully understand, but with him being left on the vine so long, a part of him doesn’t care anymore. He’s happy she is happy, but her revealing she has moved on gives him the ability to do the same.

What’s Next In Life – Michael, Hen, Chim, Maddie, May, Josh

While Buck may finally have his life taken off pause, and maybe get to use his built-up fame to get back out on the dating scene, other people too find their next chapters ahead of them. May, for example, has graduated high school, and that leads to a big celebration. One which coincides with Michael learning his tumor is shrinking, and the man from the elevator is potentially becoming his new boyfriend.

However, the people who steal the episode are Maddie and Chim. For while Hen is prepping for med school and Josh testifies in front of Greg, Maddie and Chim learn Maddie is pregnant. Which is a big deal for Chim since this could mean him being more consistently seen and his storylines not falling off. Because remember his brother? Yeah, what happened to that and him?

Maddie noting she is pregnant.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“I don’t think it’s fair to compare traumas.”
— Dr. Sanford


Abby Closure

By no means do we desire to come off as the person who points out how shows like this, or “The Good Doctor,” drop storylines or characters by whim and without closure. However, the way Abby’s exit was handled was weird, and it seemed for a long time there was hope they could get Abby back, and so Buck’s life was put on pause.

Mind you, he did date, but that fizzled out, and with the rise of Eddie, and others, alongside Buck’s injury, lawsuit, and what have you, his romantic life was put on the shelf. Heck, him and Eddie, both single, not by choice, had their love lives sidelined, despite both having opportunities to be out there.

But, getting back to Buck, with it being clear he and Abby are done, here is hoping Season 4 is about him moving on and finding someone. For I think Abby’s effect on him is permanent, at this point, even if he is still a bit of a thrill-seeker. So maybe, rather than find someone who brings him calm and forces him to think twice about being dangerous, let’s cross our fingers he can find someone with the same sense of adventure or desire for a thrill.

On The Fence

The Characters Often Left Behind Have Their Next Chapter Setup

Would I say Hen going to med school or Chim having a kid are the most exciting storylines? No. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy Hen is finding something new to be passionate about, and Chim will get a chance to be the father he didn’t have. The issue is, considering Chim and Hen are the first two who always feel benched, it makes you wonder if either storyline is going to get its just due?

When it comes to Chim, are we going to adequately address his fears of becoming a new parent and all that calls for? What about Hen? Taking note Karen still fears Hen may cheat on her, are we going to dive into her having late nights and then going to work, which means Karen having to take on more of the parenting responsibility? Never mind Hen possibly around a bunch of young doctors who may look at Hen as someone they want not just as a friend, but something more?

I mean, take note, while this show rarely feels bloated, it has way too many to properly dedicate any real time to without others feeling neglected. A prime example is, for all the time devoted to Eddie, it makes Buck seem neglected since those two share so many characteristics. Also, part of what props up Chim is his relationship to Maddie, and how that can easily loop in Buck.

Thus giving you that usual, let’s pair people together so everyone can get some semblance of equal time. But, in the long run, even if they get what may look like equal time, it is uneven development, and that is becoming a bigger issue as time goes on.


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As with the finale of nearly every season of 9-1-1, the ending is a bit shocking – but this time in a good way.

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