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As Bobby and Maddie hit milestones, they find themselves haunted by their past. Also, a reporter follows the team and delivers some new character information.

Director(s) Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Writer(s) Juan Carlos Coto
Air Date 10/22/2018
Characters Introduced
Taylor Megan West
Sandy Susan Ruttan
Sue Debra Christofferson

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Too Soon To Be Alone But Too Grown To Be My Brother’s Roommate: Maddie, Chimney, Sue

Maddie moves out and, if I may say, her new place is swanky. I don’t know how much LA pays their 911 operators, but she is clearly middle class. Envy over her new digs aside, with being alone, having her own place, there comes some caveats. After all, she still is married to an abusive husband and while they are 2600 miles separated, there remains this fear of him finding her. So, to aid with that, she had her Chimney, and her brother, hook up her house with a very complex security system.

Problem is, the security system doesn’t calm her down as much as it aids her paranoia. Wind chimes set off motion detectors, every sound keeps Maddie from sleeping, and then a 911 call from a woman who sounds like Maddie once did? It brings Maddie’s boss, Sue, to learning what happened for she feels concerned.

Luckily, it seems Chimney and Maddie are hitting it off so while he may not be moving in tomorrow, she has a go-to person to call and come over. Maybe for more than protection but some company, and eventually lovin’, as well.


Maddie inviting Chimney to watch the movie he bought for her, Mission Impossible, together.
Maddie: Would you like to hang out and watch a movie?

Is it wrong to say I’m waiting for the husband to show up? Not because I want to see him attempt to do something to Maddie, or get his ass whooped for trying. More so, with it being clear Maddie and Chimney might become a thing, I want that obstacle moved out of the way.

But, until then, I must admit I am enjoying Love-Hewitt portraying the fear and yet still pursuing, and having, a normal life. While familiar with her name, I never saw her as an actress whose name meant something. You know, like if you hear Viola Davis’ name attached to something, especially if it is a fall or winter release, you can expect to ugly cry. With her, it is like hearing Jessica Alba’s name – take that as you will.

However, her work on this show is kind of changing my opinion? Yet, you may have to credit Ryan Murphy’s team for they are on Quentin Tarantino’s level when it comes to reinventing careers. Though, I gotta say, while the aforementioned may lead you to think better of the people they cast, as seen with John Travolta, it doesn’t mean the actor stays on course. If anything, these fans of cinema and TV seem to be of the few who know how to get the best from the actor rather than exploit their star power.

Why I Became a Firefighter: Hen

While the show reiterated the known reason why Buck and Eddie became firefighters, it also reveals why Hen became one. The gist is, after being shot in the back, ending up with a ruptured kidney, among other injuries, it is because of people like her she is alive. Hence her becoming a first responder.


Hen recounting how a first responder saving her life led to her wanting to become one.
Hen: I got shot

It’s sometimes easy to forget that some characters, more than others, have been fully fleshed out while some, like Hen, have had only one aspect honed in on. Like, why she joined the first responders team? We didn’t know that until this episode. Just like we didn’t really know, or it wasn’t pushed hard, that Buck had a sister until this season. Making you wonder, what other information are we missing that, because of the spectacle of the 911 calls, have gotten forgotten about? If not just put on the back burner in our thoughts?

She Would Have Been May’s Age: May, Bobby, Athena, Taylor, Buck, Sandy

Bobby’s daughter, Brooke, would have been 13 around the time of this episode. Which, as you can imagine, seeing Athena’s daughter, May, go to homecoming and grow up, it can be hard at times. Maybe also seeing her son too because, Bobby’s family looked just like Athena’s – just paler and not living in a house. Which makes an exotic animal keeper, Sandy, sending dosed brownies a gift and a curse.

A gift for it allows Bobby to see his daughter and feel reconnected with her. Yet, it’s a curse because he is an addict. One which, even with church and meetings, is really struggling to hold it together many days. Even with him no longer suicidal and having Athena there as part of his support system. Making the fact Taylor, a reporter who is saved by Bobby’s team, having permission to film around the firehouse not just an annoyance, but also dangerous.

For one, she gets in the way a lot and with her filming people that Bobby’s team is trying to save, she makes them uncomfortable. Two, she clearly wants something juicy and, with the firehouse being like a second home to Bobby and his team, he doesn’t want them to feel violated. Lastly, there is the fact she has an agenda. Something we only learn in the end when Buck, who clearly has a crush on Taylor, is trying to hit on her. However, with learning she would have used Bobby’s grief, if the lawyers let her, it seems his feelings get dosed.


Michael inviting Bobby to join the pictures taken before May's homecoming dance.
Michael: Bobby, get in here | Bobby: I shouldn’t. It should just be family.

So, is Buck officially moving on at this point? Was the last episode enough of a wake-up call that he is now willing and able to pursue other women? Also, I gotta ask, do you think Bobby may want children with Athena? I ask this because, there is a real need to question if unofficially adopting her kids will be enough for him? Yes, Michael is open to sharing but considering how hard it is to see her first family, will it make it hard for him to truly integrate in?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. While I get they aren’t LAPD, so there is less reason to fear being poisoned, it still seems pretty foolish to eat anything while on the job. But, is this a norm for first responders? To receive and eat food given? Without having it checked?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

We’re just here to make sure no story ends before it should.
— Buck


  1. I’m really starting to think Bobby being emotional, vulnerable, is the show’s easiest way to make viewers cry – or at least me.
  2. Buck moving on from Abby.
  3. Learning why Hen became a first responder.
  4. Chimney on the path to dating Maddie.
  5. I feel like the show is really making it so one episode characters don’t feel as easy to just push off as they were before.

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