While we may not see Abby until the end of the episode, a whole lot happens that makes it clear why they needed the season finale to be two parts.

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While we may not see Abby until the end of the episode, a whole lot happens that makes it clear why they needed the season finale to be two parts.

Directed By Kristen Reidel
Written By Lyndsey Beaulieu, Kristen Reidel
Aired (FOX) 5/4/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

More Test & Pending Results – Michael

It still isn’t clean if Michael is stage 4 or whether he can’t get better or not. He is doing tests, one of which makes it look like he suffered a minor seizure, but is doing better than before. However, anyone who has experienced dealing with someone who is aging or ill will know there are good days, bad weeks, and shaky months. So, at the very least, Michael made it to see May go to prom.

The One That Wasn’t Getting Away – Athena, Jeffrey

While tracking Jeffrey was hard, Athena got him on a hunch. Mind you, she walked into a storage place, where it was assumed Jeffrey was holding souvenirs, and with her being alone, she had to fight for her life. But, luckily for Athena, she won. Mind you, she was left battered and bruised, but she won and got her perp.

Athena after her fight.

Ending One Chapter & Beginning The Next – Karen, Chim, Hen, Josh

For Josh, he is pushed to seek therapy, alongside do a victim impact statement against Greg, the man who robbed him and later held the 911 office hostage. An idea he isn’t for, at first, but to take his power back, he realizes it is necessary.

Alongside him, Hen too is ready for the next chapter, and Karen fears her next chapter may include a nasty transition by means of cheating on her. For with the name Imelda on her phone, Karen’s mind heads into overtime. Leading to her asking Chim, of all people, to confirm information as if that isn’t Hen’s best male friend. Well, at least one of the people she is closest to.

But, being that they need Chim to do something and get a moment to shine, he joins Karen in overreacting and all for nothing. For the truth is, after Hen’s daring rescue in the last episode, she is interested in taking the MCATs (Medical College Admission Test) and possibly going to medical school. So, Imelda, aka Dr. Royce, has been advising and prepping her for what may be her next chapter.

Leaving Chim to wonder if Hen may leave the 118?

Additional Thoughts or Information

  1. Anyone else hoped that doctor and Michael could have been a thing?
  2. Did we meet May’s little boyfriend before?
  3. They really advertised Abby’s return and didn’t show her until the last few minutes – trifling.


Hen’s Next Chapter

Karen setting Hen's collar.

By no means do I want Hen to leave, but there is a need to recognize Hen has been on a journey of discovering what she really wants to do for a while. She left being in sales to be a first responder because she wanted to do more. So it would make since she’d go from being a first responder to medical professional due to her frustration of hanging people off and then leaving something in another person’s hands.

I mean, we saw the same issue with Abby before she left. She was growing tired of being on the other side, talking people down, virtually being there, and that not being enough. Heck, for most on this show, be it repentance or finding a purpose, you can see any of them stumbling upon something which may feel more in tune with their calling than what we currently see.

And, who knows, Hen going to med school may not lead to her leaving the 118. If anything, it might be about doctors respecting her as a first responder, and when she says to do this, that, and the third, it not being blown off because she doesn’t have a Ph.D.

Josh Confronting His Assaulter

Josh is still a minor character in the grand scheme of things, but he is a consistent presence. One went through a lot, and I respect the way it was handled. They didn’t rush his story to have him be parallel to everyone else. They kept him minor but reminded us that he had a life when not speaking to Maddie. So here is hoping the close of his arc, with confronting Greg, doesn’t mean he’ll no longer have a storyline.

On The Fence

The Jeffrey Takedown

Is it wrong I wanted something major for Athena? She has talked the talk and taken down some easy cases, but this was a big one – a serial rapist. So there was hope to see her put her detective hat on, maybe get to know some of the people she worked with, and this to be a grand case. But, in the end, it wasn’t. A hunch led to her discovering Jeffrey, and while she got him in the end, she got majorly messed up.

Leaving you to wonder, if like Danny Glover, is she getting too old for this s***?

The Jeffrey Takedown - 72%
Josh Confronting His Assaulter - 81%
Hen’s Next Chapter - 83%


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