Mr. Right – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Plot Overview

A former special agent, who now kills people who put hits on others, find himself in New Orleans and falls in love. Problem is, besides you know people trying to kill him, he and this girl are crazy.

TV Viewing

Trigger Warning(s):
Lots of blood and gunshots. Also violence against women.

Review Summary

While slow, and a bit tiresome to watch at first, each time Rockwell appears his charisma wakes you up and when his romance with Kendrick’s character becomes official, she rebounds from being a liability to an asset in the film. Leading to two performances which honestly lead you to question why Rockwell didn’t get an opportunity to play Deadpool previously and if maybe Kendrick could play a Lady Deadpool. 

Main Storyline (with Commentary)

The movie begins almost like how many romance films do. A girl, in this case, Martha (Anna Kendrick), learns her boyfriend is cheating on her so they break up and she takes it hard. Leading her to have what seems like a mental breakdown and then comes this guy, this weird and wonderful guy. Thing is, this weird and wonderful guy isn’t some dude who got some fancy degree, is a farmhand, or anything cute and romantic. No, Francis (Sam Rockwell) is a hitman. However, he is a reverse hitman for he doesn’t kill the people he is contracted to but kills the people who issue the contracts.

Now, as for how romance mixes with this action? Well, imagine a more romantic, smaller budget, and non-superhero, Deadpool. I mean, seriously, Sam Rockwell pretty much seems like he is auditioning for a role which he isn’t likely to ever have and, based off Kendrick’s performance, it seems she damn near is auditioning for Lady Deadpool. For once they get together, her mental state just continues to erode and Francis is already bat **** crazy. I mean, even the dialog sometimes seems Wade Wilson-ish. However, being that neither have super powers and are going against small-time mobsters with automatic weapons, alongside multiple government agencies, it does lead you to wonder if this will end tragically or not doesn’t it?


If you love watching Rockwell play crazy characters, you’ll love him in this one. Also, if you really did like Deadpool, you’ll love the dialog he is given in this. For truly, if Ryan Reynolds didn’t already don the suit, I’d argue this movie would perhaps make it so he would have serious competition in obtaining the role. Then, in terms of Kendrick, while I wasn’t fond of her in the beginning of the film, as her character became more like Francis, and seemingly lost her mind, she became very likable. She doesn’t get the boost of better dialog, but she does become someone you don’t wish would get killed.

Low Points

The villains are so generic. I mean, with them first being some no name New Jersey syndicate, then on top of that having names like Von, Richie, and Johnny Moon, not to forget Hopper, who trained Francis, honestly, they are so forgettable it is sad. For truly, and honestly, they seem more of a threat to each other than Francis.

Also, like stated, Kendrick, in terms of her character, and possibly her performance, is so annoying when we first meet her. Granted, she is going through a breakup, but her devolving into a little kid and becoming so obnoxious, it honestly made me wish she had a Drew Barrymore in Scream situation. In which, yeah, she may be the star, but she is taken out early.

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