Same Time, Next Christmas (2019) – Review, Summary

Same Time, Next Christmas is a shockingly good romance film, featuring childhood sweethearts.

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Title Card - Same Time, Next Christmas

Same Time, Next Christmas is a shockingly good romance film, featuring childhood sweethearts.

Directed By Stephen Herek
Written By Karen Bloch Morse
Date Released (ABC) 12/5/2019
Genre(s) Holiday, Romance
Noted Cast
Olivia Lea Michele
Jeff Charles Michael Davis

Plot Summary/ Review

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Over 20 years ago, it was a yearly tradition for Olivia and Jeff’s family to go to Hawaii. During that time, the parents would relax and drink, while Olivia and Jeff would participate in the hotel’s various activities and reconnect after spending nearly a year apart. And one day, what was a friendship born from children being much more adept at talking to strangers than adults, became both of their first kisses.

But then tragedy struck, and they didn’t speak for 20 years. So now as adults, a lot of things complicate the possibility of getting back together. There are their jobs, relationships, and yet there remains something undeniable between them. However, are they willing to turn what was a few days throughout the year into a full-time relationship and figure out how to reconcile the distance that has grown between them physically, despite only emotionally pausing their feelings? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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Life’s too short to live someone else’s dream


Jeff and Olivia’s Romance

Jeff and Olivia have the kind of relationship, minus the complications they have when adults, some dream of. Meeting someone when you’re young, falling in love, and not letting distance stop you from keeping that love alive. But, what you have to appreciate about Same Time, Next Christmas is that it doesn’t play things cheesy and have it where Jeff and Olivia met back up in college and started their life together.

No. Instead, they threw in realistic issues ranging from relationships to children to remind us, love doesn’t come easy, and if you get complacent, even the person who is damn near perfect for you can exit your life. And it is in Jeff and Olivia’s back in forth which makes you wonder will they end up like Olivia’s parents, who are middle-aged and still frisky, or end up with the wrong people and maybe be happy, but not long term?


Met Expectations

It strangely exceeded them. For with Disney having ABC, FreeForm, Disney Channel, Hulu, Disney+, and theatrical releases, so comes the question of how internally they judge what platform to release a film? Now, is this by any means worth the money of a theatrical release? No.

However, between the FreeForm production logo at the end of the film and this seeming above free network TV, I must say I was shocked how into this movie I was. In fact, the even bigger shock was how the movie pretty much killed the potential of sequels that could have been warranted.

Would Watch Again?

As much as I like the film, it is a one and done movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, and likely better than expected. It’s just, as a holiday movie, it is a bit weird for snow not to be involved, and while Christmas is mentioned, it isn’t a central thing. Then, when it comes to the romance, as much as you’ll love the chemistry and the realistic issues presented, once you’ve seen it, the magic begins to wear off, and you don’t get that butterfly feeling that outlasts the credits.

Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

A realistic relationship, in a holiday movie? Much less one you can watch that is new and doesn’t require cable or a streaming service? Same Time, Next Christmas gets a lot of points for that and being an original holiday movie that is worth your time.


Jeff and Olivia’s Romance - 89%
Met Expectations - 85%
Would Watch Again? - 75%


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  1. Why is there NO mention in credits or anywhere or anytime in movie where this was filmed and at which hotel despite the multiple air shots of hotel in movie but never showed name of hotel??!!!

    1. I’m not sure. Though the name of the hotel is “Turtle Bay Resort.” Doing a bit of research, it is quite a popular place to film in Hawaii.

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