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The following is a cast guide for the OWN program Ready To Love and their status throughout the series (with spoilers).

Tommy Miles As The Host

Who Is Tommy?

Tommy telling the cast his purpose.
Tommy: I’ll be here to guide you through, give you some advice.

Tommy is a small part who plays a big role. He’s the one who facilitates the decision of who is and won’t be continuing on the show. Plus, he offers a little bit of commentary on what’s going on.


Alex's name, age, and occupation.

Who Is Alexx

Alexx is 34, owns a trucking business, and he touts himself to be an everyday, average, guy. His first real connection is with Tiffany, but with multiple women interested in Alex, she may have some serious competition on her hands.


Aaron talking about his situation.
Aaron: I’m dating for purpose. I do have a 10 year old son.

Who Is Aaron

At 34, Aaron has one 10-year-old son, and seems to want to settle down. You know, give his kid a family environment. Though, considering how Aaron is with the ladies, you may question if he is just there for some fun more than anything. Granted, his style could just be showing off his abs, getting a little touchy, and that’s what works for him. But, like with Alexx, Aaron is at the top of many a woman’s list so the competition will be fierce.


Stormy smiling.

Who Is Stormy

Stormy is a 39-year-old, international, DJ who has tattoos, a funky style, and usually meets guys in the same environment she works in – though not while working. Her type is usually tall, dark and handsome but, in a opposites attract twist, she finds herself taken by the average height pastor, Chris.

Episode 4 Update

In episode 4, Stormy cements that idea that you can’t go by basic perception to get her. She reveals, 5 years ago, she was divorced and one of the main things which kept that marriage alive, towards the end, was her husband’s kids. She loved playing the role of step mom and even to this day are close to those kids.


Shanta introducing herself.

Who Is Shanta

At 43, and an entrepreneur, the main thing established about the rarely focused Shanta, in episode 1 at least, is that she is aggressive. She has no problem going after a man and boy does she.

Eliminated Episode 5


Tiffany telling the audience she comes from the hood.Who Is Tiffany

The VP of Community Development, in an undisclosed company, of course, is 41 and is still relatively new to Georgia. She has only been in the state 5 years and believes this air about her, which leads to people thinking she is bougie, is because she can be a bit reserved. Why? Well, that isn’t 100% clear. What she does make clear is that she can switch up if she needs to. It is noted she grew up in the hood, used to rap a little bit, and while it isn’t clear if she can fight now, fighting over a boy did give her a scar on the right side of her face – all thanks to 133 stitches.

Episode 4 Update

A few details are added to Tiffany’s story like her main gig is working for a bank, but she has quite a bit of side hustles. Including hosting art events to allow local women to express themselves in wine and paint opportunities.


Michael talking.

Who Is Michael

The import business owner, Michael, is a 39-year-old man who seems ready to have kids. Problem is, he might be an Ankh. For with him talking to Shea and making it sound like a woman’s purpose is bearing children, he says the type of things which starts ticking off boxes. Add in him being the type who talks as if he doesn’t know how to approach women and there could be some potentially dumb things said as the season continues.

Episode 4 Update

Arguably, Michael is simply a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t have time to figure women out. He doesn’t enjoy meeting a woman’s “Representative” or whatever false persona they put out there when meeting men. He’d rather you be upfront and honest because that is what he is. Sometimes to a fault but just like he wants to get to know the real you, warts and all, he is willing to be just as open.


Chris learning he is not eliminated.

Who Is Chris

Chris is a 49-year-old pastor who was married for 15 years and has been single for 12. He tries his best to make is a point he isn’t some boring, holier than thou, type of pastor. In fact, he tries to make it seem like they, the pastor and himself, are two sides of the same person. However, the ladies are a bit mixed on the idea of becoming his First Lady in his congregation.

Eliminated Episode 2


Paco relaying how he will handle dating on the show.
Paco: Let them know who Paco is. Let them feel Paco.

