3%: Season 1/ Episode 7 "Chapter 7/ Capsule" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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The tests may be over, but the process isn’t thanks to Michele.

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: Poisoned the Wrong Person (Michele)

Michele tries to poison Ezekiel, thus getting her revenge, but ends up killing someone else, thus setting in motion a murder investigation.


Was it a terrible idea to poison Ezekiel’s drink? No. Problem is, the place has so many cameras and it wasn’t like the room wasn’t packed. Tiago clocked what she did and who knows with this blackmail happy show if someone else didn’t too.

Topic 2: All My Problems Have Gone Away (Ezekiel)

Despite interviewing all the candidates, video footage of Aline pouring Ezekiel a drink leads to the belief that she is the culprit of someone’s murder. That, alongside Ezekiel getting a falsified confession from his The Cause captive, thanks to Cassia, and Nair helping to delete Aline’s evidence against Ezekiel.


Ok, there are a lot of things which don’t make sense. First and foremost, why didn’t they take the candidates to the interview room to read their vitals during their interrogations? Also, how can their technology not filter out falsified information but can do a toxicology screening so quick and get the exact poison that killed the victim? Much less, when it comes to Aline, again with the tech we have been presented, I question why that headband thing can’t be some sort of lie detector? They literally have technology embedded in them. I’m sure they can pick up signs she is lying without much effort. Heck, even their rings could pick up on a change in blood pressure or something like that.

That aside, I wonder why Ezekiel, though maybe it would have been too far, didn’t try to accuse Matheus of being involved? He did send her on his authority and he was the former Process Leader. An argument could be made he maybe got sick of being outnumbered and decided to use Aline to kill Ezekiel. Thus making it so, being that he is the only qualified person to take the role, he’d be reassigned.

With that thought in mind, let’s say Aline went through with her original purpose and got Ezekiel fired, what would have been her role after that? As noted, she is too young to be Process Leader and Matheus seems to miss that role dearly, so would she just be the new Cassia or maybe do what Julia used to do? Also, let’s also consider if her blackmail of Ezekiel worked. Does she really think she could go from an agent of a council member to suddenly being the Process Leader? A role which seems to be one step below being on the council? Matheus is one of 7 and even with a recommendation from someone who would have been stepping down, you think they don’t have their own people?

But what this really leads me to wonder is what are the politics Offshore? Thus far, only two of the now seven council members have spoken. So where are they when it comes to their opinion of Ezekiel’s process or are they there to be developed at a later time?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So there 4 or 7 council members? Where were the other 3 previously? Do they perhaps only cover certain areas of government or certain situations?
  2. So when can Fernando get a new wheelchair?
  3. Fernando has become almost desperate to get Michele to not only have faith that he can keep her secret but to perhaps understand he loves her and has an almost dependent love of her. I mean, the type of love where honestly it seems if she jumped to her death he would follow. Which isn’t romantic at all. It is kind of pathetic yet you wanna remember that Michele may have been his first kiss, love, and first sexual partner. It hasn’t been confirmed, but with the way he is talking and acting, he is showing the signs.

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