The show doubles down on newcomer Eddie as it has two characters question what do they want for their future. One personally, the other professionally. Network FOX Director(s) Sarah Boyd Writer(s) John J. Gray Air Date 10/8/2018 Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if a purchase is made from those…

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The show doubles down on newcomer Eddie as it has two characters question what do they want for their future. One personally, the other professionally.

Director(s) Sarah Boyd
Writer(s) John J. Gray
Air Date 10/8/2018

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Childcare Issues: Eddie, Christopher, Carla, Buck

With Christopher having Cerebral Palsy, because of an issue with him getting stuck in the birth canal, it makes childcare hard for Eddie. His mother is willing, but she is up in age and has now broken her hip. While Eddie’s aunt is willing to help, her issue is that she has to work. Thus making it where Eddie has to bring Christopher to work and while Bobby is cool with it for a day, Eddie doesn’t want to push it.

Luckily, Buck has done a full 180 and with him knowing Carla, he asks her to help Eddie get the kind of care he needs for Christopher while he works. For with getting into one program excluding you from another, and so much bureaucracy, Eddie doesn’t really have the time to be going through all that. So Carla should be of great help.


Carla giving Buck a compliment.
Carla: Baby… Ah! Goodness, I missed your face.

So Maddie and Eddie are likely to get together right? The way they are handling the development of Eddie, focusing on something like his childcare issues, makes it seem we are being set up for something big. Now, it could very well be a death, since I fully expect this show to kill at least one person we got to know for dramatic effect. However, considering Maddie’s ex is going to eventually find her, and she is on the path to independence, who better than Eddie to save the day right? Maybe fight to the death to protect the woman he loves?

Either way, I doubt Eddie is just being used to highlight the difficulty of being a single parent, much less a single parent who has a child with special needs. It wouldn’t be horrible if that was the case, for it also acts as a good shout out to single fathers, as well as Hispanic culture, but everyone has too much drama. So just having a hard time finding child care? A character being rapidly made into someone you love and adore? There has to be a catch.

Gotta Move On Eventually: Athena, Buck, Bobby, Maddie, Maynard

Buck telling other people, and reminding himself, he loves Abby.
Buck: I still love Abby.

With Maddie having a stable job, and kind of weirded out by living at her brother’s barely existent girlfriend’s house, she is ready to leave. Not the area and her job, just get her own place. But, not without the parting words, which many give Buck, of accepting Addy has likely moved on. Which he is starting to understand because their communication isn’t what it was and may never be again. Though, if Connie Britton decided to come back, I’m sure the writers would adjust Buck’s storyline for her.

As for Athena? Well, for a good part of her life she was all about breaking glass ceilings and to reach that goal she wanted to be lieutenant. She applied four times and was rejected each time over leadership qualities. However, her boss, captain Maynard says that old obstacle is out of the way so within a week, if you go for the position, I’ll go to bat for you.

Thing is, Athena isn’t that young anymore and like Bobby, while she wants to be comfortable, that doesn’t mean she wants to be stuck behind a desk. So, with that in mind, it seems she is going to reject the offer.


Athena questioning if she wants to become a lieutenant anymore.
Athena: I don’t know if I want to upend that for a pay bump.

One of the beautiful things about seeing more characters above 40 on screen, is that you get people like Athena. With her, you get the rare example of someone who finds their life fulfilling without looking for the next big thing to accomplish or conquer. There is just a love for the work, good enough pay to handle bills and leisure activities and being happy for that.

Something I feel, a bit personally, to be something we need to see more often. Not a character who is always looking for the next thing, seemingly never satisfied, and feels cheated by life. It implies the idea you’ll never have peace and I know, this is but a TV show but let’s not forget what you consume becomes you. So imagine the importance of seeing a Black woman like Athena with a family, not struggling, not experiencing any type of drama which seems over the top, and is happy. She has found her niche and can be at a certain age and just plain old happy. There is importance to that.

With that said, I found some of Captain Maynard’s praise of Athena worth a side eye. Especially her calling Athena fair because she put this woman on a desk how many times because of her judgement, in the past year? I remember a certain cop arresting a child, embarrassing their family, over some comments made to said cop’s daughter. A serious abuse of power.

But, you know, it’s LAPD so maybe in comparison to most, it barely is worth hunching about. Especially since the parents didn’t make a huge deal out of it.

10 Months and What Has Changed?: Chimney, Tatiana

Between Chimney seeing Tatiana, married and pregnant, and losing a patient who was just about to get engaged, it makes him contemplative. This woman who abandoned him in his time of need, after a ten-day mental rehab, has everything he wanted with her. Yet, here he is, a good guy, a miracle in his doctor’s words, who puts himself in danger to help others and what does he have? Oh, he is Mr. April in some calendar. So while seeing and talking to Tatiana gives closure over her leaving, it also has put Chimney on notice.


Chimney venting to Bobby about how nothing has really happened for him since his accident.
Chimney: It’s like everything just stopped.

At this time, all but Bobby are single. Buck is sort of in limbo, but unless they are able to get Connie Britton back officially, he is going to be single. So who is fully expecting a guys night out between these three guys? Perhaps one which may pick up where Chimney left off about the desirability of Asian guys? Not in a cruel way, mind you, but to kind of push why he felt the need to lie to Tatiana as he did. Because, with the way society is, he has to work that much harder to be appealing. This is despite having a thrilling job, likely good benefits, a decent pay, no kids at his age, no weird attachment to his parents, and etc.

Pair that with Eddie being someone who is a single dad. Meaning he can’t just hook up or be somewhere at the drop of a hat. Also, certain accommodations have to be made so his kid can easily get in and out of somewhere and enjoy himself. Especially if Eddie can’t get a sitter or, if he finds one, them not being available.

Then, of course, there will be Buck’s issues to deal with. Which won’t be on the levels Eddie and Chimney have, but being abandoned by someone does take its toll. Plus, while she might have abandoned him, she also set positive precedents too. The kind which may keep Buck from taking any girl serious because they don’t seem mature enough. Maybe leading to Buck going after older women perhaps? Trying to avoid cougars and just finding something real?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did we ever learn how Chimney got his name?


  1. Athena feeling fine and comfortable where she is without making it seem or look like she is settling or afraid of more responsibility.
  2. Chimney getting closure.
  3. Eddie’s life as a single father with a child who has Cerebral Palsy being explored. Alongside how difficult it is to find good childcare.

On The Fence

  1. How long is Buck going to hold onto the idea he is still with Abby?

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