Who Is Paco

A 50-year-old Market Owner, or entrepreneur, Paco has the most baggage. He’s been married twice, cheated in both marriages, and he has a bit of a verbal confrontation with Tiffany over cheating. Specifically, him taking a woman back if she cheated. Which becomes a big deal for the person he revealed his past to, Courtney, puts all his dirty out there.

Eliminated Episode 1


Melinda smiling.

Who Is Melinda

A 45-year-old medical device salesperson, like many of the women on the show, Melinda feels like she got everything she could want but a man to share it with. Her eye specifically is on Aaron who she gets a little touchy with. Nothing sexual, just a hand on a thigh or knee. But with her just really having eyes on him, the other ladies better watch out.

Quit Episode 4


Angel smiling.

Who Is Angel

Angel is another person who kind of gets neglected in episode 1. The 35-year-old young woman, in software sales, only gets highlighted for taking note how hard it is for women to date in Atlanta. Specifically keeping themselves up and looking perfect to attract men. She’ll be one of Melinda’s competition for Aaron since he takes an interest in her.


Kebba talking about his opinions on marriage.

Who Is Kebba

After Aaron and Alexx, Kebba, 37-year-old Marketing Manager, Kebba, might be in third place. The half-Gambian man claims to have never cheated on a significant other and pushes it is because he grew up with 5 sisters as well as his mother. As for his dad’s part in this? Well, his father left the family when Kebba was 6.

Eliminated Episode 2

Dr. Lexy

Dr. Lexy side eyeing Chris.

Who Is Dr. Lexy

Honestly, that is a good damn question. Outside of knowing she is a 45-year-old insurance broker, with kids, not much is revealed about Dr. Lexy. What is she a doctor of? Your guess is as good as mine. All that is made clear is that she is extra, believes in always going the extra mile, and while she may not get much screen time in episode 1? Ha, something tells me that’ll change as the season continues.

Episode 2 Update

Dr. Lexy reveals to us that all that we see that may look like her being extra actually came from her growing up a rather shy child. However, after going into the armed forces, and finding confidence, she learned to fully embrace herself. As for her look? It comes from that being one of the ways she likes to express herself. Though, for the right man, she’ll tone it down – only a little.

Eliminated Episode 3


Ashlee smiling.

Who Is Ashlee

This 31-year-old speech therapist, for kids, is perhaps one of the most comical ladies on the show. With her fan, that she keeps holding out like a microphone, she presses a few men. Not in an overtly aggressive way, but definitely pushes the more quiet ones to tell her about them. As well as the other ladies she often finds herself sitting with.

Her prospect currently seems to be Devan who didn’t click with a huge amount of girls but did with her. Maybe because her brothers are similar to him or, because she works with kids, and their similar age, she just gets him. Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.

Episode 2 Update

With many relationship troubles in her past, what Ashlee is looking for is someone who will wholly be hers. Not someone she shares with his main check, or be the main chick who gets cheated on. Just a good man.



Who Is Shatava

Shatava is yet another woman who doesn’t get much screen time. Leading us to only know she is 35, a fashion boutique owner, and she sees this show as a straight up competition. Meaning, she will, absolutely, kick off someone else’s romantic prospect if it may threaten her meeting somebody. She does not care about any woman on that show but her.

Episode 2 Update

Shatava is the type who does a lot for others but doesn’t seem to have someone who could do the same for her – a hero, if you would. So that is what she is trying to find. Someone who doesn’t need to ask, or attempt to coerce, her making time for them. She’d rather have a guy who has his own thing, but is still the type of person who would reciprocate the investment she puts into them. Especially considering what matters it could take away from.


Shea smiling

Who Is Shea

Print shop owner Shea is a 44-year-old woman with a son who just graduated from high school. For nearly the entire first episode, she is locked in conversation with Michael and seemingly is the one for him. She wouldn’t mind being married, the idea of having another kid isn’t ideal, but she’d do it. So it seems she is ready to ride off into the sunset. Problem is, the show doesn’t work like that and with Michael having a laser focus on her, it may get him eliminated.


Darnell hyping himself up.

