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Title Card for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Bohemian Rhapsody is both a tear and chills-inducing film, all thanks to Rami Malek. Director(s) Bryan Singer Written By Anthony McCarten, Peter Morgan Date Released 11/2/2018 Genre(s) Biopic, Musical Good If You Like Biopics Which Use Artistic License To Craft Drama Only One Character Getting...

Believe: Season 1/ Episodes 1 to 6.5 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview Think Touch with less mystery, more likable characters, and a kid which can actually communicate. Review (with Spoilers) A part of me misses Touch, the first season anyway, when Jake was a likable little mute. But...

Short Term 12 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview A hidden gem which doesn’t make light of, or over-dramatizes, the state of each character, and truly is one of those films you wish to share and see get prestige. Trigger Warning(s): Cutting & Attempted...