3%: Season 1/ Episode 8 "Chapter 8/ Button" [Season Finale] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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And so the first season ends with one last, and final test, well at least for some.

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: You Poor Fool (Fernando and Michele)

The test Fernando came up with ends up being what gets him eliminated. He didn’t see Michelle in his room, was told she was eliminated, so he decides to eliminate himself. The truth? Ezekiel was having her interrogated and with her seeing her brother is alive she gives up the name of who recruited her, but not Tiago, and is allowed to go to the Offshore.


I don’t know whether to think of Fernando as a huge bleeping idiot or to feel sorry for him. He was so in love with that girl he would kick himself out of paradise, erase the chance to walk, or at least get a good wheelchair, and have access to a better life. Then, to make matters worse, he waits at the exit gate like a puppy and it is so painful to watch.

As for Michele, she traded in her recruiter in order to get ahead. She saw her brother, learned Ezekiel was part of the cause, 20 years ago, but switched sides. So comes the question is she switching sides or sacrificing one for the better of all? Heck, maybe like Aline, she is fulfilling her mission and trying to get something extra which wasn’t part of the original deal as well? That something extra being getting to physically see her brother.

Topic 2: The Trust Is Gone (Ezekiel and Aline)

Nair has read Aline’s report about Augusto and pretty much she is done with him. Alongside that, Aline meets with Cesar’s wife Luciana and seems on the verge of convincing her that this was all a conspiracy and the real killer is still out there.


After The Process is over everyone returns to the Offshore, so with that it will be interesting to see, next season, Nair and the rest of the council in the flesh. Much less, how Ezekiel interacts with them after all that happened in less than a week. Add onto that, imagine the politics Offshore. Especially as Aline’s trial comes underway and likely Nair gets exposed for what she did. For with all the blackmail, secret agendas, and all that, do you really think Ezekiel is safe? Much less Nair? Heck, could the tables be turned and maybe Aline ends up going down as planned and Matheus down with her? Maybe leading to Ezekiel getting on the council and facing off against Nair? Someone who you can see trying to scrub Ezekiel away to save her own behind.

Topic 3: One Last Test (Tiago and Joana)

Tiago learns the vaccine rids you of the ability to produce children since heredity is seen as what causes the ails of society. He puts his dreams aside for the cause and is on his way Offshore. As for Joana, Ezekiel wanted him on his process team but with her refusing to kill a hoodlum he talks down to her and she decides to quit. Not before thoroughly ripping into Ezekiel and repeating some of what Joana said before she went off the deep end.


With both Tiago and Michele Offshore, it will be interesting to see what the plan is from there. Much less, if like Ezekiel, they may abandon the plan once they experience the wealth that is offered Offshore. Though, alongside that, I remain curious about work assignments and what they’ll do with their time. Productivity is a big thing Ezekiel is good at for recruiting, so what type of job assignments may there be? Also, though Ezekiel has seemingly renounced his The Cause affiliation, could perhaps Joana saying he no longer has humanity maybe turn him back? Maybe lead to him reevaluating his life?

Also, what are the chances of her joining the cause? Even with her still likely being hunted for killing a child. Does The Cause care? What can an operative do, besides recruiting teens, on the inland side? We haven’t heard anything about what the cause does besides that so will their role be stronger in season 2?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Will there be “The Process” again? Is this the one time it will be focused on or will the show have it featured yearly and integrate the old cast in there?

Collected Quote(s)

“Only someone who has seen both sides can be certain of their convictions.“
— “Chapter 8 – Button.” – 3%

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  1. I don’t think they should have elimintated Fernando I’m sooo mad. Will Mishelly even care or realise that he is gone what will happen to him when he goes back to his father !!!!! NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND MY ANGER RIGhT KNOW!!!!!!

    • Fernando failed his own test. Representing how cruel those on the island can be. As for Michele, I think she’ll care to a point. However, she is blinded by vengeance. Fernando was a small vacation from that but I think, at the same time, she perhaps got close to him just to have an adept ally. Since, clearly, based off the first challenge, she knew there maybe times when she is going to be out of her depth.

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