9-1-1: Season 3 Episode 11 “Seize The Day” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

“9-1-1” returns with Chim’s younger brother coming to Los Angeles and triggering Chim’s childhood trauma.

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Chim talking to Maddie.

“9-1-1” returns with Chim’s younger brother coming to Los Angeles and triggering Chim’s childhood trauma.

Directed By Sarah Boyd
Written By Lyndsey Beaulieu
Aired (FOX) 3/16/2020
Introduced This Episode
Albert John Harlan Kim

Plot/ Recap

Are We Ready For This?: Karen, Hen

After all Karen and Hen went through in the first half of the season, it is firmly decided, and pursued, to foster a child. One which they receive, after much investigation, and it is a baby. One that looks nothing like either one of them.

It’s My Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To: Albert, Chim, Maddie

On Chim’s birthday, he is surprised to meet, in person, his 20-year-old brother who shows up at his doorstep. Why? Well, after a bit of a fight with their father, he apparently left Seoul to be with his kin. Someone he may not know all that well, but they are brother’s right? Plus, Chim gets it when it comes to their dad.

But, the thing is, while Chim gets it, he has this idea of how things were with Albert since he was accepted and is acknowledged by their father. Thus making Chim’s relationship with Albert uneasy at first and then triggering as everyone in the precinct, and Maddie fall for Albert. Leading to Chim going off on him in public.

One Big Happy Family: Albert, Chim, Maddie, Buck

This leads to Maddie reminding Chim of why his brother ran to him, similar to how she ran to Buck, and this triggers a much larger conversation: The fact Chim and Albert don’t know each other’s story. So, with that in mind, they both present their perspective which ranges to why Chim didn’t grow up in seoul with their father to what life was like for Albert. Making it so, ultimately, despite Howie’s initial pushback, he comes to not only love his brother but ask of him to stay.

This act by the two inspires Maddie and Buck to also have a moment in which they thank one another for being so dependable despite the drama they bring and what has happened.

A Possibly Fatal Decision: Michael, May, Harry

Michael’s chemotherapy hasn’t shrunk his tumors, and with that being said, it means he needs to go under the knife. But with it being brain cancer, going under the knife is scary, and while Harry is able to brush it off with the promise of a video game, if he does well on a test, May isn’t so easy going. She worries, and with catching her dad modifying his will, they talk about what could happen, and in trying to ease May’s fears, Michael comes to a decision. One that will be him not getting the surgery.

Characters Introduced This Episode

Albert (John Harlan Kim)

Albert (John Harlan Kim) at Chim's doorstep.

Albert is Chim’s 20-year-old brother who was produced in their mutual dad’s second marriage. He left his father’s home to strike it out on his own, and using the model Chim sets, he wishes to find a way without the iron fist of his father. Hence him going to California so that he can not only live with his half-brother but get to know him. For, previous to the episode, the two didn’t meet. Pictures were exchanged by their mothers, be it biological or adopted, but the two didn’t meet face to face till now.

Review/ Commentary

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A New Character?

Sometimes with big cast shows like this, new characters feel like intruders – see Eddie. However, there is something about Albert which feels welcomed. Be it because he is connected to Chim, who could use someone to enhance his character, or that, in his exploration of who he is, there is the chance of him becoming a cop. For while we love Athena, currently, she is the only one with a job that doesn’t feature too many reoccurring co-workers. So it only seems right Albert lean towards that direction.

Michael’s Decision

While it could very well mean Michael may exit the series, let’s be real for a moment, would that be so bad? Since coming out, and Athena moving on, Michael has just existed. And while, yes, he is still Athena’s friend and they have two kids, the kids aren’t heavily featured and Athena? Well, if she isn’t being a badass at work, she is usually with Hen. Her being a mom isn’t that strong of a focus on the show.

Not to imply she is portrayed, by any means, as a bad mother. More so, it is pushed she can be a mom, but that not be all she is. Also, thankfully, she isn’t shown trying to be super mom either. She is human, she is flawed, and them kids are old enough to where they don’t need her chasing around them and babying them. After all, May is going to college soon.

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Michael’s Decision - 85%
A New Character? - 86%


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