Who Is Darnell

The 36-year-old Darnell is probably the most timid of all the men on here. Yes, he has a job, is a commercial electrician, has all his teeth, good credit, is in good shape, but he doesn’t put himself out there. Darnell comes off as the kind of guy, call me a hypocrite for saying this, who thinks being on a dating app, just not being at home, means he is putting himself out there.

Though, he has a reason for being timid. His former fiancée cheated on him and that crushing blow led him to being single for three years. Add in he doesn’t seem as aggressive as most dudes and it already has led to some ladies not seeing him capable of being more than a friend.

Eliminated Episode 1


Devan listing his occupations.
Devan: I’m an artist and entrepreneur, and then I co-direct a platform.

Who Is Devan

Depending who you ask, 30-year-old Devan is either self-absorbed or just someone who requires you being an active participant in the conversation. For with him passionate about being an actor, model, musician, activist, and wanting to make a documentary, he will easily steamroll you. Which makes a lot of the ladies not so sure about him.

Eliminated Episode 1


Rita jealous of Mike and Shea.

Who Is Rita

Outside of learning she is a 41-year-old business development manager, I can’t tell you a thing. The first episode gives her maybe one or two scenes, and they aren’t that eventful. She just joins some of the other ladies in breaking up the cocoon Shea and Michael had going on. That’s about it.

Making it seem, if the men had ability to eliminate first, she’d probably be one of the first to go.

Episode 3 Update

In episode 3 we finally get to know something about Rita and it is that she, in her last relationship, of three years, had a side chick problem. However, because her man had a stronger sex drive, she was cool as long as said woman knew her place. But, with her wanting kids, and that guy, who she was in a on again and off again relationship with, having two and not wanting more, she dropped him. It isn’t clear if she is over him though.


Christina talking.

Who Is Christina

Christina is probably only 2nd or 3rd to Ashlee in terms of getting her personality on display. The 32-year-old marketing specialist, like many of the ladies, doesn’t get a whole lot of one on one time, if any, but does keep herself from getting lost in whatever group she is sitting in. Mostly by inserting herself in conversation.

Episode 2 Update

On top of learning she and her family aren’t much for drinking, we also learn she is a bishop’s daughter.

Eliminated Episode 3


Courtney listening to Paco talk.

Who Is Courtney

With being a flight attendant, it makes Courtney’s desire for a family, including children, a bit difficult. For despite being 36, it seems a lot of people assume she got men near every airport and that’s just not true. As for what we learn beyond her wanting kids? Just that she is able and willing to put people on blast. She pretty much is the one who likely will have Paco on the cutting block.

Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode Information

Season 1/ Episode 4 “Hot and Bothered”

Aaron reaches peak f***ery as Michael and Alexx continue to play the game because… well, it is what the show calls for.

Air Date 11/10/2018

Featuring: Rita, Stormy, Michael, Aaron, Angel, Melinda, Tommy, Alexx

Season 1/ Episode 3 “Then There Were Three”

12 women to 3 men leads to the men being enabled to be all the things these women were hoping to get away from.

Air Date 11/3/2018

Featured: Rita, Christina, Dr. Lexy, Shanta, Alexx, Melinda, Aaron, Courtney, Angel

Season 1/ Episode 2 “First Dates”

We learn who got eliminated from the last episode, and learn who are the three men who will remain. You may not be surprised by the picks.

Air Date 10/27/2018

Season 1/ Episode 1 “First Impressions”

Ready To Love, thanks to its elimination process, will only differ from other dating shows thanks to it having people from 30 to 50.

Creator Will Packer
Air Date 10/23/2018
Genre(s) Reality TV, Dating Show
Good If You Like Dating Shows
Introduced This Episode
Himself Tommy Miles
Himself Alexx
Himself Aaron
Herself Stormy
Herself Shanta
Herself Tiffany
Himself Michael
Himself Chris
Himself Paco
Herself Melinda
Herself Angel
Himself Kebba
Herself Dr. Lexy
Herself Ashlee
Herself Shatava
Herself Shea
Himself Darnell
Himself Devan
Herself Rita
Herself Christina
Herself Courtney

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