Delving into the dark underbelly of wealth and deception, ‘The Housekeeper’ masterfully weaves a tale of faith, betrayal, and chilling mysteries that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

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Film Summary

A young housekeeper is hired by a wealthy couple. Questions arise when news personnel are spotted outside the home, reporting on a previously missing individual who once worked for the couple. The housekeeper brings her deep-seated faith and maternal love to her role, but the couple forbids any religious expression within their home. The wife’s strictness with the maid likely stems from her husband’s past infidelity with a former maid. The couple operates a non-profit, “The Foundation,” that airs clips urging the public to demand government spending accountability. This non-profit, through its lobbying efforts, seeks change, for better or worse.

Director(s) Stuart Altman
Screenplay By Stuart Altman
Based On N/A
Date Released (Tubi) August 9, 2023
Genre(s) ThrillerCrimeDrama
Film Length 1 Hour 26 Minutes
Content Rating Rated TV-14
Noted Characters and Cast
Kit Ash Denise Richards
Preston Ash Richard Gunn
Sandra Ilean Almaguer
William Barry Jay Minoff
Sheila Davis Dawn Lafferty
Mayor Clark Skyler Taylor

Character Descriptions

Kit Ash

Sandra Ilean Almaguer Kit Ash Denise Richards The Housekeepers e1691822813420
“Sandra (Ilean Almaguer) and Kit (Denise Richards) whispering negative things before bedtime,” The Housekeeper, directed by Stuart Altman, 2023, (Tubi)

A not-so-proud wife, married to Preston Ash, Kit becomes fixated on the role of the housekeeper in their home, a consequence of her husband’s betrayal.

Preston Ash

A man scarred by childhood wounds, Preston matures into a man-child, resentful of an absent father, and lured by the allure of wealth and influence.


Sandra Ilean Almaguer The Housekeeper
“Sandra (Ilean Almaguer) eyeing a locked stairwell,” The Housekeeper, directed by Stuart Altman, 2023, (Tubi)

A young Latina housekeeper, Sandra’s unwavering faith isn’t easily swayed by the haughty Kit or the enigmatic Preston. She is perturbed by the strange sounds in the house but remains steadfast in her quest for answers


William Barry Jay Minoff Hnery John French The Housekeeper
“Henry (John French) and William (Barry Jay Minoff) talking business,” The Housekeeper, directed by Stuart Altman, 2023, (Tubi)

A lawyer serving the elite, William occasionally moonlights as a hitman


An astute journalist, Sheila keeps a watchful eye on the Ash residence following the disappearance of a housekeeper

Mayor Clark

A quintessential politician, he mingles with the dubious elite, seen at the Ash’s estate frequented by the affluent and opportunistic.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive) 


Affluenza Affliction

After a tense encounter with an enraged Kit Ash, Sandra, propelled by her curiosity, sneaks into the attic. She had discreetly procured the access code during a Foundation dinner. Preston urgently cautions Sandra to escape, highlighting Kit’s malicious intentions. The subsequent chase, with Kit wielding a lengthy blade, offers a stark insight into the pair’s intricate relationship dynamics.

Their issues appear to stem from a deep disconnection with what truly feeds the spirit, juxtaposed against their materialistic endeavors. Preston wrestles with the guilt of his infidelity and seeks his wife’s understanding. Meanwhile, Kit’s contempt for his disloyalty takes on a harmful form, intensifying Preston’s emotional distance from mundane matters.

This film can be interpreted as a reflection on the maltreatment some groups endure under the overpowering dominance of others. However, it regrettably fails to deliver a lasting lesson.

A Strange Collection

Preston’s study showcases peculiar pieces, including a taxidermied zebra head. A portrait of his father looms over the room. Sandra is taken aback by this collection and the home’s overall eerie ambiance. Her curiosity leads her to the attic, revealing a morbid discovery: the decaying remains of Preston’s son.

Preston’s oddities don’t stop at his study. The presence of the stuffed zebra head and the dominant portrait of his father hint at a man clinging to memories and perhaps symbols of power or dominance. The discovery of his son’s remains in the attic further deepens the enigma surrounding him. It suggests that Preston might be struggling with profound grief and is unable to let go of his past. Keeping his son’s body close might be his desperate attempt to preserve a connection, no matter how macabre, rather than confronting the pain of loss. This attachment to the tangible, even in death, portrays a tormented soul seeking solace in the physical when the emotional becomes unbearable.

Low Points

A Mangled Plot

Kit Denise Richards Preston Richard Gunn The Housekeeper e1691823434105
“Preston (Richard Gunn) and Kit (Denise Richards) interviewing for a curious reporter,” The Housekeeper, directed by Stuart Altman, 2023, (Tubi)

Upon her arrival, Sandra faces immediate criticism from Kit Ash, who instructs her not to display her faith through jewelry. Concurrently, the haughty wife details the estate’s prized heirlooms, their history, and their care needs. Kit’s explanations of creaky floorboards do little to assuage Sandra’s unease, which deepens when she discovers a photograph pointing to a freshly planted tree over a mound of conspicuous dirt.

When she stumbles upon this, she encounters a stern-looking lawyer, shifting the atmosphere to one of palpable dread. This series of events instill a chilling sense that all is not as it seems. Even after discovering some details and coming face to face with the hair-raising lawyer, it still seems as if the housekeeper has a chance. 

The way this movie runs gives the audience hope for her escape and even release of the dirty deeds behind the Ash estate. Unfortunately, The movie does not allow for this, and by the end of the movie, we see another tree planted right next to the old one (housekeeper). 


Does the movie touch upon issues like faith and religion?

Yes, faith plays a significant role, particularly in Sandra’s character, who brings her deep-seated beliefs into the household, facing resistance from the home’s owners.

What is the central theme of ‘The Housekeeper’?

The movie explores the complexities of relationships, betrayal, and faith set against the backdrop of wealth and mystery.

Sandra Ilean Almaguer The Housekeeper
The Housekeeper (2023) Review
'The Housekeeper' attempts to delve into the intricate maze of human emotions, juxtaposing themes of faith and betrayal against a backdrop of wealth and secrecy. While Ilean Almaguer's portrayal of Sandra offers a glimmer of depth, the film as a whole struggles to consistently maintain its grip on the audience. There are moments that hint at its potential, but they are overshadowed by a storyline that often feels predictable. For those seeking a casual watch, this might fit the bill. However, if you're in the mood for an extraordinary experience, this might not quite hit the mark.
A Mangled Plot
A Strange Collection: Who is this for?

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