3%: Season 1/ Episode 4 "Chapter 4/Gate" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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After a sort of easy test in episode 3, in episode 4 all hell breaks loose thanks to Ezekiel.

Trigger Warning(s):

Sound of Bones Crunching

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: You Got Caught (Aline)

Aline is caught trying to spy on Ezekiel and it leads to a direct confrontation between Ezekiel and Matheus.


Ok, in the episode we see there are 4 people on the council. We know Nair is for Ezekiel and Matheus against, but what about the other two? Also, assuming they see everything that happens in the process, especially this episode’s test, how can they continue to support Ezekiel? Is it that they don’t care about who is injured or dies? Could that notion that things are better offshore only be in means of opportunities and not being better period? Because if these are the people controlling everything, I fear what awaits on the other side. Only one murder since separation or not.

Topic 2: Follow The Leader (Joana, Ezekiel, Michele, and Marco)

The storage place they are in becomes a trap. Luckily Marco figures out the code which leads to food coming down a shoot. However, Ezekiel decides to prolong the test and create conflict. So, he stops having food delivered then suddenly has all the food dropped. With that, Michele assumes leadership and Marco feels a certain type of way. Thus leading to him creating a group who originally are just trying to figure a way out, but then they become tyrannical.

Joana escapes this, meets Ezekiel, who seems to maybe know the truth but doesn’t care. To avoid elimination she heads back down, stages a resistance against Marco and with his kill count satisfied, Ezekiel allows the test to end.


Situations like what Ezekiel caused lead you to understand why Matheus wants him replaced. He has some sort of god complex and I don’t know if there is a quota of how many must fail or he is just a sick bastard, but none of what happened was necessary. Heck, his peers didn’t get why he continued things after the initial test was passed.

Thus really pushing the idea that Ezekiel must be for The Cause. Why else would he be pushing these kids mental state to the point of snapping? The way offshore seems, why would they require the skill of murder and the ability to inspire separatism? Does Aline’s warning, or criticism, mean nothing at all? Nair can only do but so much as one of four, he needs to not lose the other two or he may lose his job. Never mind whatever type of punishments they have offshore. Especially with that murder still likely being a big political issue.

Topic 3: Tiago (Rafael)

It is revealed that not only is Rafael’s real name Tiago, but he stole the registry chip from his little brother. Also, he failed the process the year prior. Though the real kicker is that Tiago is part of the cause as well.


Let’s set aside Tiago being part of the Cause and question how in the hell was he not filtered out? He took the process before and surely, in Ezekiel’s 5-year reign, someone of his staff had to of recognize him. Oh, you could argue they see so many they forget, especially since he failed in the first round. So what about all those damn facial recognition cameras? Is there no type of AI in the 3% world? That thought aside, I wonder how this will change the dynamic between him and Michele for she is the one he reveals his allegiance to as Marco goes on a rage.

Which reminds me, can we note how weird Marco’s 180 turn was? He has mostly been cool about his family always making it and didn’t seem like an ass. However, in his going away episode, just because everyone looks to Michele for leadership instead of him he goes nuts? Really? Is he so machismo he can’t stand to see a woman lead and organize? That or was his family destiny really so important he had to reassert himself? I mean, can a man really have so much ego?

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • There are about 4 people on the council.
    1. Nair
    2. Matheus
    3. An older Black gentleman
    4. A woman of Asian or Pacific descent
  • Marco was born inland like his future son will be, and it makes you wonder why would people have kids before trying to get through the process? Granted, I’m sure accidents and mistakes happen, but come on!
  • With us seeing Ivana and The Cause back again, does this mean we may learn of their plans to overthrow those in power or will they become forgotten again?
  • As predicted in episode 2, Agata is dead. Alongside quite a few others. However, as with past deaths, they weren’t really developed much to grasp their name quickly.
  • With each episode covering the past or background of a cast member, I wonder who is next? Tiago? Michele? Maybe Ezekiel?

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