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  • Indie Title Card - Little Fish (2021)

    Little Fish (2021) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)

    Little Fish will leave you wondering why all the best romances are constricted by tragedy.

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  • Movies
    Movie Poster - Sound of Metal

    Sound of Metal (2020) – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Sound of Metal has the performances needed to make it a stirring, likely Oscar-caliber movie, but after a certain point, it overstays its welcome.

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  • Movies Title card for Life Itself movie.

    Life Itself – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Life Itself will leave you crying in the worse way. I’m talking gasping for air, with a burning throat, for the devastation is too much. Community Rating: [mrp_rating_result show_rich_snippets="true"]

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  • Movies Title Card for Ready Player One

    Ready Player One – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

    While Ready Player One may inspire Who Framed Roger Rabbit? nostalgia, and you’ll enjoy it, this won’t be something you’ll find yourself watching over and over. Community Rating: [mrp_rating_result show_rich_snippets="true"]

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  • Movies A title card for the movie Thoroughbreds

    Thoroughbreds – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

    The play which evolved into a movie brings all you expect from its talented cast, as they pretty much stick to the type of characters they have become adept to playing and being surrounded by. Community Rating: [mrp_rating_result show_rich_snippets="true"]

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  • Bates Motel: Season 2/ Episode 1 “Gone But Not Forgotten” [Season Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Overview Bates Motel returns and while the episode starts off very ho hum, it ends with blood splatter. Review (with Spoilers) It has been a year since the first season premiered, and damn did I miss it. Highmore continues to show an emotional complexity which makes you wonder when he will become the famed Norman Bates, and everyone else remains their creepy complex selves. But, as for this season, it seems between the death of Ms. Watson, and someone else who dies, spoilers below, the show is ready to bring back the mystery, and unease, that made the first season so lovable. Community Rating: [mrp_rating_result show_rich_snippets="true"]

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  • The Signal – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Overview Two young people chase after a hacker which nearly ruined their lives, only to discover the hacker is more advanced than them in a multitude of ways. Review (with Spoilers) Despite how horrible The Quiet Ones was, and how I honestly thought it would turn me off from watching Olivia Cooke in any movie she was in, the inclusion of Laurence Fishburne made me think this movie was worth giving a chance. After all, as noted in my Transcendence review, there aren’t a lot of sci-fi films which aren’t comic book adaptions or based off cartoons from the 80s and 90s. So I walked in hoping Olivia Cooke’s name wasn’t as bad of a sign as Johnny Depp without Tim Burton. Community Rating: [mrp_rating_result show_rich_snippets="true"]

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  • The Quiet Ones – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

    Overview A young possessed girl lives off the feign hope which a nearly insane doctor provides. Review (with Spoilers) I dropped this from my movie watching schedule when it first came out because the first reviews for it were bad. However, being that I like Olivia Cooke on Bates Motel, I thought it was worth giving a chance. Plus, Jared Harris I thought was decent on Mad Men, so I figured that despite me not being a big time fan of the horror genre, maybe this could be one of those exceptions. Community Rating: [mrp_rating_result show_rich_snippets="true"]

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