9-1-1: Season 2, Episode 14 “Broken” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Chimney excited he helped from a distance.

Of course, with 9-1-1 taking some time off it means they have to come back with you on the verge of crying to the point being unable to watch.

Of course, with 9-1-1 taking some time off it means they have to come back with you on the verge of crying to the point being unable to watch.

Director(s) Bradley Buecker
Writer(s) Juan Carlos Coto
Air Date 4/15/2019
Introduced This Episode
Sonia Skye P. Marshall

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The Systems Are Down: Hen, Bobby, Chimney, Maddie, Buck, Sonia

Sonia (Skye P. Marshall) going into shock as Hen tries to save her.
Sonia (Skye P. Marshall)

The major drama of the episode is one overheated generator kills the 911 servers – which means kicking it old school. Leading to a few things: The first being the opinion pushed by Hen, followed up when Buck nearly breaks his neck on a truck ladder, the city doesn’t give first responders no kind of budget. Following that is how life-saving technology is because, just the minor mistakes we see happen as Maddie returns to work, just imagine what would happen if that happened in a city like New York or LA on a regular basis. Especially if it was a coordinated attack.

Leaving one last thing. Though what I’m speaking on below isn’t noted in the episode, I have to bring up Black mothers are over 3x more likely to die giving birth than white mothers. The reason why I bring this up is a 38-year-old Black woman, Sonia, has a baby amongst this chaos and immediately goes into shock. Hen, being a Black woman, is set on keeping this woman alive and when the doctor, who happens to be Black, pronounces her dead on arrival, honestly Hen seems more devastated than Sonia’s husband.

And while all this belongs more so in the highlights section, I do hope that what could easily just be a cultural nod is followed up on. For the statistics above aren’t talked about so if you don’t know, it is just the usual drama 911 produces versus a very serious issue in the Black community.

We Weren’t Meant To Be: Chimney, Maddie

Maddie questioning if there is something there for her and Chimney?
Maddie: This is never gonna be the same, is it?

It has roughly been three weeks, and despite their injuries, Maddie and Chimney are out of the hospital. Chimney isn’t back at work, though he is a major help this episode, but Maddie is right back and trying to adjust to her routine. Yet, while she can get back into the rhythm at work, with Chimney, it’s hard.

Maybe because her ex set her back to square one with trying to be ready to date again? Could it be a sense of guilt for nearly getting a man killed? Either way, she kisses him goodbye, and while that doesn’t mean Maddie is going anywhere, it may mean their relationship will be on pause for quite some time.

I Have Nothing: Harry, Michael, Bobby

Michael's face after revealing Glenn left him.

With Glenn breaking up with Michael, supposedly because he is boring, it makes Harry gravitating to Bobby triggering. For while construction is cool, Bobby being a fireman is hot right now. To the point Harry and a friend set a fire on someone’s lawn to put it out. Leading to Michael getting a bit angrier than he usually is with Harry and sending him off to the fire station.

And of course, with Bobby trying to be Harry’s friend, he approaches the situation on Harry’s defense, and that leads to Michael to flip out. Which, you understand to a point, since he and Bobby need to be on the same page. However, with Michael bringing up Bobby doesn’t have kids, he takes it too far. But, later on, Michael explains himself, they both apologize, and are now cool.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Going by Maddie’s co-worker asking if she would like 3 more weeks off, let’s estimate that is the gap between the last episode and this one.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Pretending you’re not hurt is not the same as healing.


The Black Maternal Rate Nod

Again, love the fact that, even if not directly addressed, it does push others, like me for example, to bring up the information and note this isn’t just a dramatic storyline but a real issue.

Low Point

Can Bobby’s Dead Kids Not Be Used Anytime Someone Wants To Slight Him?

Michael noting to Bobby, to upset him, that he at least has more kids than Bobby.

Honestly, I get Michael was mad, but since he knows Bobby’s kids are dead, he likely knows how they died and may even know Bobby was suicidal over it. So even if he was lonely and all that, I think his apology wasn’t enough. Also, if I was Bobby, I’d ask for Athena to keep that information from circulating further because way too many people connected to her are using it as ammunition against him. First her momma, now Michael, next thing you know the kids may bring it up since now he may play bad cop.

On The Fence

Are Maddie & Chimney Really Over?

My issue with Maddie and Chimney perhaps being over, or on pause, is that this show has an ensemble problem that is usually handled by making couples. A method most shows do for when a character isn’t part of a major arc, and thus relationship drama is being used as their lifeline. So if Maddie isn’t in a relationship, what are they going to do with her? Also, if Chimney isn’t in a relationship, what does that mean for him? Will he be relegated to the back again as Eddie, who has been more so playing hero than getting story time, moves back to the forefront?

Time will tell.

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