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Lynn Whitfield Hints That She Is Meeting With DC Comics – What Role Could She Be Up For?

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SubjectLynn Whitfield
Type of NewsCasting Speculation


The legendary Lynn Whitfield was on The Breakfast Club to speak about her career, as well as to advertise her upcoming movie Nappily Ever After. During the conversation, she mentioned the desire to work in sci-fi/ fantasy and later on laughs. In that moment, Charlagmagne Tha God mentions she has a DC villain laugh and she mentions she’ll be meeting with them soon. Prompting the question if Whitfield maybe working with Ava DuVernay who will be working on The New Gods.

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Unfortunately, she doesn’t confirm.


Similar to Jennifer Lewis, Whitfield is known for playing a certain type of character and while she is superb in doing so, as noted in the interview, she is getting bored of that. For playing everyone’s momma who usually is a bit hard, if not outright malicious, on her children is getting old. It represents real people, she enjoys and is proud of the work, but she has been working for 30 years and wants to change things up.

Now, my DC knowledge is nil outside of Batman so I can’t fathom who Whitfield may play unless they make Catwoman Black again. Since, outside of Cyborg, I’m unaware of any Black characters in the DC universe. Women especially, outside of Nubia, who is a character in Wonder Woman. So, who knows, maybe Whitfield could be part of DuVerney’s upcoming production, maybe if Nubia is introduced, Whitfield could play someone connected to her, you never know.

All that seems sure is, as much as Whitfield likes the work, and is okay with playing her age, being stuck as someone’s mother, never mind grandmother to grown people? That’s not the business.

With that said, what are your guesses and theories for what role Whitfield might be discussing with the DC people?

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